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Declaration of Rabbis in 770 will annul decision of Nations

Any act by Jewish People performed with Torah and Mitzvos has a ripple effect throughout the world. We find ourselves in a situation in which ‘the nations storm and plot’, but one must not be intimidated. It will come to naught. The prophet Isaiah assures us ‘the plans which they formulate will be annulled; their speeches will not come to fruition, for G-d is with us’. Nothing which G-d created in this world is for naught. Information that comes our way is intended for us that we increase in ‘the voice is the voice of Yaakov’ which will annul ‘the hands are hands of Esau’. 

We are obligated to speak specifically of those matters being spoken at the gatherings of the Nations. When they choose to speak against G-d and His anointed one, we are duty-bound to speak of the Greatness of G-d and His Moshiach. Furthermore, according to the interpretation that ‘anointed’ refers also to [small] cheder children, we are obliged to speak of the value of a Jewish education. 

So too, when nations speak against the Land of Israel and the holy City of Jerusalem we must speak forcefully, with feeling and strength, that the Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel with the Torah of Israel– an eternal inheritance for an eternal Nation!

The Rebbe leading the joy at a Ferbrengen
Now since there are in this house of learning (770) many tens of Jews, ‘the Divine presence rests upon ten Souls of Israel’ (Tractate Sanhedrin 39.1). All of the nations are no more than seventy – therefore seventy Rabbis should rise to their feet (representing all of Israel parallel to all seventy nations), and proclaim a Halachic declaration with regard to the Integrity of the Land, and of the Jewish People [Who is a Jew]. This should be a legal declaration, and it will come to pass! 

As the Talmud states, one who occupies himself with the laws of sacrifices, is regarded as having offered a sacrifice. So too, it is with those who are occupied with the Laws of the integrity of the Land, of Torah and the Nation of Israel. This is why we are discussing the nations’ actions and rhetoric. This could be considered a waste of precious time, and keeping the Jewish People from studying more Torah and performing more mitzvos. However, we are obliged to speak (and thereby overwhelm) specifically those matters being spoken by the Nations.

This legal ruling will affect the Gentiles. The Midrash recounts an amazing story. Haman saw how Mordechai met some children returning from Cheder and asked them: ‘tell me a verse of your learning’. The children responded: ‘Do not fear sudden terror nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes. They will contrive a scheme but it will be foiled; conspire a plot but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us. ‘Till your old age I am with you; to your later years I will sustain you; I have made you and I will carry you. I will bear with you and I will deliver you’. 

This had its effect on Haman. Why was Haman so affected by the Jewish children? However, this is a sign that when the truth is spoken from the Torah of Truth, this will destroy the likes of Haman. Certainly this will affect Jewish People. So too, when you will declare a Halachic injunction to retain the entire Land, this will affect the Nations. This may appear almost childish; nevertheless this is the message we have from this story. Here we have many tens, more than Seventy Rabbis, ‘Who are the powerful Kings? – The Rabbis!’ [Tractate Gittin 62.1]. 

Seventy two Rabbis (two to overwhelm Esau and Ishmael, the two heads of the nations) should declare that the storming of the nations and their plans are Null and Void! The Jewish People have the eternal Covenant of the complete Land of Israel, the complete Torah and complete Nation of Israel. Then all will be nullified. All will see that this was a mirage. 

A Rabbi should stand up and speak of the Land of Israel belonging exclusively to the Jewish People. Thereafter the remaining Seventy one Rabbis should voice their agreement, and all those assembled respond "Amen, Amen!" The point is all of Eretz Israel belongs to every individual Jew and all the Jewish People.  No-one can change this: neither gentile, nor Jew! And so it shall be, ‘The word of our G-d will stand for ever’. May it be the Will of G-d that immediately there will be fulfilled: ‘I believe’, ‘I wait for his [Moshiach"s] coming daily’, the true and complete redemption immediately  - NOW!  

                                                                                                         Spoken Yud Shvat 1976

In these last moments of the Exile, they put an Egyptian at the head of the table!

Rashi, [commenting on the portion in Torah dealing with the Exodus of the Jewish People from Egypt], infers from the verse “and there will be no plague among you, - but there will be a plague among the Egyptians". 

An Egyptian in the home of a Jew will not escape [the plagues] – that among you only there will be no plague, but the plague will strike an Egyptian in your home. Furthermore, a Jew in the house of an Egyptian will not be smitten – "there will be no plague among you".  

The fact that Rashi needs to teach us this lesson is evident that at the time of the final plague there were Jews who permitted Egyptians into their homes, and more so, there were Jews who went to visit Egyptians! Jews knew very well that when there arose a new King (who refused to attribute the survival of Egypt to Joseph), that the Egyptians were evil. G-d brought upon them the previous nine plagues, and Moses declares that very soon they will be struck by the tenth final plague - the death of their first-born.

These were the final moments of the Exile, and immediately thereafter G-d will reveal Himself in all His grandeur. Regardless, there were Jews who invited Egyptians into their homes, set them at the head of the table welcoming them saying: “You are our brothers!” They were ashamed of their Judaism, with an inferiority complex, wanting to find favor in the eyes of Egypt, inviting them into their homes! There were Jews who did not want to associate themselves with other Jews, socializing instead with Egyptians in their houses, knowing full well that they were putting themselves into mortal danger at the very moment of destruction. Incredible! Here, in a Jewish home, with blood on the two doorposts and lintel, sits an Egyptian at the head of the table with a Jew who is serving him the Pascal lamb!

