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Military security authorities: “It is forbidden to hand over territories!”

 It is brought in the code of Jewish Law that in a situation of uncertain threat to life, even if only to one Jewish life– and certainly if itis to thousands and tens of thousands; a fortiori where this is a definite threat to life, the law is clear. Even if the opposing side is approaching for no more than straw and fodder– it is forbidden to relinquish territory. How much more so, when their intent is more insidious than a mere request for straw and fodder.

 There are such people who justify the handing over of territories by distorting the true interpretation and by saying that in order to save lives it is imperative to hand over land or give the reason of the Talmudic ‘three vows’. By permitting the handing over of land whether for these or other interpretations, it is not just that they are ‘playing’ with the words of Maimonides, but a real threat to the lives of the Jewish People, may this never happen! They base their view on the decision given out by Rabbi...... who decided to permit relinquishing land since he claims that there are experts who say that for the sake of saving lives one must give up land. 

 I have never seen this halachic response. It is unbelievable that there can be such a responsa. This view must be negated. In fact, when the delegation arrived at Camp David they once again asked the opinion of high [U.S.] military experts (who serve in the army). Every one without exception responded in a united voice that if they will relinquish any of the territories it would create a life threatening situation for all of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel! 

 After the (Israel) delegation travelled to Washington (offering to relinquish all captured territories), knowing which territories the Arabs wanted, and after explaining the autonomy program in all its detail,the experts concluded: This threatens the lives of all Jewish People living in the Land of Israel. 

 However, the (U.S.) military expert could not openly state this, because the high level of his office forbade him to make such a statement. He was bound to follow orders. Yet when he was asked off the record, he responded that the relinquishing of territories is absolutely life threatening. As one army officer who is versed in Torah study expressed himself from a military viewpoint and of saving lives, the agreement (to relinquish) is one (of a servant going free with the loss of his teeth and eye) of great military disadvantage, and he brought many proofs. 

 Furthermore, another military man stated that from the point of view of threat to life this represents a clear and open threat with no doubt whatsoever. If regardless of all the above there is a Rabbi who is so convinced that in order to save lives one must give up land; since it is possible that he was misled, bearing in mind that this is an issue regarding endangering lives, he has the option to call into his room a security expert and ask his opinion regarding this. He will hear from him that which has already been heard from so many security experts: relinquishing land endangers the lives of every single Jewish person living in Eretz Israel! 

Public address Moitzo’ei Shabbos Ha-azinu 1979

Why are you placing terrorists into prison? Annihilate them!!!

 “You are mistaken in your policy of capturing terrorists and putting them into prison. These terrorists are coming to murder. We have a ruling; “One who comes to kill you, take pre-emptive action – annihilate him!” 

Then the Rebbe added his vision: You will pay dearly for putting them into prison, because in the future you will be beset with assorted demands to strike a ‘deal’ to free them as part of an exchange agreement. 

The Rebbe to Mr. Zvi Caspi 

Secret negotiations to raise the Jordanian flag over the Temple Mount

 We are now in a situation of ‘Nations gather and regimes talk (against the Jewish People, but their efforts will end) in vain’ [Psalms 2.1]. Not that this gathering is G-d forbid to threaten Jewish lives. The gathering is nevertheless against G-d and His anointed Nation. 

The Arabs demand that they be given the sacred spot of the Holy of Holies, rights over the Temple Mount and the permission to raise the flag of Jordan there. The government (in their willingness to concede) wanted to keep this (agreement) secret. But in reality it is already days and weeks that this is known to Washington, the Arab Nations, and also to those who are pained by their lack of Jewish pride.

They attempt to justify it by saying that it will prevent danger to life, with all their excuses. Yet in the mean time their negotiations continue together with the shocking fact that Jews are prepared to relinquish into their hands their most sacred spot, to the extent of giving permission to raise the flag of Jordan! Continuously we have stormed to prevent them from internationalizing the Old City of Jerusalem, to make it a city with three ruling governments. But they have reached a far lower state. It may be asked: what difference does it make which flag flies there? It is irrelevant, doesn’t bother anyone, and has no legal problem. But the public is not grasping how frightful such a step is. Some years ago it was absolutely untenable that Jerusalem be ruled by several governments. It was further ruled out that Jerusalem be given the status of non-negotiable. Now a gentile has the audacity to state that he has total rights: not just over Hebron, Shechem, the Old City of Jerusalem, but more so: he demands the Holy of Holies be handed over to him, the Foundation Rock [of Creation], and be given the rights to raise the Jordanian flag there!

