Monday, 24 April 2017

The Lubavitcher Rebbe addresses a childrens' Rally in 770: Children Proclaim: “They contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled, they conspire a plot, but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us’ - that plans and plots to give away portions of Our Land will fail!

 We find ourselves still in the total darkness of exile before the Redemption. There are forces at work preventing us from being united as one. He objects to the wholeness of the Jewish People, and this brings him to object to the wholeness of Torah, Jewish people living according to the Torah. He undermines the wholeness of our Holy Land by objecting to the legal premise that millions of Jewish lives are at risk. His wish is to lengthen the exile, may this never happen! 

There are Jewish People who are bitterly mistaken, who think that it is okay to cede parcels of Eretz Israel regardless of the fact that this is utterly contrary to a clear Jewish law [Shabbos ch. 329]! Yet, they still hold erroneous views objecting to the retention of the entire Land. In reality they object to the wholeness of Torah, of every law of Torah, specifically to the law pertaining to life-threatening situations upon which pivots the observance of all of the laws of Torah and the wholeness of Jewish People since we are addressing a life-threatening situation.

The Rebbe gives a coin to small child to give to tzedaka [charity]
Therefore when we gather together – especially Jewish children who are under bar/bat mitzvah age, whose breath has no sin, in a sacred spot, a synagogue, a house of learning, a place of prayer and Torah study, and clearly proclaim the verse: ‘They contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled, they conspire a plot, but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us’ [Isaiah 8.10]; all schemes which are contrary to Jewish law, laws of Shabbos, will most certainly become null and void, ‘because G-d is with us’. Thus has G-d ruled in Torah and commanded that this be publicized and made it clear that when the issue at hand is life-threatening, it is forbidden to remain silent. It is forbidden to wait until people ask what is the law. 

The first Rebbe of Lubavitch in his Code of Jewish Law [328.7] brings the Talmudic dictate: ‘one [a Rabbi] who waits until he is asked, is offensive, because he should have gone public, announcing that it is forbidden to make any cession threatening Jewish life! 

Jewish children have the special strength that this will take effect [as in Midrash Esther Raba 9.4 when Haman’s decree was nullified] and will be fulfilled immediately in our time. We will see the failure of all plots and words protesting the wholeness of the Land by their willingness to hand over any piece of land to a gentile, and the failure of their attack on the Torah by words not rooted in Torah but trying to convince people that this is Torah, knowing full well that this goes against Torah. 

When Jewish children will proclaim ‘Utzu Eitza Vesufar, dabru dovor velo yakum ki imanu Keil’, [‘They contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled, conspire a plot, but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us’] especially when this proclamation is made in a synagogue and house of prayer after the prayers and words of Torah, this will quicken the promise of G-d that their plans will be uprooted.

Then ‘Moshiach will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious’, the (Laws of Shabbos 329) and we will see victory; all the surrounding nations will admit to no need for war, and there will be the fulfillment of the biblical verse ‘I [G-d] will grant peace in the Land’. The Jewish People will walk in the path that brings peace, ‘I [G-d] will lead you upright’, and we will hold on strongly to the path of Torah that declares that G-d gave the Land to every individual Jew and to all the Jewish People collectively, for all generations!
                                                                                                            Public talk 4 Elul 1979

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Lubavitcher Rebbe's security guidelines in preparation for Moshiach's imminent leadership of the Land of Israel

 Recently an additional shocking incident took place: The government of Israel handed over a further area [Sinai, area 3] to Egypt without receiving anything in return. We are speaking here of not just these areas given unilaterally, but as a preparation to hand over all territories to include the Holy City of Jerusalem. The height of the scandal is that those who are perpetrating this crime are fully aware of the truth but are falsely stating that this will bring peace. This exacerbates the danger. 

Western Wall Tunnel
From Talmudic texts we know that one who has one hundred in his possession wants 200, and immediately thereafter desires 400. We do not need to delve into ancient texts to see the reality of this progression: Egypt says so explicitly and print it in the newspapers, yet the Israeli government tries to conceal the reality. But facts run contrary to their pretense: see what the Egyptians are demanding! Anyone with some degree of intelligence is not ashamed to state: “I was mistaken”. Even the truly great leaders of the Jewish People, the later Sages, when mistaken would say: “that which I said before was a mistake”. The Torah avoids speaking disparagingly of anyone, yet in this instance speaks explicitly so that it will remain the basis of later-day decisions. 