Today there are such Jews who have the same inferiority complex – in trepidation before the Nations, making themselves utterly subservient to them giving away secure borders and oil wells! And they call this a religious achievement and an act heralding the beginnings of the redemption! The Jewish People have been in Exile for 1900 years. 

Was all of this long drawn out agony of Exile just so that we achieve this downtrodden state?? Never before have the Jewish People reached such a low, to be so dependent on the nations. Jews have turned themselves into veritable slaves!  

                                                               Public talk Parshat Bo, 1976  Continues..............

A brazen Declaration - Hebron belongs to others!

These days something totally shocking is taking place, specifically with Hebron. Unbelievable: a gathering of tens of Jews. With what are they preoccupied; using their intelligence? Standing in judgment over Hebron!  Was Hebron captured, or liberated from a foreign power?!

They have no shame, not for themselves, nor from others. 

Gentiles know what is written in the Bible, “That Hebron, the Cave of Machpela and the surrounding field was bought by Abraham our forefather even before the giving of the Torah, for which he paid 400 silver shekels. They know of the conquest of Joshua and of the Jews who ascended from Babylon. 

Yet regardless, these Jews publicly present themselves at a special sitting as if to display their sharp wisdom of a “wise and understanding nation”, attempting to purify vermin. Their thinking is far below the impurity of vermin. Not only do they attempt to purify the subject, but how does this wise and understanding nation use their intelligence? 

Instead of choosing a policy of protecting Jewish life, the Divine presence is forced to descend [when ten Jews gather together - before whom an angel present would be nullified before such powerful spiritual energy].

Ancient Jewish Hebron

A Jew is entrusted with a mission – a soul descends into a physical body to create a dwelling place for Almighty G-d in this lower realm. 

Rather they utilize their G-d given minds to mislead themselves and those around them by announcing that Hebron belongs to others, making announcements as if Hebron is some sort of conquered territory. 

Nations that Besiege a City – go out Armed for Battle

There is clear legal ruling, when a border city (whether in Israel or abroad – if inhabited by Jewish people – is considered a border city) receives intelligence information that a nation is preparing to approach, even if it their stated intention is merely their need for cattle fodder– the ruling is to go out to war– armed and even to desecrate the Shabbos! 

Shulchan Aruch - Code of Jewish Law
When this becomes the accepted policy “fear and trepidation will fall upon them” and war will not be necessary. And if G-d forbid, this does lead to war, we will be victorious, since they are marching with the power of G-d. As we actually saw in the war which has just taken place in the north, they were successful since they conducted themselves as is expected in a life threatening situation. 

There is no choice in the matter since “This Torah is beyond change”. Decisions must be made according to this ruling regardless whether or not their conscience tells them so. 

We are speaking of one who, in his private affairs conducts himself religiously, and when he was asked, how is this possible that you act in this way, when we have the ruling of halacha to the contrary?! He answers: “since I was voted in, I act according to my conscience”. When further asked, “but you are a Torah observant Jew, how do you follow your conscience which is contrary to Torah"? The question went unanswered! ‘Until today he continues to conduct himself in a way that “weakens the heart of his brother as his heart is weak” and certifies that he will not do what is necessary in order to save lives! 

This is the extent of the deep darkness which envelops the Holy land. In spite of the fact that I have spoken many times of this halachic ruling recorded in chapter 329 of the laws of Shabbos, there are those that have an interest in misinterpreting what I said, therefore I find it necessary to repeat myself. As we have stated many times, since the darkness of Exile is so intense, we are shown from above how vital the matter is. We actual saw when they stood with all their power and took swift action, this lead to success and prevented war. Had there been no publicity, the action would have been even more successful. Had there been no protracted consideration, there would have been no loss of life whatsoever.  But now is not the time to speak of matters of negativity, only to take the message for the future. 

                                                                                                     Public address Purim 1978

The Rebbe on a Referendum

“I suspect those who wish to solve the dispute by a retreat, by calling a referendum. 

The Shomron
Inherent danger lies in the very wording which will be offered. If they will come and ask the nation: “Are you prepared to give up land in return for peace?” this would constitute a deliberate misleading of the voters, because by posing the question in this deceitful form, they are already slipping in half the response which they wish to elicit; as if to suggest that giving away land will bring peace.

If they are going for such a referendum, this should be only on condition that they will set out the wording in a form such as follows:

“Is it worthwhile to place a life-threatening danger into every single home in Eretz Israel, to bring on the threat of war, with Israel left remaining without oil, without borders, without defense, with the enemy close to our major population centers, in return for the signature [of Sadat] (who was the Egyptian president when this was said – translator), at a time when Egypt to this day has already betrayed their signature four times; and it is clear that Sadat will not live much longer and will not rule over Egypt for ever; and it is clear that he has no control over the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, with the Arabs there announcing publicly their intention to annihilate and kill all people who dwell in Zion. And it is clear that even were one group to agree to peace, other groups will not be in agreement. 

So the question is, given this situation, is it worthwhile to return lands in return for a piece of paper which obligates nobody?”  

                                                                                Private interview with Mr. Shmuel Katz

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Temple Mount and Cave of the Patriarchs are registered in name of Gentiles!