The government piously explains (that if we all agree to this), that this will save us from bloodshed, and one Jew is an entire world. The truth must be told – that there is no link between the two. The Talmud lays down the ruling that the Jewish people are the fiercest amongst the nations. 

“G-d gives strength to His People; G-d blesses His People with peace [Psalms 29.11]”. The Midrash states [Song of Songs 2]: ‘There is no strength other than Torah. When the Jewish People hold on to the Torah, they will survive. G-d will simply grant His People fortitude, and G-d will bless His People with peace.’ The Midrash [Yalkut Shimoni, Torah 267] relates that not only do Jewish people know of this fact, but the entire world community has heard that it is G-d who gives strength to His People and it is G-d who will grant His People peace. They have been reduced into submissiveness in their begging for peace.  

1st Day Rosh Chodesh Iyar 1976

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Video: The Lubavitcher Rebbe: On going to war against G-D

On Waging war against G-d!

We have actually seen, wherever the path of falsehood was taken, contrary to the path of the true Torah which has taught us: that something given by Hashem, especially miraculously, given it to us in our generation with open miracles, there is no doubt whatsoever that we are forbidden to touch it, and no one has the right to touch it, because it belongs as an everlasting inheritance!

The Land of Israel belongs to every single Jew throughout the world, to every Jew of all previous generations, as well as to our children and grandchildren, given by G-d into Jewish hands. Now if we want that they have peace, one must know, that they are the owners of these lands which they - Heaven forbid, want to give away parts of the Land of Israel, which in a miraculous way is in the Jewish hands. That which [still today] belongs to Avraham, Yitzchok and the twelve tribes, to the seventy souls which went down into the Egyptian exile, to the 600,000 Jewish people, to the generation which entered the land conquered by Yehoshua bin Nun.

Not one single person is the owner to give away even one small piece of land, even half a piece, even one iota, because it is not his to give away! This a war against the G-d of the world, the G-d of hosts. Relinquishing the “Land to which the Eyes of G-d gaze” and they want to give it away to a gentile - heaven forbid!

He is waging war not only with G-d’s Torah; he is waging war against the true owner of the Land of Israel, against G-d Himself, the G-d of [His army] Hosts!!

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The Rebbe said: “This is an Urgent Mission!”

 The Rebbe has repeatedly stated that it is a sacred obligation to broaden the Jewish settlement in the Old City of Jerusalem. Thereafter, the Rebbe spoke at great length and in fine detail that great efforts should be expended to settle not just the Jewish Quarter, but also houses in the Moslem Quarter and nearby buildings.

“In my view”, said the Rebbe, “this is not just a Mitzva of inhabiting the Land of Israel, but also an urgent mission which every single person is obligated to offer assistance. We must prove our rightful ownership of Eretz Israel.” The Rebbe said with great pain: “G-d has wrought for us miracles. It is inexplicable that the Government of Israel does not fulfill its obligation”. 

The Rebbe explained: “Upon the freeing of Jerusalem and Hebron I turned to high ranking officials and repeated my request several times regarding the houses outside of the Jewish Quarter within the walls of the Old City. I requested that they inhabit the many houses and areas in Hebron.” “They are telling me”, the Rebbe continued, “that this runs contrary to the policy of the government. They do not want to anger the Arabs. They offer the same response regarding Jerusalem!” The Government of Israel made a serious mistake in that immediately upon the liberation [of Jerusalem] they did not take possession of all these houses and inhabit them with Jewish People. 

This is inexplicable!” “I believe”, the Rebbe continued, “that it is not yet too late.” “However, it is not possible to do today what could have been done immediately after the Six Day War. If today it cannot be carried out with strength, it can be achieved with money. Action must be taken. Purchase the houses and populate them with Jewish People so that Jews will live not just in the New City but also within the walls, where I have heard that there live no more than 400 families. This is insufficient!” The Rebbe requested that I (Mr. Stern) meet with Minister Burg, and that he be given our view of the policy and actions of the government. When I replied that I am insufficiently versed in politics, the Rebbe responded: “I see that you are avoiding talking to me about politics”. 

