Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Lubavitcher Rebbe to PM Benjamin Netanyahu:

                       The Lubavitcher Rebbe to PM Benjamin Netanyahu:

 "We see from the history of the wars that the land of Israel has fought, that                 only by standing strong can you be successful and win."

General Ariel Sharon – Interview with the Rebbe

 The Lubavitcher Rebbe showed extraordinary knowledge regarding military matters ongoing in Israel, in areas of security, politics and those pertaining to international affairs, particularly those connected to instructions emanating from Washington. Moreover, the Rebbe showed knowledge down to the minutest details of the military confrontations that took place during the Six Day War.

 The Rebbe said to General Sharon: “It will be our greatest insanity if we were to retreat from the new borders. It will expose the lack of trust in the government of Israel; lack of faith in our own strength and will only invite external pressure upon us. It is imperative to stop trying to find favor in the eyes of the gentile nations. This has never helped in the past, nor will it help in the future. The indecisiveness of Israel must stop. It is obligatory to uproot the mentality of exile [slavery to the gentile nations] from the Land of Israel. The government of Israel needs to decide to inhabit the liberated territories and come out with a call to world Jewry to come and settle these lands, I am certain that half a million young Jewish People would respond to this challenge”.

 With regard to the various solutions which have been forwarded, which call for a full or partial retreat by Israel, the Rebbe said: “These plans will bring about a sharpening of tension in the future.  

These are solutions which run contrary to the natural path”. In the view of the Rebbe, Israel today lies within its natural borders. With pain did the Rebbe continue: “Every matter which is decided by the government of Israel is known immediately by the Gentiles.

The Rebbe turned to General Sharon with the question: “Why does the military not present its view more forcefully regarding the [security of the present] borders?”

Sharon replied: “This is a political decision”.

 The Rebbe interrupted him with a dismissive wave of his hand: “This is not a matter of politics, this is one of security. I believe with perfect faith that we are able, and we must inhabit these territories”.

Monday, 21 December 2015

PM Benjamin Netanyahu with the Rebbe.

 “Let me tell you something,” said Netanyahu “In 1984, after I came to the UN as Israel’s Ambassador, I met with the Rebbe of Lubavitch. He began speaking to me – he spoke to me for 40 minutes.

 “You know what he told me, back in 1984?” Netanyahu asked.

“He told me, ‘you are going to a place of deep darkness and lies, and if you will light one candle of truth, you will dispel the darkness. That is what I tried to do here – to present the truth clearly and with confidence.”

“You will go into a house of lies,” the Rebbe told him in that memorable meeting on Simchat Torah at Lubavitch Headquarters. “That’s how he called a particular institution ...”

The Rebbe said to him: “Remember that in a hall of perfect darkness, totally dark, if you light one small candle, its light will be seen from afar; its precious light will be seen by everyone.” 

The Prime Minister said that the Rebbe gave him the “mission to light a candle for truth and for the Jewish people.” 

In what appears to have been a profound moment in his life, the Prime Minister, speaking with emotion and admiration for the Rebbe, described in detail his impressions of that Simchat Torah in 770, when the Rebbe danced with the Torah, “bathed in light.” Netanyahu ended his speech reiterating the Rebbe’s message, and appealing to his audience to do likewise, and “light a candle for truth and justice for the Jewish people,” this Yom Kippur.
                                                                                                                 April 19, 1988

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Rebbe, I came to see you.”

The Rebbe:  “Just to see, not to talk?”“You are going to the house of lies, and when you are there remember that even when you are in the darkest place, it is your job to ignite the flame of truth. This flame spreads into a light that can be seen from afar and dispels the darkness. You have to ignite this flame because you defend in the world [the United Nations] the truth of the Jewish people.

You have to stand strong and proud for the Jewish people in the United Nations. We see from the history of the wars that the land of Israel has fought, that only by standing strong can you be successful and win. Look at the crowd here, most of them are still youngsters, these are our future generations...

