Monday, 30 November 2015

They want to give away the Old City of Jerusalem

 But after years of entreaties he [President Nasser] began to understand that Israel really does want them to take back the territories.

On the verse ‘And the Children of Israel travelled from the wells of the sons of Yaakov to Moser’, Rashi comments that after the great victory of the Jewish People over the King of Arad, they were beset suddenly with fear of another war, they retreated eight journeys. This is difficult to comprehend. Why were they in shock and why did they flee? They were convinced by their evil inclination – a master craftsman concealing his intent in supposedly G-d-fearing words: ‘Certainly you conquered the King of Arad, but there is reason to fear further warfare. You may well be conquered because ‘you must not rely on miracles’. 

Precisely this was repeated after the Sinai War (1956). Israel, in trepidation of Egypt, they felt that they must submit to Egypt’s demands. Israeli forces retreated, in return for assurances of peace and rights to access freely through the Suez Canal. President Nasser of Egypt violated this promise. (For reasons of peace– Israel offered this retreat; however) Egypt prepared for war! Once again, shortly before the outbreak of the Six Day War, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran preparing their military for war. Many argued Israel should not initiate war but find a peaceful solution. 

The Old City of Jerusalem

With G-d’s mercy, Israel opened the attack disregarding world opinion. The entire world saw the miraculous victory. After the Six Day War the view not to retreat from the territories took precedence. 

Fact: Whenever Israel took the initiative when faced with war, the number of dead was minimal. On the other hand, in Jerusalem where it was decided NOT to attack, the number killed was much greater. 

Yet, regardless of having seen the victory of the Six Day War without fear or subservience to the Arabs, now for three years Israel has been begging the Arabs to take back the conquered territories! President Nasser was convinced that Israel was setting a trap, never believing that Israel would return conquered natural security borders. But after years of entreaties he began to understand that Israel really does want them to take back the territories.