The Rebbe continued talking about the political situation in Israel and how there are some Jews who are causing harm to the Jewish People, such as the group ‘Peace Now’ and also Knesset members who battle with Torah Jews. The Rebbe asked: “What is your opinion?” I responded that this is one of the shocking things that have befallen the Jewish People, and it is painful that there also are a number of religious Jews who follow them. 

The Rebbe said that this is not all; these are men with exile in their spirit and hearts. Freedom of the body is not sufficient. The main thing is to expel the exile from within the heart. These men have not succeeded in freeing themselves. It is still lodged in their hearts. He repeated the expression “exile within the heart” many times arguing that this is holding back the redemption, and expressed himself in this way: “One has to take action to extricate the exile from the hearts of Jews in the Land of Israel. They are not free men as long as the exile remains in their hearts.” The expression “to expel the exile from the heart” was known to us from the Rebbe previously when he spoke of his objection to the Camp David agreements. I told the Rebbe that this idea had made a great impression on the people when he first spoke of this, and that we had repeated this expression many times to the inhabitants of the Old City, also I personally in the course of my work. When I said this satisfaction was visible on the Rebbe’s face. 

I added that it seems that the sole unifying factor of the Prime Minister and Knesset members is to retain their seats as ministers. The Rebbe sighed deeply and asked: “Where are the voices of the religious Members?” I replied that their voice is ineffective, their representation has been cut by one third and that many regard the religious parties in the Knesset as blackmailers. 
Interview Mr. Moshe Stern 7th Iyar 1982

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“My Position regarding the Transfer of Land”

I am absolutely opposed to the surrender of even the smallest portion of the liberated territories which are now under negotiation, as for example Judea, Samaria, the Golan, etc.

The reason is straight forward and it is for this reason alone, that the surrender of even the smallest land-portion is in disregard to Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 329. 6-7). 

I have emphasized again and again that this decision is in no way linked to the sanctity of the Land of Israel, or to “the days of Moshiach”, or to the Redemption or such considerations. But only to one single decisive point– the life-threatening danger thereby created. 

This is emphasized even more so by the fact that the source of this legal injunction is to be found in the Talmud (Eruvin 45,1) where the Talmud uses as its example “a border-city”– the city of Nehardoa (Iraq of today) which is certainly not part of Israel. I have emphasized again and again that this is a life-threatening situation, and the case must be judged exclusively on this basis, and not on any geographical basis (i.e. whether or not it is part of Israel).Jewish Law discusses a situation whereby Nations (not even enemies) take up positions against a Jewish border-city, ostensibly in return for no more than cattle fodder, and their stated intention is then to leave. 

But, because of the implicit danger not just to the Jewish People of this city, but for other cities also, Jewish Law determines that when information is received of no more than such preparations by a nation, the Jewish People are obligated to immediately mobilize and to take up weapons even on the Shabbos– in accord with the law that any life-threatening danger overrides the laws of Shabbos.If there exists a question whether or not this is in fact a life-threatening situation, then, just as in an instance of illness one takes the advice of a medical authority, here also, the decision must be made upon the advice of military experts. If military experts decide that there is a life-threatening danger, no other considerations take precedence, since the threat to human-life overrides all else. 

If military experts recommend that parallel to such danger there are other considerations to be taken into account, as for example political considerations (to satisfy the nations)– this is clearly contrary to Jewish Law which demands that no political considerations, only danger to life, must be the ultimate and sole deciding factor. 

