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The Temple Mount must be in Jewish hands notwithstanding it is forbidden to enter the Temple area.

Part 8. Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel. Security message for the Government
As we have spoken many times, the time of the beginning of the Redemption will only be with the coming of Moshiach. At this time we find ourselves in the re-doubled darkness of the Exile.

The situation is as it is because [the government of Israel] is fearful even of the rustling of a leaf [in their fear of the enemy] to the point where there are those who have already agreed secretly in their heart, and given indication, that they are prepared to relinquish part - even the entire Old City of Jerusalem together with the Temple Mount and the area of the Temple to the Arabs.

Moshiach will soon rule over Eretz Israel
This must remain within our ownership despite the fact that entry onto the Temple area is without any doubt whatsoever absolutely forbidden [see Maimonides Laws of the Temple 7.16].  This is the place of our Temple from which “never did the Shechina [Divine Presence] remove itself".

As long as Hashem decided that these were in the hands of the Arabs, we were bound to conduct ourselves ‘not to ascend with strength to conquer’.

However, immediately Hashem gave all of Jerusalem into the hands of the Jewish People - it is certain that it is forbidden to relinquish this according to the Command of Torah. Specifically, should a portion of the Old City of Jerusalem be given away G-d Forbid, they would be endangering the lives not only of the Jewish people living there, but also those living in the New City of Jerusalem!

More, this being the main point: should they relinquish to the opposing forces anything which [according to Torah] is forbidden, then, not only is this not the path to prevent war, but to the contrary, as we saw in the three previous wars, by capitulating this will increase their demands for much more in preparation for further conquests.

More: all calculations of capitulation whereby they think they will achieve peace - are uncertain at the most. On the other hand, relinquishing areas of Judea and the Shomron puts into mortal danger all of the Jewish people throughout the Land of Israel! This is of absolute certainty. This, according to the Law of Torah, politicians are obliged to request the view of the military.

We have a ruling: ‘a matter of uncertainty cannot outweigh - over-rule - that which is a matter of certainty’. It is clear: It is forbidden to hand over any parts of the Land of Israel.

The Rebbe. Spoken from his room. Parshas Vayetze, 9 Kislev,  1977.

A lesson today for Israeli negotiators: Sadat would have come to term should Israel refuse to hand over Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians

Part 6. Lessons to be learnt from Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel.

Those who have a viewpoint and a say in the negotiations with Sadat who arrived to Eretz Israel, there is no need to be unbalanced if at the outset of negotiations he comes up with colossal demands; this is the way of negotiations. Initially one demands much more than one truly imagines one will receive in order to be given something.

The Sinai Desert
Actually, more than this: all demands he is making on behalf of other Arab countries (apart from his own) are no more than mere words. His concern is only for his own country. Before his trip he was under pressure not to go, regardless he went, and was therefore obliged to feign that he will make demands on their behalf. In truth, he has no interest whatsoever in those but to the contrary: he absolutely does not want those countries to grow in strength because thereby his own image as a leader will be diminished.

The same is true for his demands on behalf of the Palestinians - any pressure he exerts on their behalf is no more than to excuse himself to those against his visit.

Therefore should [the Israeli government] stand strong and tell him that his demands on behalf of the Palestinians are life-threatening and that it is absolutely impossible to give away even one grain of Judea and the Shomron, he [Sadat] will actually be very appreciative with their response!

The one and only concern he has is with regard to the Sinai Desert. Here the Israeli negotiator needs to put this to the military [which areas are vital for security and which perhaps not]. Areas not harmful to [Israel’s] security could be negotiated.   [Translator’s note: In hindsight now that we see that ISIS has over-run the Sinai, perhaps the reclaiming of the entire Sinai is appropriate.]

Rabbis unwilling to rely on the information I have in hand should immediately make their own inquiries because this is life threatening!

Part 5. Sadat's visit to Israel

Whatever we have spoken of previously does not represent any lack of respect for Rabbis as they are ordained Rabbis, certainly conduct themselves according to the Code of Jewish Law, and most certainly are aware of the law pertaining to life threatening situations for Jewish people in Eretz Israel which certainly touches each of them to the very core of their soul. Therefore there is no need for me to encourage or awaken them in this regard.

However, for the Rabbis to publish a Halachic declaration, they need to all the factual information pertaining to this. To save the Rabbis the long drawn out toil to make their inquiries, we are offering them

(a) all necessary intelligence information already gathered after all inquiries from experts in the military stating unequivocally that should even one iota of the West Bank [Samaria] be relinquished this would present life threatening danger for great numbers of Jewish people,  

(b) asking them to consider the [horrific] results which have taken place when the view of the military was ignored.

Rabbis unwilling to rely on my intelligence information should go make their own inquiries. However, given that this will take considerable time and lives are at stake, certainly they will do so at the earliest opportunity.