Even more shocking: the Israeli government is running after Egypt! They should learn from them! Take a message from the words of our Sages! Regarding the biblical period prior to the exodus of Israel from that land [Egypt], our Sages bring an analogy:  

A man stole stinking fish and ate it. Thereafter he refused to pay and was whipped. When he could no longer bear the lashes, he finally paid. Regarding this it is said: He both ate the stinking fish, was whipped, and also finally found himself paying! 

Why absorb contempt and whippings just so that the gentile world will smile at you! Demands will only grow in intensity!  This is our situation today.  In the end G-d Almighty will do as He wishes, and the entire land will be intact for the Jewish people.  So why try to curry favor with Pharaoh, King of Egypt? 

Why take insults and cause pain to Jewish people by banishing them from their livelihoods, not allowing them to live in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Holy City of Hebron. 

When I raised the alarm some years ago that the Jewish people are opposed to the government of Israel turning the Old City of Jerusalem into a separate legal entity governed by Arabic law, different from the law governing Tel Aviv, Hadera, the new City of Jerusalem and all other areas, – all of this imposed by Jews – the government of Israel responded to me: “There is no such law!” Only now has it become public knowledge that for twelve consecutive years the law has existed offering favorable partiality to the Arabs: this an Arab may do, but not a Jew! And any Jew who did so was punished by the forces of the Jewish police! 

I protested this many years ago! The government has eaten stinking fish, have been lashed, and now are speaking of their regret of having put their signature to the agreement!

Signing away land in return for a piece of paper? This signature flies in the face of Jewish Law and contrary to G-d’s Divine Will. Since G-d’s Word is eternal, this signature will contribute nothing! Why absorb contempt and whippings just so that the gentile world will smile at you! Demands will only grow in intensity! 

The Israeli Government signed the paper presenting this to the Jewish People as “giving territory in return for peace”. Jews shouted “Mazal Tov”, rejoiced and made a festival – “the peace agreement has been signed!” 

A neighborhood in Gush Katif, Israel, before residents were ordered out and homes razed.

The question should have been presented in its correct form: Do you want to hold on to the territories and forgo a bit of worthless paper, or shall we get a worthless bit of paper in return for giving away sections of our country? They did not just give away the land for worthless paper; they gave away valuable landholdings on the borders – cities standing guard over the borders, thereby opening up the land to the enemy. 

When I presented this argument to government representatives, I received this reply: "The Jewish People are a fair and honest nation; we signed the paper, we are bound to fulfill our obligation". 

Wrong! The government can only sign away their own personal possessions and only for their own personal benefit [exactly as Egypt shouts that they will sign only for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Iran]. They cannot sign on behalf of the entire Jewish people who are the owners of the land of Israel [every Jew owns a portion of the land of Israel]. Not one single Jew has relinquished his rights to the Israel government. To the contrary: Jews argue that the Land of Israel is our eternal inheritance to an eternal nation from the Eternal Master of the World. 

Every Jewish child, as soon as he begins his study of the Torah with Rashi’s commentary, learns that G-d showed His power to His people by giving them an inheritance from the nations [the land of Israel]. 

They argue – Jews signed and are obligated to uphold their signature on behalf of their people. They did not receive any power of attorney from the owners of the land of Israel who are all of the Jewish people of all generations. Their signature has no validity. 

Go to Washington and declare your mistake, since the owners of the land are not in agreement. Even those who did agree to the withdrawal were mislead by not having been presented with the proposition in its true light: Land for worthless paper, not land for peace. Even great Sages admit to their mistakes. Now, the government makes a grave mistake, withholds the truth, and then argues that it cannot backtrack. 

When you give away land– it is lost! 

When you drive away Jewish people from their inheritance – it is lost! 

When you give away oil wells – it is lost! 

Yet, G-d’s Word will stand for ever. G-d forbid to say these will ultimately be lost! 
                                                                                                   Public talk 13th Tishrei 1980

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Rebbe said with great passion: “Egypt is preparing for War!”

“Why do the leaders not learn the message,” asked the Rebbe, “from the results of the retreats in 1948 and in 1956? “Why do they not understand that it is forbidden to agree to retreat from the territories?”

The Golan Heights
When I mentioned ‘international guarantees’, the Rebbe replied that no intelligent person would agree to rely on gentiles, certainly not on the assurances of Egypt or Russia who are solely concerned for their own interests. Only after two previous acts of bitter deception did the Six-Day War come. Finally when Israel recognized that the kindness of Nations is sinful, G-d came to their assistance. Everyone then recognized the Hand of G-d and His Wonders. Even the leftist groups openly spoke of this. It was only the charedim who refrained from speaking of this explicitly”. 