Now, with regard to the liberated territories all military experts, both Jewish and non-Jewish, agree that the present situation of surrender of even a small portion thereof is liable to create severe security dangers. Not one of them suggests that surrender of even a small part can in any way increase border protection. There are some military experts who are prepared to undertake such a dangerous course in order not to upset Washington and / or to improve their “international image”. Moving in this direction is not just contrary to clear Jewish Law, but sets aside previous gains that were won at great human cost. A good and outstanding example of this is “The Yom Kippur War”. Days and hours before the attack there took place urgent meetings of the government to judge the situation with the army. Military information proved that the Egyptian attack was underway, and military experts recommended a pre-emptive attack which would save many lives and prevent the invasion. Regardless, politicians with the tacit agreement of some humbled military experts did not accept this action, arguing that such a step or even a general call-up before the Egyptians crossed the border, would be interpreted that we would be the aggressors and endanger our relationship with the USA. This decision ran contrary to Jewish law. The tragic consequences of this decision showed the truth and absolute relevance of Jewish Law (as if there is such a need at all); many lives were massacred for no reason. The situation would have reached ultimate danger had it not been for G-d’s kindness. Suffice it to mention that the Prime Minister of that time admitted that throughout her life she would remain deeply troubled because of that tragic decision.
                                                                                   Letter dated Chanukah 1981. 

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How the Lubavitcher Rebbe responded to terrorist threats

On the 28th of Nissan, 5750 (April 23, 1990) the Rebbe was notified that P.L.O. terrorists were threatening to attack various targets throughout the world. The following is the Rebbe's response, freely translated:

"I was notified that the P.L.O. has given instructions to all its branches worldwide to strike at targets throughout the world, G-d forbid.

"It is therefore necessary to invoke and emphasize the blessings from G-d to all Jews in all places, in all their needs. Primarily the most needed blessing is the miracle of the complete and perfect Redemption through Moshiach (whom we await every day that his coming not be delayed even as much as the blink of an eye). These blessings should be emphasized with complete trust and confidence, as well as with joy and gladness of heart.

"We should especially fulfill the directive of the Chabad Rebbes, 'Think good and it will be good.'  "This means that thinking positively causes the course of events to actually turn out good.  "This information should be utilized not to scare anyone, G-d forbid, but rather in the positive sense, to enhance the service of the Jewish people in the study of Torah and the observance of mitzvot.
"On the verse (Gen. 27:22), 'The voice is the voice of Jacob,' our Sages tell us that the power of the Jewish people is with 'our mouth.' Through our heartfelt prayers and Torah learning we can eliminate the plans of 'the hands of Esau,' the terrible schemes of our enemies.
"Thus there should be additional activities in Torah study and prayer and in mitzvot in general.
"Special emphasis should be placed on studying Torah diligently. For our Sages explain the verse, 'If you will follow my statutes' to mean that if you will labor in Torah... 'I will grant peace in the land. You will sleep without fear.'
"Through Torah study we eliminate all negative things and they are even transformed to good.
"Also, additional prayers should be said. Keeping with the spirit of 'thinking positive' it would be advisable to recite daily an extra three chapters of Psalms. One of these three chapters should be the final chapter of Psalms (ch. 150) which concludes with the verse, 'Let every being that has a soul praise G-d.' This means that every man, woman and child praises and gives thanks to G-d for His benevolence, and for the blessings and good fortune that He bestows upon us and will continue to bestow upon us.
"It would also be appropriate to add in the giving of charity. "Although 'fasting' is out of place (especially in the context of 'thinking positive') this does not contradict the giving of charity to redeem a fast. "It would be appropriate to give charity in the amount of two meals, and even better in the amount of three meals. This charity should preferably go to support people who learn Torah or institutions involved in disseminating Torah.

"Certainly these directives will be publicized in all Jewish communities, to all Jews, men, women and children.

"Emphasis must be placed however, to be very cautious not to scare anyone, G-d forbid. Rather, the purpose is to inspire everyone to enhance his/her Torah study and mitzvah observance, with truebitachon, complete trust and confidence in G-d, with joy and a glad heart. "The main thing is that the resolutions regarding the above should hasten and quicken the concept of 'think good and it will be good' in actuality starting from the ultimate good -- the complete and perfect Redemption through Moshiach."

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How to Stop Pressure from the United States

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe:

When the government of Israel is afraid to do what really needs to be done, not only are they not looked upon favorably by the nations, to the contrary: this invites even more pressure and demands for further concessions.
The White House

Tyre (in Lebanon) is a prime example. The army has always clearly stated that the city of Tyre must be conquered. Regardless, the politicians– afraid of what the gentiles say – never agreed. Because of this failure there is presently terrible distress from this city and its surrounding area (Southern Lebanon), to the extent that there was no other choice in the last few days but to eliminate terrorists. By not taking Tyre, not only this did not help the situation, but to the contrary: the effect was to bring even more pressure. Had the government followed the view of the army, it would have saved all the problems in that region. Israel could be active there without any danger whatsoever.

