Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Jewish People in the land of Israel must take possession of the Land for G-d to give Peace in the Land and the final Redemption

The Lubavitcher Rebbe:
 "Take Possession of the Land!"

All matters of the days of Moshiach depend on our actions and service during Exile. This includes the prophecy of Zechariah that "Jerusalem will [no longer be a walled-in city, but] be an open city" [fearless of enemies]. For this to come to completion the service during Exile must be to spread the hallmark of Jerusalem -  the perfect fear of Hashem  ירושלים - יראה שלם  wherever a Jew lives.

 In truth every Jew is G-d fearing, as is known that when the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe was asked why in all correspondence he adds the title ( (אי"א"  (איש ירא אלוקים - a man fearful of G-d, he replied that from the soul perspective every Jew is G-d fearing! With most Jews this is revealed, but every Jew has this quality [which needs to be revealed], so we are still in need a service to achieve a human parallel as of Jerusalem - an open city - open to complete fear of G-d. In Igeres HaKodesh [Tanya] authored by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, he notes that in our generation we no longer have the physical strength to achieve fear of G-d by fasting and self-deprivation, rather these can be replaced by the service of giving of much charity.

Jewish people need great incomes to have the strength to apportion much charity and this not prevent the observance of fixed times of Torah study requiring peace of mind without confusion even from gentiles.

When a Jew has true tenacity - in the end those opposing him will become nullified to the point whereby even "his enemies with partner with him" [Proverbs 16.7], will stop their opposition thereby giving him [and Jerusalem] the tranquility to spread the fear of G-d. Despite our being in Exile - there can be respite enabling one's service of G-d,  using both soul and Judaism; this, because in truth it is only the body which has been subjected to the exile - as was announced by the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe.

When they demand that Jews leave the location where they live - this is no more that a test of faith, that when he will strengthen his faith in Hashem and be oblivious to such pressures, and to know that G-d is with him in his synagogue. 

Then, when a gentile sees that the Jew's intention is truthful, that he walks with the strength of G-d, he will stop being preoccupied with the Jewish People, as  took place with the Canaanite tribe of the Girgashi - that they turned away and left the Land of Israel. 

This is specifically true of the Holy Land. Certainly there, conduct must be with absolute strength, as the verse in Psalms 68.13 [King David] is explained: "Kings with their armies will flee [from before the Jewish People], and the homeowners will divide the spoils", - that all nations preoccupied with the Jewish People will leave the Land of Israel, and the true land-homeowners  [the Jewish People] - the spouse of G-d, will divide the spoils.

Firstly, this must effect the Jewish People who are in the Land of Israel, that they take their stand as owners of the house [only thereafter divide spoils]; then G-d says "I will give peace into the Land". This will be the preparation for the immediate onset of the Redemption followed by the true and complete Redemption, - [quote Maimonides:] "and he [Moshiach] will fight the wars of G-d  and achieve victory, and gather the dispersed ones of Israel" - since he is the absolute Moshiach - soon actually in our days!

                                                  Talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Last day of Pesach 1969.