We find ourselves now at the end of the Exile. We hear the footsteps of Moshiach. From time to time we are remind of this. These events are not accidental; but are by Divine Providence, to awaken Jewish People to be purer, better, and not G-d forbid, to the contrary. Very recently, several such events took place which all of us can contemplate and find from which to learn. I will consider two points which are relevant both general and specific. The teaching of the Baal Shem Tov is well known: 'Whatever a Jew sees or hears has within it a message for his service to his Creator.' This is certainly true when he sees an event of a more general nature, not just relevant to himself or a small number of Jewish people, but to a great number. This certainly has a great message. Not always does one disclose all happenings lest they cause pain to the Jewish people. 

We see a matter of shocking proportions that has turned sour. The situation remains status quo even though there are those in the government who know what is going on, but make as if they know nothing. Until this very day it remains registered in official documents that the legal owner of the Temple Mount is a gentile. 

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount
These locations remain sacred. We have a ruling, that holiness maintains its position never to become nullified, as Maimonides writes “the Divine Presence cannot become nullified”. This is the Halachic ruling. They know this and offer tacit agreement until this very day. No-one wishes to get involved, rather, they are silent about the entire matter. 

The same is true of the Cave of Machpela and the surrounding area. Official documents record these as belonging to a gentile! This runs contrary to [not just to love of Israel but] to the love of justice and honesty! Simply said, just as the government took over many locations for security reasons paying for them in a manner of pleasantness and peace, similarly they could have done this regarding the place of our Temple and the Cave of Machpela. Yet, this status quo remains until this very day. The agents to whom we spoke who are responsible make out as if they know nothing, despite of the fact that this is public knowledge. 

Elijah the Prophet called out at Mount Carmel to the Jews who served idols: “How long will you continue to waver between two opinions?” Choose a specific path – make the choice! “If the Master is G-d – go after Him”! Do not waver between two views. 

In one respect this is much worse than idol worship. In this instance they are not even wavering between two views. Immediately after the military powers of Israel conquered Jerusalem and Hebron, they already knew that there is an official paper from the time of the Turkish occupation in which documents unjustifiably and incorrectly state that the Temple Mount and Cave of Machpela belong to a gentile. This Arab did not make any such purchase (as did Abraham our Patriarch for 400 silver shekels)! Regardless, they left the documents of ownership as it was. 

                                                                                           Public address 13th Tishrei 1977

King Ahab pursues the defeated King of Aram for Peace

It happened before. A similar narrative to today's events is brought in Tanach that G-d caused the kingdom of Aram to suffer a huge defeat in the hands of King Ahab of Israel. Regardless, Ahab runs after him saying: “Listen! Don’t be afraid of me.” From this there were terrible repercussions for the Jewish People.

After we know of this, why do we need to fall into the same pitfall a second time? 

There was once a child who learned in cheder. In his first year he studied the story of the sale of Joseph, how his brothers tricked him, threw him into a pit, and sold him to Egypt. He went into a state of shock. The following year, the teacher once again studied with the class the same portion. After the child studied the section, he did not go into shock as in the first year. When those around him were surprised at this, he explained: His brothers already sold him last year! So this year he should have known what was in store for him! He was taken in by their plots a second time round? Such a person is unworthy of pity! 

The story of Ahab in all its details has already happened! The King of Aram gathered around him a huge armed force sure of triumph. He had even planned the division of the land after his victory. But a miracle beyond the bounds of nature took place and they were utterly defeated. They fled leaving behind them all their belongings! Regardless Ahab ran after them explaining that he is pursuing “peace” and won’t cause him any harm! 

Torah narratives are not just stories; they are Halachic directives with real tangible guidance! Two years ago this exact same story took place! Israel won an awesome victory (the Six-Day War). Regardless, Israel ran after the Arabs begging that they take everything back, unwilling to learn from that which befell Ahab thereby permitting those very same shocking results to be repeated! 
                                                                                         Public address 13th Tamuz 1969       

Hebron is part of the Land of Israel

 Hebron is an essential part of the Land of Israel. Gentiles know this no less than Jews. Some weeks ago the Israeli government representative in Washington was confronted: “You are relinquishing more than is expected of you!” We must emphasize here the clear evidence of a document of purchase by the Mitteler Rebbe of a plot of land in Hebron, this, in addition to the great and powerful document of purchase recorded in Bible. 

Ancient City of Hebron, City of our Patriarchs
A certain Rabbi was approached to give out a ruling to relinquish territories. Regarding the territories he permitted to relinquish, he was asked: Since we find ourselves in the Sabbatical year, how should we conduct ourselves with this land lying fallow?

He responds: “Ignoramus! Why ask such a question? Look into the legal codes of Maimonides, all the codifiers of Jewish law, Oral and Written Torah, and you will see that this land is part of the Land of Israel, is sacred and bears the legal obligations of the Sabbatical year. This was the conduct seven years ago, the Sabbatical years for the past seventy years, the land of the Jewish people, the Holy land!” 

On the same day when he responded it is ignorance, he ruled that it is permitted to relinquish this same piece of land! All those around stood in silence, overjoyed and take pleasure to prove that Torah can follow the values of gentiles determining it is forbidden to touch conquered territory!

There is a life-threatening situation in Hebron and all of the territories. 

If parts of Hebron uninhabited by Jewish people are forbidden to relinquish, certainly this is true of areas inhabited by Jewish people in life-threatening danger! 