Not only are they are fearful of carrying through their responsibilities forcefully, they send representatives stating that they will continue in this fashion! The results are open for all to see: there is no quiet but it caused the incident that took place in Jerusalem. The bombing attack on the number 12 bus in Jerusalem [2.6.1978] in which six Jewish people were killed– one day before the Rebbe gave this talk– was a direct consequence of their fear of not touching the city of Tyre where the terrorists are located.

Instead, they hung their hopes on a gentile that perhaps he is one of the righteous gentiles of the world.  This is actual life threatening danger to the Jewish People. 

It is imperative to act in accordance with the view of the army to conquer Tyre and the surrounding area where the headquarters of the terrorists is located. The politicians do not permit this. They think that by telling the terrorists we won’t attack, they in turn will cease their attacks. In reality, the results of such a policy were exactly the opposite!All of this is relevant to the occupation of the borders. My intent is not to build cities on the borders, but to station security personnel at these locations, especially on the eastern border of Israel. Every moment’s delay imposes life threatening danger to innumerable Jewish lives!

We see every day the great need to do this, nevertheless those who have the power to take these steps, are afraid of a leaf blowing in the wind and do not lift a finger to occupy the borders. This neglect [of not inhabiting the borders] is the cause for the USA promising arms to the countries who are the main backers of terrorism. When the USA sees that their pressure works, that indeed Israel has stopped the inhabiting the borderlands, they exert even more pressure, to the point where they arrived at the decision that Jews were responsible for what took place in Lebanon.

The only way going forward to prevent world pressure and to ensure security, is to inhabit the territories. After the facts are on the ground have been inhabited, pressure will be of no avail. If in the wake of pressure Israel does not take these steps, the danger will only grow. Had they settled all the borders, specifically the eastern front, the terror attack in Jerusalem would never have taken place. The terrorists would never have been able to penetrate Israel.

Public talk Moitzo’ei Shabbos B’chukosai 1978

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Israel's Greatest Moments [3] Litani River Retaliation

The Litani River Retaliation

 was a six-day military campaign carried out by Israel in 1978. The operation was a retaliatory action to a series of terror attacks on Israeli targets emanating from Lebanon.The Coastal Road massacre. The catalyst for the operation was a Palestinian terror attack on Saturday, March 11, 1978 when an 11 man terror cell, lead by an eighteen year old female terrorist, Dalal Mughrabi, who infiltrated Israel via the sea, coming up on the shores of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. The cell took control of a bus traveling on Highway 1, connecting Tel Aviv and Haifa, holding passengers hostage. The terrorists made the bus driver turn towards Tel Aviv, handcuffing all male passengers, shooting and hurling grenades at passing cars killing four drivers. The hijackers seized a second bus, forcing its passengers to board their bus. Israeli security forces were finally able to stop the bus near Herzliya and a gun fight immediately ensued. Some of the terrorists burst out of the bus, firing at the Israeli forces, while others remained shooting passengers trying to escape. The terrorists eventually blew up the bus, killing 38 civilians including 13 children, injuring 71.

The Litani River Incursion

The Incursion. The Coastal Road massacre prompted then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin to order the IDF to attack terror groups hiding in south Lebanon. Operation Litani began on March 15, 1978, with what was considered to be an unprecedented air strike on terror hubs in the area. March 16 saw IDF ground troops venture deep into Lebanon, taking over the area between the international borderline and the Litani River, stopping just short of the Lebanese city of Tyre to create a military “belt” between Israel and Lebanon. The area would later be known as the Israeli Security Zone. The majority of Palestinian terrorists fled the area during the first hours of the operation with 300 of them killed, the IDF obliterated all the terror bases in the area. Nevertheless, terror groups continued shelling Israeli communities adjacent to the northern border with heavy artillery fire throughout the operation. The international community condemned Israel and on March 19, 1978. The UN Security Council passed resolutions calling for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon. U.S. President Jimmy Carter threatened the Israel government to cut off military supplies. Three days later the IDF was ordered to pull its forces out of Lebanon. Israel lost 15 of her soldiers in the operation. 