”The Rebbe asked: “Why is Peres not requesting to enlarge the budget [that the United States was granting to Israel], what is this wastefulness? Now is the time to request.”

                                                                             Simchat Torah 5745, October 18, 1984

The Rebbe:  “I have read a lot of your work here. A good and sweet year. Success in all your endeavors and great success in all your matters.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Honored Rabbi, you constantly follow what is occurring in the State of Israel...”

The Rebbe: “I always follow, however to my disappointment we do not hear...” [that in Israel they heed the warnings spoken from here]

Benjamin Netanyahu: “They hear more than the Rebbe assumes.”

The Rebbe: “Maybe they hear, however there is no good news [of following through what is spoken]. The deed is the essential, however perhaps you could influence them from here [in the United Nations].”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “I am planning in the near future to return to Israel and to battle over the issues there and have influence [from there].”

The Rebbe:  “There is plenty more to influence here in the United Nations.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “It is possible to struggle [for these issues]from the land of Israel. There is an important need for a good replacement.”

The Rebbe:  “There is no one to be confident in.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “There are several good candidates.”

The Rebbe: “That is doubtful, and a doubt does not overrule certainty [of your influence in the UN].  You know that in the UN there is a need to speak of the Seven Noahide Laws.”

Benjamin Netanyahu:  “Yes, yes...”

The Rebbe: “It is the duty of a Jew to encourage non-Jews. And this is your duty to be actively encouraging non-Jews regarding the Seven Noahide Laws in the UN.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “I have not forgotten our first meeting, and I have been active in that which the honored Rabbi told me, to stand proud and strong [as a Jew], it has been engraved in me and I have acted accordingly.”

Rebbe:  “You surely know that Benjamin was the only one of the tribes who was born in the Land of Israel, and was afterwards active with non-Jews and leader of non-Jews with appropriate strength and “pride of Jacob.”

Benjamin Netanyahu:  “I am serving here for five years...”

Rebbe:  “You should continue to serve here until Moshiach comes!”

                                                                            Hoshana Raba 5748, October 14, 1987

Benjamin Netanyahu: “I just finished my term as Ambassador of Israel in the United Nations, and I have started my position as a Knesset member.”

The Rebbe: “Much success. I had a lot of pleasure from your speech. May it be G-d’s will that you should continue in this direction, and G-d helps all those who want “to purify others,” and especially when it begins with ‘self improvement’. Do not take offence that I speak of these issues publicly.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “I plan to continue in this precise direction, and have understood the Rebbe’s message well.”

The Rebbe: “This is the best direction [to stand with strength] in order not to come to warfare and the like. It should be ‘In return [to G-d] and with [G-d’s] Kindness and Mercy you will be saved’.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “I thank the Rebbe for the possibility he has given me these last few years to come and receive the guidance the Rebbe has given me, not just for me, but for the entire Jewish nation.”

The Rebbe: “I am just in the beginning of my work, and you are also in the beginning of your work [in the Knesset].”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “I have come to you at the beginning of my work. And I plan to return to you, honored Rebbe.”

The Rebbe: “You will need to struggle with 119 people. You will surely not be influenced by them, since G-d offers favor for this side. Blessing and success.”
                                                                                                   April 19, 1988


Thursday, 17 December 2015

One who approaches to kill you, pre-empt and eliminate him!

 There is a Torah obligation quoted in the Talmud [Sanhedrin 102.1] “One who approaches to kill you– pre-empt– and eliminate him!” One can understand two points can from this law: 

[1] The legal decision refers to a situation when one indeed knows that he is approaching with the intent to kill you. 

[2] Upon realizing that his intent is to kill you, one must not wait until he approaches you in combat, rather, pre-empt and eliminate him. These two points give us clear direction in our times. There are those who are in pursuit of peace that are convinced that since the time of Hitler and his professors– may their names be blotted out– no longer are there those who wish to annihilate us, there can no longer be a situation whereby a gentile would plot harm to the Jewish people. In any event, so they say, this is a situation of mere uncertainty. 

