Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Not relinquishing the Land is bound up with faith in G-d

  The Holy Land is ‘The land into which the eyes of G-d continuously gaze from the beginning of the year until the end of the year’. Since this is ‘The palace of the King’ it becomes even more important that all vital decisions concerning this land be made strictly in accord with the command of the King [G-d].

The Third Temple on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem[Please click on the picture]
This is highly relevant to the territories along the borders of Eretz Israel. It is forbidden to relinquish any parcel of land to a gentile [this being a negative commandment of Torah– “Lo Sichonem”– do not give the Land away]. Any compromises on this issue are forbidden.

Material aspects of the Land of Israel are bound up with its spirituality. That is why legally, its very earth is pure as is the very air, to the extent that our sages [Talmud, Tractate Bava Basra 158.2] state that the air of the Land of Israel makes mankind wise. This negative command of Torah not to relinquish the Land touches one’s faith in G-d. This is because material matters of Israel go hand in hand with the spiritual. 

This is especially so when we speak of a city on the border which is certainly forbidden to be relinquished, as the code of Jewish Law lays down: ‘When gentiles besiege any city of the Jewish people, even if they have not yet arrived but are in the preliminary stages of approach, the law demands us to march forth fully armed, even to desecrate the Shabbos’. The severity of this law is greater with regard to a border city: should a nation that approaches for no other reason than to acquire stubble and hay for their animals, the law demands of us to march forth fully armed, lest they conquer the city, and from there the land will be easily conquered. 

Today the entire [miniscule] land mass of Israel is in proximity to her borders. Every single city has the law of ‘a city on the border’. It is the obligation of each individual Jew to do all within his ability to be armed as needed. Not in order to exhibit personal strength, but because this is the command of G-d, in order to protect very many Jews on the borders. This conduct is demanded by Jewish law. 

All of this [living in Israel, and being armed for war] has no connection whatsoever with the beginning of the Redemption. G-d forbid to say this is the beginning of the Redemption! Maimonides states that the end of the Exile will be brought about by our righteous Moshiach. The sign will be as follows: ‘There will arise a king from the Royal House of King David ... he will compel all of Israel to walk in the ways of Torah and to strengthen her’. Initially Jews need to study Torah and perform Mitzvos, only then will He put an end to the darkness. Our righteous Moshiach [who will be a soul within a body] will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious, ‘build the Temple in her place’ [on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem], and only then will he bring about the ingathering’s of Israel. Yet even now in the exile, even a small village of Jews outside of Israel, has the law to go out to war armed, and desecrate the Shabbos if non-Jews besiege the town. It is forbidden to give away any part of the Land of Israel! 
                                                                                                                          10th Teves 1978


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Don’t look for reasons how to give away any part of Eretz Israel!

Visit of newspaper reporter Ron Idlist, Kislev 1991

Ron: “Does the Rebbe still hold of the view that we need to hold on to all the territories?”

The Rebbe: “If I could wield influence over you then I would sway you in this direction: the entire land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and whoever gives a part of it away to anyone else is robbing the Jewish Nation!”

Ron: “Even if this includes war against the whole world?!”

The Rebbe: “Those who wish to wage war against the Jewish People do not need a specific reason, since they wish to harm Israel. It is irrelevant if Israel will act one way or another. I come from Russia and in Russia there were always blood-libels against the Jewish People, not because Jewish People were guilty but because they were searching to libel and harm Israel.”

Ron: “Is it not possible that the Nations will ever make peace with us?”

The Rebbe: “It is irrelevant what I will do or what you will do. If they only had the power to do so, it would not depend on me or you to prevent this. This would depend on HaKadosh Boruch Hu and Hashem does not need my encouragement, because every one of Israel and especially those in Eretz Israel are the only son of Hashem. Don’t look for reasons how to give away any part of Eretz Israel. It is not worth while wasting time finding reasons that perhaps we should be giving away any part of Eretz Israel.”

Monday, 13 June 2016

Israel's Security Continues to Plummet

 This past year, instead of peace coming closer, the security situation has increased in severity. More terrorists have broken through into Israel’s territory; world security has worsened, causing a drastic drop in safety which in turn is harming Israel, may G-d protect us. 