The Rebbe’s Talk

Spoken 3 days after Litani incursion, Shabbos Parshas Pekudei 11.3.1978.

There were two reasons for the success of this military action. Firstly, realizing that this was a life-threatening situation, the government of Israel did not arrange multiple meetings and inquiries; did not proclaim a first second or third announcement threatening action. Instead military experts knowledgeable of the security situation of the North of Israel and ongoing activities in Lebanon decided to take action, doing so immediately without publicizing the incursion, and not asking the opinions of 120 members of Knesset amongst whom sit Gentiles, Muslims and those who make their decisions upon receiving their orders from Moscow.

 The action was such a success that terrorists were struck with dreaded fear. There was no holding back by the Israel government or fear of intervention from foes and enemies. Rather, as the verse in Torah describes: “they will flee from before you in seven directions”. It became clear [and now we can speak of this openly] that Israel’s action prevented future wars.

 If only Israel’s military actions for the future would follow this mode of no prior publicity! Additionally, it is vital that the Israel government continue their action with the utmost energy and continue to complete the action; not by taking one step forward and then sending delegations to the entire world to hear the response of the one who sits in Washington, or what will they say in Moscow, London or Paris etc., asking if we may go forward with the next step or not.

The success of the action was because they went forward with great speed taking no account the opinions of nations [“what will people say?”] because when Jewish lives are endangered, one does not ask the opinion of others. A further reason for the success of this action was that the government did not seek the advice of those Jews within whom resides a fear of the Gentile nations and who continue to call out: “do not upset neither small nations or world powers”, rather they say–  offer them honor, bow down before them as does a servant, and just do whatever they say! Upon hearing that a Jew is taking forthright action they immediately call meeting to inject uncertainties and recommendations that the IDF stop in their tracks [in Lebanon] and do nothing without asking world opinion; only if gentiles agree should we continue action for our security in accordance with the rules of Jewish Law.

 May it be the will of G-d, that just as until this time they stood with strength, now also they will conduct themselves in the future fearless of the Nations. Give no regard to those Jews who cannot extricate themselves from their inner exile of self effacement before the nations! Then they will no longer ask the opinions of a communist, gentile or Muslim or a Jew who cannot extricate himself from his inner disconnect, who wishes to drag down other Jews with him.

Instead, the government conduct must be with strength according to Jewish Law. Take full regard that the Jewish nation are One, a unified nation, an indestructible nation bound up with the One G-d, and conduct themselves in accordance with the One Torah. When they make a stand in this way then there will be a turn around and Israel will rule over their enemies, trepidation will fall upon them, and nations will come to the assistance of the Jewish people when they follow in the path of their faith! 
Tower of King David

Jerusalem belongs exclusively to the Jewish People who have lived there already one thousand year before the arrival of Christians and Muslims.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Israel's Greatest Moments: [2] Entebbe: G-d does Miracles for Israel


Operation Entebbe was a miraculous counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos ofthe Israel Defense Forces(IDF) at Entebbe Airport, Uganda on 4 July 1976.A week earlier an Air France airplane with 248 passengers was hijacked by two Palestinians terrorists and two members of the German Revolutionary Cell with the stated objective of freeing 40 Palestinian and pro-Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel, and 13 prisoners in four other countries, in exchange for the hostages.  The flight was diverted to Entebbe, Uganda. The local government supported the hijackers. Dictator Idi Amin personally welcomed them. After moving all hostages to a disused airport building, the hijackers separated the Israelis from the larger group and forced them into a separate room. 

Over the following two days, 148 non-Israeli hostages were released and flown to Paris. Some 90 (mainly) Israeli passengers with the 12-member Air France crew, remained hostage and were threatened with death. Entebbe AirportThe rescue operation took place at night and lasted 53 minutes. Israeli transport planes carried 100 commandos over an incredible distance of 4,000km to Uganda. All 102 hostages were rescued. Five Israeli commandos were wounded and one, the unit’s commander, Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, (older brother of current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu) was killed. All the hijackers and 45 Ugandan soldiers were killed, and thirty Soviet-built MiG-17s and MiG-21s of Uganda’s air force were destroyed.
The Rebbe’s Talk 

July 11, 1976

From time to time we are granted an opportunity to actually see in this physical world how quality prevails over quantity, how soul prevails over body, and how the Soul of the world rules over its physical veil, and how G-d fills and rules the world. One is immersed in mundane day to day life, seeing the cycle of night and day, planting and harvesting, winter and summer, cold and warmth, all continuous and predictable, appearing to be soul-less, mind-less, just rules of nature, with no explanation of why. No one understands. These are labeled as no more than “nature”, neither do we understand why these specific laws even exist. One’s cruder nature embellishes these to trap a person, that one give these the name “laws of nature” to free one from thinking of the Master of nature, of He Who created nature, and He gave nature its laws, as the verse itself says before G-d’s command in creation “the cycle of nature should not come to an end”, this coming from the Divine Will of the Creator of the world, ongoing, without end.

 Therefore it is necessary from time to time to make it easier for us to come to the realization that there is a Master of this world, that G-d brings about awesome events that defy the laws and patterns of nature, to remind a person of the true reality of the world, that it is “G-d Who is the Truth of the world”. This brings us to the wondrous event which happened recently shaking both Jew and non-Jews.

 We are referring to the miraculous rescue of tens of Jewish hostages from death and their return to a civilized land, to a “Good and Spacious Land”, “the Land where the Eyes of G-d gaze from the beginning to the end of the year.” There was no way of knowing how this could be achieved. We saw this with our own eyes how quality prevailed over quantity. The hostage takers and hostile countries, over which they flew, greatly outnumbered the IDF team arriving at Entebbe airport. Also, in the operation itself it was not numbers [the enemy], weapons or soldiers who won the day or determined who would prevail. To the contrary, forces with less soldiers and weapons were victorious. The quality of the liberators prevailed over the hostage takers. Moreover, regarding the rescuers themselves, quality prevailed over numbers, i.e. physical considerations allowed no logic to enter into this rescue. The body has no basic instinct or nature of self preservation to go into such a dangerous situation. Rather, their spiritual transcendence took over. 

 Upon arrival at the airport, what impelled the victory? They overlooked all norms of warfare of approaching the enemy with ear shattering blasts of intimidation, warnings and threats. Normally Israel engages in standard diplomatic formalities, consulting those that they consider allies around the world and non allies, and only then announce that they have sufficient weapons and troops and have received permission to move forward. Here, the victory came about by ignoring all calculations of time and space and opinions of others. Actually none of these calculations would have worked. There was no more than the smallest of chances of succeeding. This specifically was the “vessel” to receive G-d’s everlasting kindness; a miracle from G-d with which they succeeded. The first lesson to learn from this event is that we saw with our own eyes that there is a Master to the world. All calculations and advice from our “so-called allies” would have left no possibility to pull this operation off. It was G-d Who gave this idea to discard all considerations or allies. It is for us to proclaim that G-d is Master of the world; that the world is not autonomous. It is G-d Who is the grand Mover of the world in all its detail. 

Israel's Greatest Moments: [1] The Six Day War. The Rebbe Assures Victory


The Six-Day War was fought between June 5th–10th, 1967 between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.Following the mobilization of the Egyptian forces along Israeli border in the Sinai Peninsula, Israel launched a series of pre-preemptive airstrikes against Egyptian airfields on June 5th. 

The entire Egyptian air force was destroyed in a matter of hours, with few Israeli losses. Simultaneously, the Israelis launched a ground offensive into the Gaza strip and through the northern and central routes of the Sinai. Egyptian leader Nasser ordered evacuation of Sinai. June 6th-7th Israeli forces rushed westward in pursuit of the Egyptians’ disorganized and chaotic retreat inflicting heavy losses. By June 7th the Israelis had reached the Suez Canal and taken Sharm el Sheikhin the south of the peninsula. The conquest of Sinai was completed on June 8th.

On June 5th Syria and Jordan attacked Israel who retaliated immediately. Israel launched an offensive on June 7th against East Jerusalem, and Judean and Samarian cities Nablus and Bethlehem. King Hussein ordered Jordanian forces to retreat across River Jordan. