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Military security authorities: “It is forbidden to hand over territories!”

 It is brought in the code of Jewish Law that in a situation of uncertain threat to life, even if only to one Jewish life– and certainly if itis to thousands and tens of thousands; a fortiori where this is a definite threat to life, the law is clear. Even if the opposing side is approaching for no more than straw and fodder– it is forbidden to relinquish territory. How much more so, when their intent is more insidious than a mere request for straw and fodder.

 There are such people who justify the handing over of territories by distorting the true interpretation and by saying that in order to save lives it is imperative to hand over land or give the reason of the Talmudic ‘three vows’. By permitting the handing over of land whether for these or other interpretations, it is not just that they are ‘playing’ with the words of Maimonides, but a real threat to the lives of the Jewish People, may this never happen! They base their view on the decision given out by Rabbi...... who decided to permit relinquishing land since he claims that there are experts who say that for the sake of saving lives one must give up land. 

 I have never seen this halachic response. It is unbelievable that there can be such a responsa. This view must be negated. In fact, when the delegation arrived at Camp David they once again asked the opinion of high [U.S.] military experts (who serve in the army). Every one without exception responded in a united voice that if they will relinquish any of the territories it would create a life threatening situation for all of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel! 

 After the (Israel) delegation travelled to Washington (offering to relinquish all captured territories), knowing which territories the Arabs wanted, and after explaining the autonomy program in all its detail,the experts concluded: This threatens the lives of all Jewish People living in the Land of Israel. 

 However, the (U.S.) military expert could not openly state this, because the high level of his office forbade him to make such a statement. He was bound to follow orders. Yet when he was asked off the record, he responded that the relinquishing of territories is absolutely life threatening. As one army officer who is versed in Torah study expressed himself from a military viewpoint and of saving lives, the agreement (to relinquish) is one (of a servant going free with the loss of his teeth and eye) of great military disadvantage, and he brought many proofs. 

 Furthermore, another military man stated that from the point of view of threat to life this represents a clear and open threat with no doubt whatsoever. If regardless of all the above there is a Rabbi who is so convinced that in order to save lives one must give up land; since it is possible that he was misled, bearing in mind that this is an issue regarding endangering lives, he has the option to call into his room a security expert and ask his opinion regarding this. He will hear from him that which has already been heard from so many security experts: relinquishing land endangers the lives of every single Jewish person living in Eretz Israel! 

Public address Moitzo’ei Shabbos Ha-azinu 1979

Why are you placing terrorists into prison? Annihilate them!!!

 “You are mistaken in your policy of capturing terrorists and putting them into prison. These terrorists are coming to murder. We have a ruling; “One who comes to kill you, take pre-emptive action – annihilate him!” 

Then the Rebbe added his vision: You will pay dearly for putting them into prison, because in the future you will be beset with assorted demands to strike a ‘deal’ to free them as part of an exchange agreement. 

The Rebbe to Mr. Zvi Caspi 

Secret negotiations to raise the Jordanian flag over the Temple Mount

 We are now in a situation of ‘Nations gather and regimes talk (against the Jewish People, but their efforts will end) in vain’ [Psalms 2.1]. Not that this gathering is G-d forbid to threaten Jewish lives. The gathering is nevertheless against G-d and His anointed Nation. 

The Arabs demand that they be given the sacred spot of the Holy of Holies, rights over the Temple Mount and the permission to raise the flag of Jordan there. The government (in their willingness to concede) wanted to keep this (agreement) secret. But in reality it is already days and weeks that this is known to Washington, the Arab Nations, and also to those who are pained by their lack of Jewish pride.

They attempt to justify it by saying that it will prevent danger to life, with all their excuses. Yet in the mean time their negotiations continue together with the shocking fact that Jews are prepared to relinquish into their hands their most sacred spot, to the extent of giving permission to raise the flag of Jordan! Continuously we have stormed to prevent them from internationalizing the Old City of Jerusalem, to make it a city with three ruling governments. But they have reached a far lower state. It may be asked: what difference does it make which flag flies there? It is irrelevant, doesn’t bother anyone, and has no legal problem. But the public is not grasping how frightful such a step is. Some years ago it was absolutely untenable that Jerusalem be ruled by several governments. It was further ruled out that Jerusalem be given the status of non-negotiable. Now a gentile has the audacity to state that he has total rights: not just over Hebron, Shechem, the Old City of Jerusalem, but more so: he demands the Holy of Holies be handed over to him, the Foundation Rock [of Creation], and be given the rights to raise the Jordanian flag there!

The government piously explains (that if we all agree to this), that this will save us from bloodshed, and one Jew is an entire world. The truth must be told – that there is no link between the two. The Talmud lays down the ruling that the Jewish people are the fiercest amongst the nations. 

“G-d gives strength to His People; G-d blesses His People with peace [Psalms 29.11]”. The Midrash states [Song of Songs 2]: ‘There is no strength other than Torah. When the Jewish People hold on to the Torah, they will survive. G-d will simply grant His People fortitude, and G-d will bless His People with peace.’ The Midrash [Yalkut Shimoni, Torah 267] relates that not only do Jewish people know of this fact, but the entire world community has heard that it is G-d who gives strength to His People and it is G-d who will grant His People peace. They have been reduced into submissiveness in their begging for peace.  

1st Day Rosh Chodesh Iyar 1976