“Now men of scant faith have arisen, who want to reach peace with the Arabs, regardless of the fact that they continue to announce that their intention is the destruction of Israel. They continue to believe in the assurances and recommendations of the gentiles. If they would only have agreed to peace talks, okay. But the Government of Israel has agreed to a cease-fire in Suez. So many Jewish soldiers fell in order to prevent Egypt from assembling their missile formations!” 

The Rebbe asked passionately; “how can one not understand that the cease-fire was needed by Egypt solely for war preparations, to strengthen her military standing along the Suez Canal, so that thereafter phantom jets will be of no avail. Every day they are advancing their lines of missiles towards the Canal. The heads of government are beginning to say that the Cossack is acting inappropriately, he is deceiving us. Why don’t they say: Okay let’s talk peace, but we will prevent Egypt from strengthening herself along the Suez Canal. After their army formations are improved, why should they make peace? Further war will break out and more sacrifices will fall. Why? What purpose does this serve? Can there be greater folly than this?” 

At this point the Rebbe could no longer continue to speak. I saw tears of emotion and pain choking him. In a passionate voice he recounted the words of the Haftorah in which the Prophet (Isaiah 50:2) says: “Why have I come (to give you warning) and there is no man (listening), I have cried out, and there is no response”. 

The Rebbe expressed himself with sharp bitterness against the heads of the Government of Israel. “If today the heads of Government are unsure of their ability to withstand the Nations; if they are fearful and weak, it is better that they leave the task of leadership to others. The Torah metes out neither punishment nor lashes to one who is weak-hearted. Rather the Torah states: “Who is the man who is fearful and of weak heart, let him go and return to his house, and not melt the hearts of his brothers”.  

                                                        Interview with newspaper reporter Yona Cohen, 1970

Sunday, 2 April 2017

"And your Camp must be Holy, only then will I [G-d] walk amidst you and guarantee your victory"

We have all witnessed the terrifying destruction of the Jewish Communities of Gush Katif and Amona by the Government of Israel ordering our sons who enter the Israel army to build and protect our Land, to destroy Jewish properties and communities. 

The downhill spiral continues as top echelon and decision makers of the IDF now attempt to destroy the moral values of an entire young generation of our Jewish boys and girls in the army by ordering the desecrating the sacred laws of "yichud" - which forbid the isolation of a Jewish man and woman.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, was imprisoned and brutally tortured in Communist Russia by the Jewish communist secular forerunners ordering of today's unfolding events. The Rebbe was sentenced to death [finally released by international pressure] for his heroic leadership and underground network to keep the flame of Jewish life burning.   

The previous Rebbe foresaw in his crystal clear vision and spoke prophetic words of that which would yet to come.  We present here his talk spoken seventy two years ago, 26th day of the Jewish month of Adar, 1945, on the occasion of the fifty year celebration since the establishment of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim.

The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe,
Rabbi Yosef Itzchak Schneersohn
[1880 -1950]
"Men and Women, see, and listen! 

In the Land of Israel there is taking place the slow annihilation of Jewish children. Many anti-religious people among the group of leaders whose responsibility is to help the orphans, children of survivors of the holocaust in the Land of Israel have put together a corner of destruction for those children who were put into their hands. 

In the territories conquered by the Germans, Hitler set up destruction camps to harm and burn the bodies of Jewish people; in [the land of] Israel a certain group have set up houses of destruction to harm and to burn Jewish Souls.

‘The corner of destruction’ is busy with the destruction of children, orphans of the remnant of the Jewish people, educating the children by Hamans bent on the same path and education of the men of the Yevseksia [Jewish communists], sons of the G-d-less.

These Hamans are teaching the children to desecrate the Sabbath, to eat non-kosher food, to eat on Yom Kippur, to eat leaven bread on Passover, and do not even permit the children to recite the kaddish prayer to recall their parents who were murdered sanctifying G-d’s Name. They teach the children to scoff at G-d and Judaism.

These orphans who are receiving their education from the Hamans of whom we have spoken, will yet tear apart Torah scrolls, burn down Jewish synagogues, tear up Jewish cemeteries, organize pogroms, stab, burn, and shoot at Jewish bodies, violate and plunder the property of others".