Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Don’t look for reasons how to give away any part of Eretz Israel!

Visit of newspaper reporter Ron Idlist, Kislev 1991

Ron: “Does the Rebbe still hold of the view that we need to hold on to all the territories?”

The Rebbe: “If I could wield influence over you then I would sway you in this direction: the entire land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and whoever gives a part of it away to anyone else is robbing the Jewish Nation!”

Ron: “Even if this includes war against the whole world?!”

The Rebbe: “Those who wish to wage war against the Jewish People do not need a specific reason, since they wish to harm Israel. It is irrelevant if Israel will act one way or another. I come from Russia and in Russia there were always blood-libels against the Jewish People, not because Jewish People were guilty but because they were searching to libel and harm Israel.”

Ron: “Is it not possible that the Nations will ever make peace with us?”

The Rebbe: “It is irrelevant what I will do or what you will do. If they only had the power to do so, it would not depend on me or you to prevent this. This would depend on HaKadosh Boruch Hu and Hashem does not need my encouragement, because every one of Israel and especially those in Eretz Israel are the only son of Hashem. Don’t look for reasons how to give away any part of Eretz Israel. It is not worth while wasting time finding reasons that perhaps we should be giving away any part of Eretz Israel.”