The clear legal ruling states: should a nation approach for no more than cattle fodder and there is concern that the land will lie open before them endangering even to one single Jew; even if only in preparation of approach:"Violate the Sabbath, take up arms and stand with all powers and say: NO!"

Actually, their conduct is the opposite: they secretly apply pressure to give away those territories, but in a covert way. They begin to split their ruling. Regarding the Sabbatical year he rules that the Land is ours;  regard relinquishing this land – do not stand in their way, he is in full agreement. The proof being that he puts this in writing! Another question: If these endangering results are so obvious, how do they put this into writing? 

The only merit I could find is as follows: There is a Chassidic maxim: the name of Rabbi Israel Baal Shem-Tov [founder of the Chassid movement] was “Israel”. It is explained in Chassidic writings; when a man has fainted and there is no known healing [may G-d protect us], one whispers his name into his ear. One’s Jewish name is linked to the essence of the soul above the powers of the soul are revealed in one’s consciousness and this essence is partially drawn down into the consciousness enabling one to awaken from his state of faintness. Up to the generation of the Baal Shem-Tov the spiritual state of the Jewish People was not yet unconscious, since the situation of the Jewish People had not yet sunken so low; they still were able to feel the pain. 

Our Sages refer to the earlier generations as “angels”, later generations as “humans”. At these final times [since the Baal Shem-Tov] Judaism has reached the lowest level of consciousness. The Baal Shem-Tov's name was Israel who was sent from heaven, his revelation being a “calling the name of the Jewish People– “Israel” to awaken the Jewish nation from their dismal spiritual state. 

Some are still in this spiritual faintness; G-d saw that should they sense the great pain [of their decision] they would never be able to bear the anguish, therefore they were placed into a state of faint, able to put into writing these shocking words! This is the sole merit one could find for this fearful and shocking situation. Woe to this [miserable] situation that needs such a response! 

Hebron is the City of the Patriarchs. Even Washington was in shock at the wish to hand over the city! The city of Hebron is called the “City of the Patriarchs” also by the Nations who read this in the Bible. Perhaps they do not know the meaning of “The Law of Life” since G-d gave this to Israel, yet they do know the translation of the Bible. 

From this came about the shock some weeks ago from Washington that they [the government of Israel] wish to hand over even more than was asked of them! As we approach the day when the second Lubavitcher Rebbe was released, connected with both his day of birth and passing, when “all of his life’s service stands openly and brings salvation down to earth”; the only condition is that a Jew should not upset these blessings!

Jewish people will help and G-d Almighty will help, and there will be a great awakening, and from Hebron this will spread forth to every place where there is a Jew on “earth”. 

                                                         Public gathering Parshas Vayetze 1980 יו"ד כסלו תש"מ

A Prophecy for our time: Do not Surrender Jerusalem

The following talks (Simchas Torah 1976) in the wake of the interim agreement between Israel and Egypt were signed under coercion from the USA on 25th Elul 1975 (1.9.1975). Israel surrendered to Egypt the Abu Rhodes oil fields and retreated from territories vital to her security. As reward, the USA gave Israel fighter jets and money. The Rebbe stormed with his warning that Egypt will not adhere to the agreement, exactly as they reneged with the cease-fire signed in 1970, publicizing that for every jet and dollar received from the USA, they contribute to the Arab world three times as much!  

In the times of the Prophet Isaiah, King Sennacherib of Assyria initiated war against Israel. Sennacherib conquered the entire land of Israel reaching the gates of Jerusalem. As Sennacherib was encircling Jerusalem to conquer her, he sent messengers into the city to sign a peace treaty under certain conditions. One of these was the surrender of Jerusalem. Shebna, a member of the Sanhedrin argued that since it was clear that Sennacherib would overwhelm them, Israel should submit in order to attain peace with him.

Ancient prophecies of Isaiah
King Hezikiah argued that it is forbidden to submit as commanded by Isaiah the prophet in the name of G-d. The community within Jerusalem was split into two camps: Shebna and his supporters, and King Hezikiah and his supporters. 

Isaiah the Prophet turned to Hezikiah, regardless that Shebna was a member of the Sanhedrin and that he and his supporters were the majority against Hezikiah and his followers, (one must follow the majority) telling him: “Do not join forces with them because all of their representations are no more than a pack of the rebellious” [Isaiah 8.12]. Do not connect to their views and do not sign the peace agreement because a pact with Sennacherib is a pact with the wicked. 

Isaiah said to King Hezikiah: “Do not fear them and do not be overwhelmed by them. He commanded him to tell all of Israel not to fear Sennacherib, but to the contrary, stand strong and do not hand over Jerusalem. Finally Hezikiah was saved from Sennacherib. Shebna on the other hand and his supporters were punished. 

This event recorded in the Tanach is vital for our time! At first glance it seems inexplicable. The Torah does not speak disparagingly even of an unclean animal, and certainly should not do so of Shebna who was a Torah giant, a member of the Sanhedrin of the Temple precinct. How could the Torah malign him, publicizing the fact that he spoke against a command of G-d through the Prophet Isaiah? 

The explanation is as follows: This event bears relevance to future generations required by Halacha.  [Megilah 14.1] A prophecy not needed for generations to come was not recorded. Therefore it is obligatory to recount in T’nach and the Talmud the entire episode for future generations to learn the message. 

