Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A firm stand against international pressure will enhance the prestige of the Jewish Nation in the eyes of the world.

Part 2. Sadat's visit to Israel.

As spoken above, the motive of Sadat’s visit to Eretz Israel was not apparent, yet, he was most certainly motivated by intelligent reasoning.

Kotel - Wall of the Temple Mount built by King Herod
By contemplating his reasoning one will learn a lesson in one’s service to Hashem. In unequivocal terms this was as follows:

Presidents of Egypt were always heads of State wishing to act independently. However, of late there are [were] those who have begun telling him how to conduct his political agenda coming both from Washington making the greatest effort to exhibit herself as the superpower, that all minor countries are obliged to conduct themselves as per her directives even in realms of peacemaking. The same stands true of Arab kingdoms [who in truth are no more than ‘a mixed multitude’ hailing from different nations, Egyptian, Ishmaelite and such like].

This pressure propelled him to show the world that he rules independently, reckoning neither with Arab kingdoms nor even with Washington, notwithstanding his dependence on them both for financial and military aid and equipment.

His decision was so powerfully motivated that as soon as he made known his intentions he received opposition from all sides, both from those who were openly against peacemaking and those who would only give slight indication of their opposition; even Washington exerted pressure not to undertake this mission. Regardless, from hour to hour he withstood these with growing fortitude in order to exhibit that he was his own master!

‘Chutzpa’ brings results! By reinforcing his determination both at home and abroad, instead of remaining as he had been over the years a pauper begging at the door running from place to place seeking advice, money and arms, the tables made a complete turn around. National leaders were pursuing him trying to persuade him to relinquish some of his honor and appoint an assistant president. Even Arab countries, the United States and Russia the most powerful of nations, were taking his perspective into consideration.

From all of this sequence of events, the government of Israel needs to internalize a simple and clear message:

Notwithstanding that they are reliant on foreign financial aid, arms and even intelligence; yet, when the issue at hand is of policies [militarily and security] paramount for the well being of the Holy land and Jewish inhabitants, no outside pressures should be taken into consideration: conduct must be sovereign. Such policies, not only will they not bring damage G-d forbid but to the contrary, will raise the prestige  of the Jewish People in the eyes of Nations.

Had we merited, never should we have had to learn this lesson from a gentile [Sadat]. We ourselves should have displayed the appropriate fortitude by virtue of our bond with the King of all kings, G-d Almighty Himself. We should have taken advantage of this merit of opportunity. Instead, to our pain, policies [of the government of Israel] are those of capitulation on matters of significance, succumbing to pressure even on life and death issues. Therefore did Hashem find it necessary to enlighten us by the actions of a gentile.

May it be the Will of Hashem, that this event taken specifically with fortitude as see by our very eyes has its desired effect, that the Jewish nation who have until now acted weak-heartedly, fearful of even the rustling of a leaf and thereby bringing upon themselves further international pressure; that from this day forth they go forward with fortitude, announcing on the world arena that the Land of Israel and her borders as enumerated in the Torah [of which the Gentile World is aware and sanctioned to study] - belongs to the Jewish Nation.