All of this has come about by direct choices made by the Israel government. Yet, there are still those who, for strange reasons, are not listening; that the subject at hand is a slip of paper in return for giving away the Land. Rather, they obstinately shout out: ‘This is true peace; peace for our children, grand-children and progeny. Faced with a peace of such proportions, how can we place any value to bits of land?’ 

In reality, each step they have taken in relinquishing land has multiplied the dangers. Now the government themselves are saying that they are filled with regret in spite of their having signed away land. They chose to state their regret after Yom Kippur. Had they chosen to state this immediately following their signing the slip of paper on the following day [a year ago], they would never have reached the unfortunate situation they find themselves in now. They publicize and announce, shouting ‘Mazal Tov’ unabated, pat themselves on the back and even say that they will go down in history as the Jews who brought peace. 

In truth, the results of this so called ‘peace’ has been that great numbers of terrorists are penetrating Israel (in far greater numbers than before their signing). In addition, defense costs have increased drastically. Never has there been a situation of such severity as this past year. They thought that this year would be one of calm [‘and you will lie down in security’]. 

Never have there been fears of such proportions as there are now, May G-d protect us! 

The severity is especially obvious since the enemy [‘seventy wolves’] have started to speak openly of their intentions. They take this line because they can see that Jews are afraid of them, that they need only to utter one word and immediately Jews are offering them more land. When they see that this line of action works they openly enforce it. 

In the end, the government will have no choice but to listen to Jewish Law. 

Torah Scroll
If this is so, why continue eating stinking fish and take whippings? Isn’t it worthwhile to follow the ruling laid out by Jewish Law [not to give away even one inch]? The commentator Rashi on the verse ‘Iron and copper shall be your locks’, clarifies – ‘the strong ones of Israel should live in the border cities and lock them up preventing the entry of Israel’s enemies. Should the question be asked: ‘Only by signing this peace accord can we continue to receive money from America?!’ The answer is: ‘The opposite is true! Only if you stand steadfastly will you get this funding! 

Public talk 13 Tishrei 1980

Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Precise Prophecy by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

 In August 1968 one year and four months after the Six-Day War, Mr. Tzvi Caspi was appointed Consul of Jewish Affairs in New York. One month after accepting the post, he received a telegram from the assistant Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Yigal Alon. The telegram stated: ‘Meet with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and request of him in the name of the Government of Israel as follows: 1) He should instruct Chabad Chassidim to settle in Hebron. 2) He should come out with a call to his Chassidim to settle the Land (of Israel).’

Mr. Caspi until this very day is moved by the words of prophecy he heard from the Rebbe in response to his appeal. 

He had an audience with the Rebbe at 12 midnight. The Rebbe studied the telegram and responded as follows: “Chabad has legal rights to properties in the streets of Hebron, yet you are not recommending that we settle within Hebron. Instead you will do in Hebron the same as you did in Nazareth. You will set up another Nazareth Illit (an outlying area for Jewish People to settle there). You will leave the Arabs in the city (of Hebron) as you did in Nazareth, and for the Jewish people you will add something”.

Ancient Jewish Hebron

The idea of establishing (the outlying area of) Kiryat Arba had not yet been thought of at that time, yet the Rebbe stated explicitly prophetic words. If I am not mistaken, the Rebbe even stated the future name of the settlement to be set up near Hebron –‘Kiryat Arba’. He spoke of a Jewish settlement by the edge of Hebron and argued forcefully that it would be a blunder to do this! 

Further into our discussion the Rebbe stated (with regard that which had been done in Nazareth and would in the future be done in Hebron): 

“You made a grave mistake. These murderers raise a white flag of submission, and you allowed them to stay! Why were you afraid? Terrible fear and trepidation befell them when you went out to war against them, why did you not allow them to flee? You were afraid that the world would have what to say against you? The world is full of refugees!”The Rebbe concluded that this is a mistake and added in a painful tone: “This is a serious mistake; you will pay dearly for this. 

You made no offer that we settle in Hebron, but to live outside of Hebron as you did in Nazareth”.