Tuesday, 8 December 2015

There are terrorists in the Old City of Jerusalem!

 By the grace of G-d amid open miracles, the Old City of Jerusalem was conquered and everyone gave thanks that through the Hand of G-d this was achieved. Yet, the very same man who registered gentiles as Jews prides himself that the Old City of Jerusalem is a symbol of Arabs and Jews dwelling together – the perfect Jerusalem.
Miracle of Six Day War

 When I heard this, I was in shock. Had this been said in the name of the Marxist doctrine– okay. But that in the Holy City of Jerusalem the city where King David dwelt, Arabs should live alongside Jewish people? To say this in the name of the Torah of Moses, representative of thousands of religious Jews and no one raises any voice of protest? 

 Within the Old City there dwell some 70,000 Arabs and barely 100 Jewish families. A Jew wishing to purchase one cubit of land in the Old City has many difficulties and has to undergo innumerable inspection committees. Unless he has special connections, his request is denied. In contrast, in the new city Arabs are able to purchase to their heart’s desire, with all the government excuses; business is increased etc. The severity of the situation is that a Jew wishing to purchase in the Old City– the real Jerusalem, between the walls, the City where King David dwelt, is not permitted to do so. 

 Since the world in which we live is a world of lies, we know that his word is worthless, not even worthy of entering the category of lies. A few months ago I protested. He responded with one word: ‘Not-true’, and instructed that his response be printed in the newspapers. But such a crude lie even newspapers refused to print. After he imposed strong pressure, his response was printed. It was because of this that the occurrence took place in the Old City 17 days ago. 

 In the Old City there are some 70,000 Arabs who have their connections with neighboring nations. The danger reached such proportions that it was not permitted to go to the Western Wall, neither by night or even by day. Great military forces were needed for protection. Only in the merit of a miracle did tribulation befall the Arab population. This danger comes because after the freeing of Jerusalem, terrorists were allowed to remain. There is intense danger to the capital that there are great numbers of terrorists – who needs this?

 The Arabs themselves never thought that they would be permitted to remain and were sure that they would be evicted. Their reasoning was simple: that which they would have done to the Jews, may G-d protect us, had they captured the city, the Jews would do to them. You want to give them money – give them, but the main point is to encourage them to leave. The Arab uncertainty was only [if they would be permitted to take their movable possessions with them, and] will the move be in one sweep or step by step. Had they been instructed they would have left long ago. Instead they were informed unofficially that Jerusalem is theirs. Ambassadors were even sent to Washington to inform that they have no intention of taking Jerusalem. Washington was interested in evicting the Arabs. Only in this way would they be rid of the problem of Jerusalem. Either Jews remain and Arabs leave, or only Arabs remain, in which case the Jews leave. 

It is the same now. The government is conducting negotiations to return territories. Once they were called ‘doves’, today they are called diplomats; tomorrow they will be called pursuers of peace. A small group of them sit together deciding whether to give away this or that piece of land. They need only to find the appropriate wording to explain why this is a ‘security achievement’. Their only concern is not to create a storm of protest. The Arab wants the land– we had better give to him! But there are the youth that object. That is why they have to devise the appropriate wording to appease them!

Public talk Parshas Noach 1974