Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Temple Mount and Cave of the Patriarchs are registered in name of Gentiles!

We find ourselves now at the end of the Exile. We hear the footsteps of Moshiach. From time to time we are remind of this. These events are not accidental; but are by Divine Providence, to awaken Jewish People to be purer, better, and not G-d forbid, to the contrary. Very recently, several such events took place which all of us can contemplate and find from which to learn. I will consider two points which are relevant both general and specific. The teaching of the Baal Shem Tov is well known: 'Whatever a Jew sees or hears has within it a message for his service to his Creator.' This is certainly true when he sees an event of a more general nature, not just relevant to himself or a small number of Jewish people, but to a great number. This certainly has a great message. Not always does one disclose all happenings lest they cause pain to the Jewish people. 

We see a matter of shocking proportions that has turned sour. The situation remains status quo even though there are those in the government who know what is going on, but make as if they know nothing. Until this very day it remains registered in official documents that the legal owner of the Temple Mount is a gentile. 

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount
These locations remain sacred. We have a ruling, that holiness maintains its position never to become nullified, as Maimonides writes “the Divine Presence cannot become nullified”. This is the Halachic ruling. They know this and offer tacit agreement until this very day. No-one wishes to get involved, rather, they are silent about the entire matter. 

The same is true of the Cave of Machpela and the surrounding area. Official documents record these as belonging to a gentile! This runs contrary to [not just to love of Israel but] to the love of justice and honesty! Simply said, just as the government took over many locations for security reasons paying for them in a manner of pleasantness and peace, similarly they could have done this regarding the place of our Temple and the Cave of Machpela. Yet, this status quo remains until this very day. The agents to whom we spoke who are responsible make out as if they know nothing, despite of the fact that this is public knowledge. 

Elijah the Prophet called out at Mount Carmel to the Jews who served idols: “How long will you continue to waver between two opinions?” Choose a specific path – make the choice! “If the Master is G-d – go after Him”! Do not waver between two views. 

In one respect this is much worse than idol worship. In this instance they are not even wavering between two views. Immediately after the military powers of Israel conquered Jerusalem and Hebron, they already knew that there is an official paper from the time of the Turkish occupation in which documents unjustifiably and incorrectly state that the Temple Mount and Cave of Machpela belong to a gentile. This Arab did not make any such purchase (as did Abraham our Patriarch for 400 silver shekels)! Regardless, they left the documents of ownership as it was. 

                                                                                           Public address 13th Tishrei 1977

King Ahab pursues the defeated King of Aram for Peace

It happened before. A similar narrative to today's events is brought in Tanach that G-d caused the kingdom of Aram to suffer a huge defeat in the hands of King Ahab of Israel. Regardless, Ahab runs after him saying: “Listen! Don’t be afraid of me.” From this there were terrible repercussions for the Jewish People.

After we know of this, why do we need to fall into the same pitfall a second time? 

There was once a child who learned in cheder. In his first year he studied the story of the sale of Joseph, how his brothers tricked him, threw him into a pit, and sold him to Egypt. He went into a state of shock. The following year, the teacher once again studied with the class the same portion. After the child studied the section, he did not go into shock as in the first year. When those around him were surprised at this, he explained: His brothers already sold him last year! So this year he should have known what was in store for him! He was taken in by their plots a second time round? Such a person is unworthy of pity! 

The story of Ahab in all its details has already happened! The King of Aram gathered around him a huge armed force sure of triumph. He had even planned the division of the land after his victory. But a miracle beyond the bounds of nature took place and they were utterly defeated. They fled leaving behind them all their belongings! Regardless Ahab ran after them explaining that he is pursuing “peace” and won’t cause him any harm! 

Torah narratives are not just stories; they are Halachic directives with real tangible guidance! Two years ago this exact same story took place! Israel won an awesome victory (the Six-Day War). Regardless, Israel ran after the Arabs begging that they take everything back, unwilling to learn from that which befell Ahab thereby permitting those very same shocking results to be repeated! 
                                                                                         Public address 13th Tamuz 1969       

Hebron is part of the Land of Israel

 Hebron is an essential part of the Land of Israel. Gentiles know this no less than Jews. Some weeks ago the Israeli government representative in Washington was confronted: “You are relinquishing more than is expected of you!” We must emphasize here the clear evidence of a document of purchase by the Mitteler Rebbe of a plot of land in Hebron, this, in addition to the great and powerful document of purchase recorded in Bible. 

Ancient City of Hebron, City of our Patriarchs
A certain Rabbi was approached to give out a ruling to relinquish territories. Regarding the territories he permitted to relinquish, he was asked: Since we find ourselves in the Sabbatical year, how should we conduct ourselves with this land lying fallow?

He responds: “Ignoramus! Why ask such a question? Look into the legal codes of Maimonides, all the codifiers of Jewish law, Oral and Written Torah, and you will see that this land is part of the Land of Israel, is sacred and bears the legal obligations of the Sabbatical year. This was the conduct seven years ago, the Sabbatical years for the past seventy years, the land of the Jewish people, the Holy land!” 

On the same day when he responded it is ignorance, he ruled that it is permitted to relinquish this same piece of land! All those around stood in silence, overjoyed and take pleasure to prove that Torah can follow the values of gentiles determining it is forbidden to touch conquered territory!

There is a life-threatening situation in Hebron and all of the territories. 

If parts of Hebron uninhabited by Jewish people are forbidden to relinquish, certainly this is true of areas inhabited by Jewish people in life-threatening danger! 

The clear legal ruling states: should a nation approach for no more than cattle fodder and there is concern that the land will lie open before them endangering even to one single Jew; even if only in preparation of approach:"Violate the Sabbath, take up arms and stand with all powers and say: NO!"

Actually, their conduct is the opposite: they secretly apply pressure to give away those territories, but in a covert way. They begin to split their ruling. Regarding the Sabbatical year he rules that the Land is ours;  regard relinquishing this land – do not stand in their way, he is in full agreement. The proof being that he puts this in writing! Another question: If these endangering results are so obvious, how do they put this into writing? 

The only merit I could find is as follows: There is a Chassidic maxim: the name of Rabbi Israel Baal Shem-Tov [founder of the Chassid movement] was “Israel”. It is explained in Chassidic writings; when a man has fainted and there is no known healing [may G-d protect us], one whispers his name into his ear. One’s Jewish name is linked to the essence of the soul above the powers of the soul are revealed in one’s consciousness and this essence is partially drawn down into the consciousness enabling one to awaken from his state of faintness. Up to the generation of the Baal Shem-Tov the spiritual state of the Jewish People was not yet unconscious, since the situation of the Jewish People had not yet sunken so low; they still were able to feel the pain. 

Our Sages refer to the earlier generations as “angels”, later generations as “humans”. At these final times [since the Baal Shem-Tov] Judaism has reached the lowest level of consciousness. The Baal Shem-Tov's name was Israel who was sent from heaven, his revelation being a “calling the name of the Jewish People– “Israel” to awaken the Jewish nation from their dismal spiritual state. 

Some are still in this spiritual faintness; G-d saw that should they sense the great pain [of their decision] they would never be able to bear the anguish, therefore they were placed into a state of faint, able to put into writing these shocking words! This is the sole merit one could find for this fearful and shocking situation. Woe to this [miserable] situation that needs such a response! 

Hebron is the City of the Patriarchs. Even Washington was in shock at the wish to hand over the city! The city of Hebron is called the “City of the Patriarchs” also by the Nations who read this in the Bible. Perhaps they do not know the meaning of “The Law of Life” since G-d gave this to Israel, yet they do know the translation of the Bible. 

From this came about the shock some weeks ago from Washington that they [the government of Israel] wish to hand over even more than was asked of them! As we approach the day when the second Lubavitcher Rebbe was released, connected with both his day of birth and passing, when “all of his life’s service stands openly and brings salvation down to earth”; the only condition is that a Jew should not upset these blessings!

Jewish people will help and G-d Almighty will help, and there will be a great awakening, and from Hebron this will spread forth to every place where there is a Jew on “earth”. 

                                                         Public gathering Parshas Vayetze 1980 יו"ד כסלו תש"מ

A Prophecy for our time: Do not Surrender Jerusalem

The following talks (Simchas Torah 1976) in the wake of the interim agreement between Israel and Egypt were signed under coercion from the USA on 25th Elul 1975 (1.9.1975). Israel surrendered to Egypt the Abu Rhodes oil fields and retreated from territories vital to her security. As reward, the USA gave Israel fighter jets and money. The Rebbe stormed with his warning that Egypt will not adhere to the agreement, exactly as they reneged with the cease-fire signed in 1970, publicizing that for every jet and dollar received from the USA, they contribute to the Arab world three times as much!  

In the times of the Prophet Isaiah, King Sennacherib of Assyria initiated war against Israel. Sennacherib conquered the entire land of Israel reaching the gates of Jerusalem. As Sennacherib was encircling Jerusalem to conquer her, he sent messengers into the city to sign a peace treaty under certain conditions. One of these was the surrender of Jerusalem. Shebna, a member of the Sanhedrin argued that since it was clear that Sennacherib would overwhelm them, Israel should submit in order to attain peace with him.

Ancient prophecies of Isaiah
King Hezikiah argued that it is forbidden to submit as commanded by Isaiah the prophet in the name of G-d. The community within Jerusalem was split into two camps: Shebna and his supporters, and King Hezikiah and his supporters. 

Isaiah the Prophet turned to Hezikiah, regardless that Shebna was a member of the Sanhedrin and that he and his supporters were the majority against Hezikiah and his followers, (one must follow the majority) telling him: “Do not join forces with them because all of their representations are no more than a pack of the rebellious” [Isaiah 8.12]. Do not connect to their views and do not sign the peace agreement because a pact with Sennacherib is a pact with the wicked. 

Isaiah said to King Hezikiah: “Do not fear them and do not be overwhelmed by them. He commanded him to tell all of Israel not to fear Sennacherib, but to the contrary, stand strong and do not hand over Jerusalem. Finally Hezikiah was saved from Sennacherib. Shebna on the other hand and his supporters were punished. 

This event recorded in the Tanach is vital for our time! At first glance it seems inexplicable. The Torah does not speak disparagingly even of an unclean animal, and certainly should not do so of Shebna who was a Torah giant, a member of the Sanhedrin of the Temple precinct. How could the Torah malign him, publicizing the fact that he spoke against a command of G-d through the Prophet Isaiah? 

The explanation is as follows: This event bears relevance to future generations required by Halacha.  [Megilah 14.1] A prophecy not needed for generations to come was not recorded. Therefore it is obligatory to recount in T’nach and the Talmud the entire episode for future generations to learn the message. 

The practical law which we need to extract from our story is that even though prophecy in our time remains idle and we do not have guidance from Isaiah the Prophet as did Hezkiah, nevertheless today there are Rabbis - and the Talmud deems Rabbis to be the kings – who lay down the law that it is forbidden to relinquish the territories. It is imperative to abide by their ruling of Jewish Law.