The choices are one or other of the following:

[1] Should [the government of Israel] buckle under to pressures from the gentiles of foreign countries and to Jewish people who are expert in political maneuverings with ‘fearful and weak hearts’;

[2] Or, because of the threat to life, should they follow the view of military experts who state that relinquishing one iota of Judea and Samaria (or any any portion of the Land of Israel and her borders), this endangers the lives - May G-d protect us - of great numbers of Jewish people.

In addition to the Covenant struck by G-d with our Patriarch Abraham whereby the Land of Israel was promised to the Jewish Nation; there is the existential danger stated by the military, there is the classic ruling ‘one does not rely on miracles’.

Such investigations by the Rabbis cannot be delayed and only thereafter come to a halachic declaration of law; rather a clear declaration of halachic law must be publicized immediately one way or the other as per the two alternatives enumerated above.

As in matters of illness only a physician is permitted to make the final decision; similarly, when lives are endangered, only a military expert may made the final analysis.

Part 4. Sadat's visit to Israel
It has to be clearly understood, that when the issue at hand is a life endangering situation of hundreds of Jewish People, each one being an entire world, Torah stipulates that one must follow the instructions of experts in the field; in the instance of which we are speaking these are officers of the military who carry the responsibility of lives which are under threat.

There are those that argue to the contrary, that since the issue is of lives under threat, we should not be following the view of the military because we are in need of military equipment from  Washington. This view has no standing in reality as we saw in the events of the Yom Kippur War.

The politicians sought to place themselves in the right light when they did not permit the decision of the military [to take pre-emptive action, thereby 1000s of Jewish soldiers were killed]. Only after three weeks of war did military equipment arrive from the USA. Politicians argued that the arrival of arms was because Israel was not seen to be the aggressors! But they forgot the simplest of  calculations: had Israel opened with a preventive war; and most certainly had Israel taken this action immediately upon receiving the clear intelligence information that the Arabs are preparing to attack, Israel would have completed the war with outright victory much before the American arms would even have reached Israel!

This, we actually saw at the time of the Six Day War when Israel opened a preventive war and completed the war with a powerful victory all within six days! The arms which were in stock were sufficient, and no arms supply whatsoever were even needed from the USA!

What arises from all of the above is as follows: Any Rabbi who had even offered his opinion on this issue - who now has no choice but to issue a Halachic decision on this matter, will certainly contemplate on what we have spoken above, should issue a public Halachic decision declaring whether or not it is permitted to relinquish land-masses of Judea or of the Shomron. Hereby there is not only the Torah prohibition of “Do not relinquish Land”, but more: the acute danger to Jewish life.

As with G-d forbid one who is sick, even should this be of no more than one limb of one single Jew, there is an explicit law in the Code of Jewish Law [Orach Chaim 328.8] that the sole opinion to be taken into account is that of an expert physician; that it would not be sufficient that he has knowledge on the field of medicine, but he must be a physician who is active in healing; and more: he must be fully cognizant of the most updated innovative medical discoveries.

The same is true of life endangering situations of war, the only opinion which Torah permits is that of a military expert, this is his area of activity and one who is fully knowledgeable of the newest methods of warfare.

Regarding all those who are not military experts - their views are of no consequence, even if they are ‘good friends’ and even ‘the best of friends’, and certainly if their personal interest is at play.  

The Israel government’s wish not to be seen as the aggressors was the cause of thousands killed in the Yom Kippur War.

Part 3. Sadat's Visit to Israel

Regarding pressure against Israel, we conclude with the events of the Yom Kippur War how surrender to pressure was not beneficial.

Some hours before the outbreak of the war [some say even days], there were clear intelligence warnings that the Arabs were preparing to go to war against the Holy Land and Jewish People living there, from two fronts - both from Egypt and from Syria.   

Those expert in warfare declared with one united voice: should Israel only make a call up for soldiers [even without actually going out to war], and certainly, should Israel open with a preventive war, it is a matter of certainty that not only will the Arab attack not succeed, but they will be defeated.

Yet, despite these warnings there arrived upon the scene politicians with no knowledge of warfare [expert only in political matters] and made the decision to the absolute contrary, even informing Washington that they know full well that the Arabs are preparing to open the attack, nevertheless, not only will they not open a preventive war, but more, Israel will not even make a full call up - all this in order not to be seen as the aggressors.  

[The Rebbe continues at this point to give his assessment of their decision]. There is no validity to their decision not to attack; when an opposing force stands ready to  attack, an attack by the opposing side is not one of aggression, but is a preventive war [‘One who comes to kill you pre-empt to kill him first’ - Talmud Sanhedrin 72.1].  Certainly there is no room to argue the case not to make a call up [to be against a call up so as not to be called the aggressor], because even from their point of view a call up is not an attack.

The outcome of this conduct  was that hundreds of Jewish People - May Hashem avenge their blood - were killed in this war - hundreds of entire worlds, because every Jewish soul is an entire world’ - [Talmud Sanhedrin 84].

Until now I refrained from speaking negatively against Jewish People. However, since all of this has already be documented, I am speaking of this in order that G-d Forbid they should not repeat the same mistake once again.