How can one be certain what is in the heart of this gentile? Surely no-one can know what is stirring in the heart of another?! Regarding this situation the Torah says – by recognizing the overall circumstances one can indeed know with certainty that his intent is to kill you.

When one knows the education he has been subjected to; by knowing his activities of yesterday and of today– one can be certain without any shadow of doubt that his intent is “to kill you”.Now that one knows that he is approaching “to kill you”; do not wait until he approaches you in combat, for then, G-d forbid, it may be too late, rather it is imperative that you must pre-empt the situation and eliminate him. Those that act it this way – they must not be labeled as spillers of blood; but this is the legal imperative of Torah – “One who approaches to kill you – pre-empt – eliminate him!” In such situations one should go forth with absolute fortitude, fearless of nobody; not from “the rider” [terrorist] neither from “the horse” [his weapons], because “we go forth in the name of our G-d”, “your camp must be Holy”, then “will our G-d be present in our camp”; and when the enemy perceives this “the dread of the Jews will fall upon them”. 

Public talk Shabbos Parshas Bereishis 1969

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Why are you placing terrorists into prison? Annihilate them!!!“

You are mistaken in your policy of capturing terrorists and putting them into prison. 

These terrorists are coming to murder. We have a ruling; “One who comes to kill you, take pre-emptive action – annihilate him!” 

Then the Rebbe added his vision: 

You will pay dearly for putting them into prison, because in the future you will be beset with assorted demands to strike a ‘deal’ to free them as part of an exchange agreement.

The Rebbe to Mr Zvi Caspi

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

There are terrorists in the Old City of Jerusalem!

 By the grace of G-d amid open miracles, the Old City of Jerusalem was conquered and everyone gave thanks that through the Hand of G-d this was achieved. Yet, the very same man who registered gentiles as Jews prides himself that the Old City of Jerusalem is a symbol of Arabs and Jews dwelling together – the perfect Jerusalem.
Miracle of Six Day War

 When I heard this, I was in shock. Had this been said in the name of the Marxist doctrine– okay. But that in the Holy City of Jerusalem the city where King David dwelt, Arabs should live alongside Jewish people? To say this in the name of the Torah of Moses, representative of thousands of religious Jews and no one raises any voice of protest? 

 Within the Old City there dwell some 70,000 Arabs and barely 100 Jewish families. A Jew wishing to purchase one cubit of land in the Old City has many difficulties and has to undergo innumerable inspection committees. Unless he has special connections, his request is denied. In contrast, in the new city Arabs are able to purchase to their heart’s desire, with all the government excuses; business is increased etc. The severity of the situation is that a Jew wishing to purchase in the Old City– the real Jerusalem, between the walls, the City where King David dwelt, is not permitted to do so. 

 Since the world in which we live is a world of lies, we know that his word is worthless, not even worthy of entering the category of lies. A few months ago I protested. He responded with one word: ‘Not-true’, and instructed that his response be printed in the newspapers. But such a crude lie even newspapers refused to print. After he imposed strong pressure, his response was printed. It was because of this that the occurrence took place in the Old City 17 days ago. 

 In the Old City there are some 70,000 Arabs who have their connections with neighboring nations. The danger reached such proportions that it was not permitted to go to the Western Wall, neither by night or even by day. Great military forces were needed for protection. Only in the merit of a miracle did tribulation befall the Arab population. This danger comes because after the freeing of Jerusalem, terrorists were allowed to remain. There is intense danger to the capital that there are great numbers of terrorists – who needs this?

 The Arabs themselves never thought that they would be permitted to remain and were sure that they would be evicted. Their reasoning was simple: that which they would have done to the Jews, may G-d protect us, had they captured the city, the Jews would do to them. You want to give them money – give them, but the main point is to encourage them to leave. The Arab uncertainty was only [if they would be permitted to take their movable possessions with them, and] will the move be in one sweep or step by step. Had they been instructed they would have left long ago. Instead they were informed unofficially that Jerusalem is theirs. Ambassadors were even sent to Washington to inform that they have no intention of taking Jerusalem. Washington was interested in evicting the Arabs. Only in this way would they be rid of the problem of Jerusalem. Either Jews remain and Arabs leave, or only Arabs remain, in which case the Jews leave. 

