Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Lubavitcher Rebbe analyzed the dangers with Ariel Sharon.

“The Rebbe always amazed me on subjects that I never anticipated would happen. For example with his descriptions of military defense: how to defend the Suez Canal and Sinai. At that time I was battling at the Bar-Lev line because I saw the danger of the coming days. 

In this framework of the battle I also publicized the letters which the Rebbe sent to me regarding the line. In these letters the Rebbe analyzed the dangers from a defense point of view of setting up such a line, and he anticipated the catastrophes which would befall us in its wake. It is to my pain that all the vision of which the Rebbe wrote there came true in the fullest sense! 

At a different meeting I spoke to the Rebbe regarding settling the Old City of Jerusalem and Hebron. The Rebbe said to me words that sounded at that time so far from reality. He said that very serious things would take place at these places in the future. He added that in his opinion, the day will come when the Government of Israel will oppose Jewish People settling there, and will stand on the right hand side of the Arabs in the strife between them and Jewish People.” 

This talk took place about twenty six years ago. The words of the Rebbe at that time were so absolutely unreasonable and outside the realm of reality. And yet, behold, we see what distant vision he had! We see what is taking place before our very eyes!”