Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Rebbe speaks to Mr. Moshe Katzav, Yud Shvat 1992

 When Mr. Moshe Katzav was introduced, the Rebbe shook his hand (and continued to hold on to his hand throughout the their talk) and blessed him: that he should merit in his role to gather in The People of Israel, the Torah of Israel and the Holy One may He be blessed, that these three never be broken apart.

The Rebbe continued: “Of late I have heard a strange and shocking rumor regarding the negotiations and decisions of the government in Eretz Israel about conceding portions of land in Eretz Israel. Actually they are at present negotiating a five year program which they refer to as autonomy. However, it does not matter in which language this is couched and how they explain it away because the reality is that these words and discussion of these matters fall within the explicit prohibition of “Lo Tichoneim”– that it is forbidden to relinquish any portion of Eretz Israel to the nations of the world! These words will ultimately lead to actually giving away of portions of Eretz Israel. Merely talking on this issue constitutes a denial of G-d, of His Torah, of Eretz Israel and of the Holiness of Eretz Israel. These talks regarding a program of autonomy constitute the first step to giving away portions of Eretz Israel and not just of small areas but of major areas such as Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Hebron, and Jerusalem, etc. This is a severe threat to Jewish Life! As we have stated, it is irrelevant what the Jewish People think, say or how they explain it. What matters is how the Nations interpret this. Their interpretation is that this is a framework of negotiations to ultimately relinquish areas of Eretz Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian State.

You understand Arabic; so ask the Arabs who live there and you will see for yourself that their intention in their negotiations of autonomy in five years in fact means that they are being given portions of Eretz Israel to set up a Palestinian State. It is irrelevant how the Jewish People explain this, because the main point is how the nations regard this.

The mere speaking of a program of autonomy is a desecration of G-d, and a desecration of Holiness. If there are in Eretz Israel Jews who are non-observant of Torah and Mitzvot, this is relevant to them on a personal level. But in this instance we are talking of the government of Israel declaring open warfare against G-d and His Torah!”

“Regarding their explanation, that what is under discussion is merely (Arab) self-determination– their education, farming, etc., but not foreign affairs or security; this is no more than a test case– this is diplomatic terminology. In our instance, we are not discussing diplomacy but talks, may G-d save us, of relinquishing parts of Eretz Israel. These negotiations constitute a desecration of G-d’s Name, opposing G-d and His Torah, and therefore there is no difference whichever sweet diplomatic terminology Jews use. They say that there is at present an Aliyah from Russia; they need US government guarantees etc. and that is why they take note of US government statements; in reality this constitutes the first step in relinquishing portions of Eretz Israel. The proof being that they themselves say that the reason for them doing so is because they are intimidated by the Nations and they are under pressure. So when there will be further pressure, they will be further intimidated by the world community with no end in sight, as we actually saw in the past that when they surrendered and gave in to pressure. This brought on even more pressure.

Mr. Katzav said this past year there was a letter from President George Bush stating that he is opposed to a Palestinian State and this year he wrote merely that he is not in favor of a Palestinian State, so we see here a change. 

The Rebbe: “We hereby see in which direction this change is moving. It is inconceivable that a Jew who believes in G-d and His Torah can be G-d forbid, a partner to such matters and offer his signature to this. It would be advisable that the government be dissolved– there be no Jewish government because such programs are only discussed because of international pressure (as they themselves have said). This being the case, it would be preferable to set up, may G-d save us, an International Government in Eretz Israel and that this body decide what to do with Eretz Israel. Thereby there would at least be no Jewish signatures!

You surely know Mr. Menachem Begin initially was not in agreement with the Camp David, and stood strongly against it. But finally he began to compromise, and according to what one hears, still today regrets his compromise on a part of Eretz Israel. Were it Jews who have no faith in G-d, who had done this it could have been be understood. But men who do believe in G-d who put their signature to relinquishing portions of Eretz Israel, this is a desecration of the Name of G-d.

Shamir does believe in G-d and the Sanctity of Eretz Israel, therefore it is incomprehensible that he specifically is in agreement to a program of relinquishing portions of Eretz Israel. The security of Eretz Israel is from the One G-d. If they will conduct themselves appropriately with all the expected strength then there would be nothing to fear regarding the security of Eretz Israel. Now they are speaking only of five years because they are afraid to tell the truth that they want to relinquish portions of Eretz Israel, but in my estimation Shamir himself knows of their intentions better than I do. Shamir has much merit regarding Eretz Israel, beginning from the time of the Irgun when nations ruled over Eretz Israel. Shamir battled against them. Now he is the one who is negotiating giving away portions of Eretz Israel! In my opinion it is imperative that Shamir immediately nullifies the decision and negotiations regarding autonomy. 

I consistently battled that there be a government headed by Shamir. Just as I did all that was within my power to establish a government with Shamir as Prime Minister; if they will continue talks in this direction then I, Menachem Mendel will be the first to battle with all power and with all my strength against Shamir that the government should be brought down! 

Until today it was only Mr. Shimon Peres against Shamir’s government. If Shamir will continue in this direction on talks of autonomy I also will be against Shamir’s government. If Shamir cannot withstand world pressure, let him announce this publicly that he cannot stand up to world pressure and he can no longer remain Prime Minister! About the “Shamir”, as I have spoken many times before, it is written – that it (the Shamir) can split a rock. Shamir should place a Shamir with all his strength against decisions to discuss relinquishing portions of Eretz Israel and then all decisions and thoughts on this matter will be split and totally nullified.”

Mr. Moshe Katzav: “It was the Rebbe Shlita who set up the present government and we wish for the bracha of the Rebbe to continue to bring holiness into the government.” 

The Rebbe Shlita: “When Shamir will draw holiness into Eretz Israel, then this will give him the strength to withstand pressures.” 

M. Moshe Katzav: “Shamir will surely remain strong.”  

The Rebbe Shlita: “Up till now he was strong. Now it is imperative that he immediately severs all talks on autonomy. Certainly you will carry this message to Mr. Shamir and not be annoyed that I have given you an uncomfortable mission. Convey this with all the power with which I spoke. Forgive me that I have spoken so strongly, but if the truth were to be told, much more should have been spoken on the subject, but now is not the time for extensive talks. Please G-d you should have good news to tell and we will only speak of the holiness of Eretz Israel and of the Jewish People. Good news.”