It is the same now. The government is conducting negotiations to return territories. Once they were called ‘doves’, today they are called diplomats; tomorrow they will be called pursuers of peace. A small group of them sit together deciding whether to give away this or that piece of land. They need only to find the appropriate wording to explain why this is a ‘security achievement’. Their only concern is not to create a storm of protest. The Arab wants the land– we had better give to him! But there are the youth that object. That is why they have to devise the appropriate wording to appease them!

Public talk Parshas Noach 1974

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Israel’s Reliance on the Nations brings Severe Misfortune

 The Talmud (tractate Shabbos 33.2) relates that Rabbi Yehuda, Rabbi Yossi and Rabbi Shimon were once seated together, and with them was Yehuda ben Geirim. Rabbi Yehuda opened the debate and stated: ‘How beautiful are the works of this nation (the Romans). They have built market places, bridges, and bathhouses’. Rabbi Yossi remained silent. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai responded saying: “All that they have built has been for their own benefit. They built markets for women of ill repute; bathhouses to pamper themselves; bridges in order to exact taxes”. 
Remains of Roman Bridge

 Yehuda ben Geirim left and repeated their discussion, which came to the attention of the Roman Empire. The authorities announced: ‘Yehuda who promoted, shall be promoted, Yossi who was silent shall be exiled to Tzipori, Shimon who disparaged shall be killed. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was forced to be a fugitive and remain concealed in a cavern. 

Why does the Talmud relate this introduction to Rabbi Shimon’s words which resulted in his having to remain concealed? We have here a teaching how the Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai) related to the acts of the nations, and the kind of tribulations which result from relying on the ‘kindness of the nations (which is) a sin’. 

 As in those days, so it is in our time. All the anguish that exists today is because for many years there has been ongoing dismissals that there is nothing to fear from the Arabs who want to exterminate us. Amongst the gentiles, they believe, are our ‘good friends’ in Washington who will not permit even one Arab to harm Israel, as our Sages have stated: ‘we have a sister in the Palace’. This makes no sense. There are eighty million Arabs, haters of the Jewish Nation who rise up to annihilate us. Regardless, there are those (in the government of Israel) who argue there is nothing to fear. Not because we are reliant on G-d, but because we rely on a gentile in Washington who will do all within his power not to permit harm to Israel. They do not pray to G-d to guard us. The only act which they do perform is to flatter the gentile so that he will agree to help. Moreover, they are sure that the gentile will sacrifice his life to save Jews. Israel relies on the USA who, they believe, will intervene at all costs and therefore Israel does everything to find favor in her eyes. The reason for this is, as the Talmud states, ‘one who faults [miscalculates] others [will himself miscalculate] has the same fault’. 

 Jews fall before and flatter the gentile to such an extent, that when they see a gentile, they beg him to go to the Holy Land and assure him that they will register him as a Jew. He anticipates that the gentile will conduct himself with him to the point of self-sacrifice. Their reliance is with closed eyes. An entire calamity is unfolding. They have forgotten that the gentile is no more than an axe in the hands of the quarryman (Zohar, Bereishis 36.1) which can do no more than the wood chopper commands, forgetting that there is a wood chopper analogous to G-d Himself, forgetting the laws [Jewish lifestyle] which He has commanded us to keep. 

 Rather, they search to find favor in the eyes of the axe itself, which is total nonsense! This is the cause for all the troubles. The gentile does what he pleases with no consideration of the good for the Jews. The Israel government calls this ‘independence’– having the freedom to do as they please. Yet never has there been such a situation of such reliance on the nations as now. This is where it has brought them – all those that argue that they are independent – to a conduct of running after (and begging) the nations!  

Public discourse Parshas Emor 1974