The practical law which we need to extract from our story is that even though prophecy in our time remains idle and we do not have guidance from Isaiah the Prophet as did Hezkiah, nevertheless today there are Rabbis - and the Talmud deems Rabbis to be the kings – who lay down the law that it is forbidden to relinquish the territories. It is imperative to abide by their ruling of Jewish Law.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

This is not the first time that cowardly Jews have been the cause of suffering because of their fear of offending the gentile.

This is not the first time that cowardly Jews have been the cause of suffering because of their fear of offending the gentile. 

At the time of the horrendous holocaust, the United States had the opportunity to blow up the railroad tracks and thereby stop (or at least minimize) the journeys of the trains to the death camps. There were Jews who knew what was happening and put pressure on the US President of the time (Roosevelt) to give the instruction to do so. However, certain Jews came forth and silenced the matter with the argument that it is forbidden to exert pressure on the President of the United States because of the law ‘do not offend even a minor nation’. Among them there were also Rabbis who had received false information and argued that it is forbidden to be in conflict with Washington! Great numbers of Jews could have been saved from annihilation had the US blown up the railroad lines.

Today those Rabbis have their disciples who influence the conduct of the US and Israel. Shamelessly they utilize their influence in exactly the same way. When confronted with the argument: “See what you did in the past. All the fasts you will undertake will not be sufficient to atone for the hundreds of thousands of Jewish People who were murdered in the wake of your influence not to say a word against Washington. At least today take a back seat!” Not only do they not take notice of this argument, but to the contrary, they continue to play the role of “Your destroyers and annihilators will come forth from among you" (the Jewish People) [Isaiah 39.17]. We find ourselves at a time of war preparations.

The Government of Israel surrenders to Terrorists and their Rioting
Dismantles magnetometers of Temple Mount

There is no time to influence or educate the timid ones to stop being fearful and weak hearted. We cannot even be certain that we will succeed because even to tell him of the results of his previous actions will not help. Therefore what can be expected of him now is “go back home” and resign his responsibilities. This is a clear ruling in the Code of Jewish Law. To our pain, all necessary conditions enumerated there exist now: ‘Go out to war fully armed to protect all locations whereby the Land can easily be conquered". 

Arabs Riot on Temple Mount One Day after Israel Government Removes Magnetometers  
This conduct is demanded where the danger is no more than a faint possibility, certainly in our situation of certain threat to life. There are Jews today, certainly one Jew, who is afraid of the nations. He is used to receiving from them honors, and has come to the conclusion that the ultimate state of perfection for him in this world is, that they should say that he is a good man. For this he is prepared to endanger the Jewish People. 

Now is not the time to educate him since every moment that the borders are not being settled, the Jewish people are being endangered, may G-d Protect us! It is possible to settle the borders in a very short time, in a moment. The situation demands action. The army is prepared to move in, yet he won’t permit it because of his fear. He must resign! Whoever is concerned for the life of even one Jew must do all in his power that all borders be settled. 

By not doing so, it is interpreted by the world community as Israel’s fear. The pressure of handing over Hebron, the Old City of Jerusalem, and all of the territories will be averted, and Israel will show the world that she is not intimidated and many Jewish lives will be saved. Every moment that those who are able to utilize their influence that the borders should be settled but do not do so, they shoulder the responsibility.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The United States and Russia would accept the decision of the government of Israel not to relinquish even one grain of land.

Part 7. Lessons to be learned from Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel.

The same is true regarding pressure exerted by the USA and Russia. These countries are not excited that portions of Eretz Israel be relinquished, whether to Syria, Jordan or Lebanon because they they will not benefit, but to the contrary; should these countries be strengthened they will be less concerned in what the USA or Russia have to say.

Pressure coming from the USA and Russia to relinquish territories is no more than lip-service to those countries and more their demands on behalf of the Palestinians. Both the USA and Russia have no obligation towards them. When they [the USA or Russia] exert pressure [on Eretz Israel] on behalf of the Palestinians, this is no more than to offset the Arab nations [who make demands on behalf of the Palestinians] who they themselves are pressured and thrown off balance by the Palestinians.

Should Israel’s representatives stand firm and declare that they cannot relinquish any land of Judea and the Shomron because thereby they will be endangering Jewish lives in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Hadera, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Kfar Chabad and throughout Eretz Israel, the USA and Russia would be convinced by this argument; they have no interest in Israel relinquishing Land.  

More: the Israeli government should take positive action and settle Jewish people throughout all territories of Eretz Israel, and declare - this is a fait complete. Then the USA will be appeased and would tell the Arab States to stop their tempest because the issue is no longer in their hands - the operation has already been done.

Pool of Siloam (Hebrew: בריכת השילוח‎‎, Breichat Hashiloach), a rock-cut pool on southern slope of the City of David, original site of Jerusalem, outside walls
of the Old City to the southeast, fed by waters of the Gihon Spring.

This is the only way to prevent danger and to ensure lives in Eretz Israel: ‘state with emphasis that Land cannot be relinquished’ and together with this, ‘settle Jewish people throughout Judea and the Shomron in the space of just a few hours and moments, but in no less than one single day!’

With such a policy the government will not be clashing whatsoever with the world community, because they themselves do not want that Israel repeat their previous mistakes - by relinquishing to the Arabs tracts of land which they [nations] never believed they would surrender. To the contrary they would be overjoyed, able now to say it is a fait complete.

And more: there is no fear that by stating the truth that this will cause harm from Washington onto the Jewish people living in the USA, because, as we have seen that when [the government of Israel] stated clear and powerful words, pressure diminished; to the contrary - Israel received additional assurances beyond those previously given!  

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Temple Mount must be in Jewish hands notwithstanding it is forbidden to enter the Temple area.

Part 8. Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel. Security message for the Government
As we have spoken many times, the time of the beginning of the Redemption will only be with the coming of Moshiach. At this time we find ourselves in the re-doubled darkness of the Exile.

The situation is as it is because [the government of Israel] is fearful even of the rustling of a leaf [in their fear of the enemy] to the point where there are those who have already agreed secretly in their heart, and given indication, that they are prepared to relinquish part - even the entire Old City of Jerusalem together with the Temple Mount and the area of the Temple to the Arabs.

Moshiach will soon rule over Eretz Israel
This must remain within our ownership despite the fact that entry onto the Temple area is without any doubt whatsoever absolutely forbidden [see Maimonides Laws of the Temple 7.16].  This is the place of our Temple from which “never did the Shechina [Divine Presence] remove itself".

As long as Hashem decided that these were in the hands of the Arabs, we were bound to conduct ourselves ‘not to ascend with strength to conquer’.

However, immediately Hashem gave all of Jerusalem into the hands of the Jewish People - it is certain that it is forbidden to relinquish this according to the Command of Torah. Specifically, should a portion of the Old City of Jerusalem be given away G-d Forbid, they would be endangering the lives not only of the Jewish people living there, but also those living in the New City of Jerusalem!

More, this being the main point: should they relinquish to the opposing forces anything which [according to Torah] is forbidden, then, not only is this not the path to prevent war, but to the contrary, as we saw in the three previous wars, by capitulating this will increase their demands for much more in preparation for further conquests.

More: all calculations of capitulation whereby they think they will achieve peace - are uncertain at the most. On the other hand, relinquishing areas of Judea and the Shomron puts into mortal danger all of the Jewish people throughout the Land of Israel! This is of absolute certainty. This, according to the Law of Torah, politicians are obliged to request the view of the military.

We have a ruling: ‘a matter of uncertainty cannot outweigh - over-rule - that which is a matter of certainty’. It is clear: It is forbidden to hand over any parts of the Land of Israel.

The Rebbe. Spoken from his room. Parshas Vayetze, 9 Kislev,  1977.

A lesson today for Israeli negotiators: Sadat would have come to term should Israel refuse to hand over Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians

Part 6. Lessons to be learnt from Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel.

Those who have a viewpoint and a say in the negotiations with Sadat who arrived to Eretz Israel, there is no need to be unbalanced if at the outset of negotiations he comes up with colossal demands; this is the way of negotiations. Initially one demands much more than one truly imagines one will receive in order to be given something.

The Sinai Desert
Actually, more than this: all demands he is making on behalf of other Arab countries (apart from his own) are no more than mere words. His concern is only for his own country. Before his trip he was under pressure not to go, regardless he went, and was therefore obliged to feign that he will make demands on their behalf. In truth, he has no interest whatsoever in those but to the contrary: he absolutely does not want those countries to grow in strength because thereby his own image as a leader will be diminished.

The same is true for his demands on behalf of the Palestinians - any pressure he exerts on their behalf is no more than to excuse himself to those against his visit.

Therefore should [the Israeli government] stand strong and tell him that his demands on behalf of the Palestinians are life-threatening and that it is absolutely impossible to give away even one grain of Judea and the Shomron, he [Sadat] will actually be very appreciative with their response!

The one and only concern he has is with regard to the Sinai Desert. Here the Israeli negotiator needs to put this to the military [which areas are vital for security and which perhaps not]. Areas not harmful to [Israel’s] security could be negotiated.   [Translator’s note: In hindsight now that we see that ISIS has over-run the Sinai, perhaps the reclaiming of the entire Sinai is appropriate.]

Rabbis unwilling to rely on the information I have in hand should immediately make their own inquiries because this is life threatening!

Part 5. Sadat's visit to Israel

Whatever we have spoken of previously does not represent any lack of respect for Rabbis as they are ordained Rabbis, certainly conduct themselves according to the Code of Jewish Law, and most certainly are aware of the law pertaining to life threatening situations for Jewish people in Eretz Israel which certainly touches each of them to the very core of their soul. Therefore there is no need for me to encourage or awaken them in this regard.

However, for the Rabbis to publish a Halachic declaration, they need to all the factual information pertaining to this. To save the Rabbis the long drawn out toil to make their inquiries, we are offering them

(a) all necessary intelligence information already gathered after all inquiries from experts in the military stating unequivocally that should even one iota of the West Bank [Samaria] be relinquished this would present life threatening danger for great numbers of Jewish people,  

(b) asking them to consider the [horrific] results which have taken place when the view of the military was ignored.

Rabbis unwilling to rely on my intelligence information should go make their own inquiries. However, given that this will take considerable time and lives are at stake, certainly they will do so at the earliest opportunity.

The choices are one or other of the following:

[1] Should [the government of Israel] buckle under to pressures from the gentiles of foreign countries and to Jewish people who are expert in political maneuverings with ‘fearful and weak hearts’;

[2] Or, because of the threat to life, should they follow the view of military experts who state that relinquishing one iota of Judea and Samaria (or any any portion of the Land of Israel and her borders), this endangers the lives - May G-d protect us - of great numbers of Jewish people.

In addition to the Covenant struck by G-d with our Patriarch Abraham whereby the Land of Israel was promised to the Jewish Nation; there is the existential danger stated by the military, there is the classic ruling ‘one does not rely on miracles’.

Such investigations by the Rabbis cannot be delayed and only thereafter come to a halachic declaration of law; rather a clear declaration of halachic law must be publicized immediately one way or the other as per the two alternatives enumerated above.

As in matters of illness only a physician is permitted to make the final decision; similarly, when lives are endangered, only a military expert may made the final analysis.

Part 4. Sadat's visit to Israel
It has to be clearly understood, that when the issue at hand is a life endangering situation of hundreds of Jewish People, each one being an entire world, Torah stipulates that one must follow the instructions of experts in the field; in the instance of which we are speaking these are officers of the military who carry the responsibility of lives which are under threat.

There are those that argue to the contrary, that since the issue is of lives under threat, we should not be following the view of the military because we are in need of military equipment from  Washington. This view has no standing in reality as we saw in the events of the Yom Kippur War.

The politicians sought to place themselves in the right light when they did not permit the decision of the military [to take pre-emptive action, thereby 1000s of Jewish soldiers were killed]. Only after three weeks of war did military equipment arrive from the USA. Politicians argued that the arrival of arms was because Israel was not seen to be the aggressors! But they forgot the simplest of  calculations: had Israel opened with a preventive war; and most certainly had Israel taken this action immediately upon receiving the clear intelligence information that the Arabs are preparing to attack, Israel would have completed the war with outright victory much before the American arms would even have reached Israel!

This, we actually saw at the time of the Six Day War when Israel opened a preventive war and completed the war with a powerful victory all within six days! The arms which were in stock were sufficient, and no arms supply whatsoever were even needed from the USA!

What arises from all of the above is as follows: Any Rabbi who had even offered his opinion on this issue - who now has no choice but to issue a Halachic decision on this matter, will certainly contemplate on what we have spoken above, should issue a public Halachic decision declaring whether or not it is permitted to relinquish land-masses of Judea or of the Shomron. Hereby there is not only the Torah prohibition of “Do not relinquish Land”, but more: the acute danger to Jewish life.

As with G-d forbid one who is sick, even should this be of no more than one limb of one single Jew, there is an explicit law in the Code of Jewish Law [Orach Chaim 328.8] that the sole opinion to be taken into account is that of an expert physician; that it would not be sufficient that he has knowledge on the field of medicine, but he must be a physician who is active in healing; and more: he must be fully cognizant of the most updated innovative medical discoveries.

The same is true of life endangering situations of war, the only opinion which Torah permits is that of a military expert, this is his area of activity and one who is fully knowledgeable of the newest methods of warfare.

Regarding all those who are not military experts - their views are of no consequence, even if they are ‘good friends’ and even ‘the best of friends’, and certainly if their personal interest is at play.  

The Israel government’s wish not to be seen as the aggressors was the cause of thousands killed in the Yom Kippur War.

Part 3. Sadat's Visit to Israel

Regarding pressure against Israel, we conclude with the events of the Yom Kippur War how surrender to pressure was not beneficial.

Some hours before the outbreak of the war [some say even days], there were clear intelligence warnings that the Arabs were preparing to go to war against the Holy Land and Jewish People living there, from two fronts - both from Egypt and from Syria.   

Those expert in warfare declared with one united voice: should Israel only make a call up for soldiers [even without actually going out to war], and certainly, should Israel open with a preventive war, it is a matter of certainty that not only will the Arab attack not succeed, but they will be defeated.

Yet, despite these warnings there arrived upon the scene politicians with no knowledge of warfare [expert only in political matters] and made the decision to the absolute contrary, even informing Washington that they know full well that the Arabs are preparing to open the attack, nevertheless, not only will they not open a preventive war, but more, Israel will not even make a full call up - all this in order not to be seen as the aggressors.  

[The Rebbe continues at this point to give his assessment of their decision]. There is no validity to their decision not to attack; when an opposing force stands ready to  attack, an attack by the opposing side is not one of aggression, but is a preventive war [‘One who comes to kill you pre-empt to kill him first’ - Talmud Sanhedrin 72.1].  Certainly there is no room to argue the case not to make a call up [to be against a call up so as not to be called the aggressor], because even from their point of view a call up is not an attack.

The outcome of this conduct  was that hundreds of Jewish People - May Hashem avenge their blood - were killed in this war - hundreds of entire worlds, because every Jewish soul is an entire world’ - [Talmud Sanhedrin 84].

Until now I refrained from speaking negatively against Jewish People. However, since all of this has already be documented, I am speaking of this in order that G-d Forbid they should not repeat the same mistake once again.     

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A firm stand against international pressure will enhance the prestige of the Jewish Nation in the eyes of the world.

Part 2. Sadat's visit to Israel.

As spoken above, the motive of Sadat’s visit to Eretz Israel was not apparent, yet, he was most certainly motivated by intelligent reasoning.

Kotel - Wall of the Temple Mount built by King Herod
By contemplating his reasoning one will learn a lesson in one’s service to Hashem. In unequivocal terms this was as follows:

Presidents of Egypt were always heads of State wishing to act independently. However, of late there are [were] those who have begun telling him how to conduct his political agenda coming both from Washington making the greatest effort to exhibit herself as the superpower, that all minor countries are obliged to conduct themselves as per her directives even in realms of peacemaking. The same stands true of Arab kingdoms [who in truth are no more than ‘a mixed multitude’ hailing from different nations, Egyptian, Ishmaelite and such like].

This pressure propelled him to show the world that he rules independently, reckoning neither with Arab kingdoms nor even with Washington, notwithstanding his dependence on them both for financial and military aid and equipment.

His decision was so powerfully motivated that as soon as he made known his intentions he received opposition from all sides, both from those who were openly against peacemaking and those who would only give slight indication of their opposition; even Washington exerted pressure not to undertake this mission. Regardless, from hour to hour he withstood these with growing fortitude in order to exhibit that he was his own master!

‘Chutzpa’ brings results! By reinforcing his determination both at home and abroad, instead of remaining as he had been over the years a pauper begging at the door running from place to place seeking advice, money and arms, the tables made a complete turn around. National leaders were pursuing him trying to persuade him to relinquish some of his honor and appoint an assistant president. Even Arab countries, the United States and Russia the most powerful of nations, were taking his perspective into consideration.

From all of this sequence of events, the government of Israel needs to internalize a simple and clear message:

Notwithstanding that they are reliant on foreign financial aid, arms and even intelligence; yet, when the issue at hand is of policies [militarily and security] paramount for the well being of the Holy land and Jewish inhabitants, no outside pressures should be taken into consideration: conduct must be sovereign. Such policies, not only will they not bring damage G-d forbid but to the contrary, will raise the prestige  of the Jewish People in the eyes of Nations.

Had we merited, never should we have had to learn this lesson from a gentile [Sadat]. We ourselves should have displayed the appropriate fortitude by virtue of our bond with the King of all kings, G-d Almighty Himself. We should have taken advantage of this merit of opportunity. Instead, to our pain, policies [of the government of Israel] are those of capitulation on matters of significance, succumbing to pressure even on life and death issues. Therefore did Hashem find it necessary to enlighten us by the actions of a gentile.

May it be the Will of Hashem, that this event taken specifically with fortitude as see by our very eyes has its desired effect, that the Jewish nation who have until now acted weak-heartedly, fearful of even the rustling of a leaf and thereby bringing upon themselves further international pressure; that from this day forth they go forward with fortitude, announcing on the world arena that the Land of Israel and her borders as enumerated in the Torah [of which the Gentile World is aware and sanctioned to study] - belongs to the Jewish Nation.  

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Following the visit of Egyptian President Sadat to Israel, November 1977, the Rebbe speaks of eight directives the Government of Israel is obliged to learn from this event.

Part 1. Sadat's visit to Israel.

We present a talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoken from his room Motzoi Shabbos Parshas Vayetzei, 9th Kislev, 19.11.1977 just hours after the visit to Israel by the then President of Egypt, Mr. Sadat.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

1. Clear proof that there is a Master of the World.

2. A firm stand against international pressure will enhance the prestige of
the Jewish Nation in the eyes of the world.

3. The government’s wish not to be seen as an initiator of war at the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War was the cause of thousands killed.

4. As with illness, only a physician can make the ultimate decision, so in life and death security situations, only an army officer is qualified to make a judgement.

5. Rabbis who are unprepared to rely on my knowledge in situations endangering  life, should make their own inquiries forthwith!   

6. Sadat would have been in agreement had Israel not been prepared to hand over Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians.

7. The United States and Russia would accept a decision made by the government of Israel not to relinquish even an iota of land.

8. The Temple Mount must be in Jewish hands notwithstanding that it is forbidden to enter the Temple area.

1. Clear proof that there is a Master of the World.

Well know is the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov, that from all one sees or hears one should take instruction in one’s service to G-d. It is appropriate to learn such a lesson from recent events connected to the Holy Land, relevant to every Jew, also to those outside of the Land of Israel.

Of late there was a turmoil and outcry throughout the world, many attempting to give reason to the bewildering trip taken by President Sadat of Egypt to the Holy Land, a phenomenon which nobody could have foreseen.

Here there are two aspects: (a) The actual visit - as heard of by all. (b) Sadat’s reasoning - which nobody knows.

From both there are lessons to be learnt, but with a vital difference. From the actual visit a Jew needs to contemplate and is given help from Above, to learn from the event. For the unknown motive for the trip, there is no imperative to search for a lesson but remains a matter of personal choice, without obligatory help from Above to comprehend the true reason.

Yet, should one know the reason, this would add quality to one’s service of G-d, therefore is worthy of contemplation. Although one cannot know for certain, should one arrive at a message in one’s service, it would be logical to say that one’s conclusion is the true.

The message of the overall event is as follows:

Even those versed in governance, using their full intelligence/expertise, never could they have envisaged this visit under the natural order of things. Even now after the event, they remain dumbfounded.

This is absolute proof that “there is a Master over the world”, Who is [above human intelligence] not G-d Forbid subject to natural limitations or obliged to abide by natural law. King Solomon in Proverbs [21.1] declares: “The hearts of kings and ministers are in the Hands of Hashem”, both the hearts of Jewish People, and certainly of Gentiles. There took place here a phenomenon which according to all human-natural calculations and governance was beyond the realm of credibility.

Hereby do we have an important principle in our service to G-d: in life, one cannot rely upon human calculation, because even having thought through all natural possibilities, G-d above is able to openly perform the absolute opposite!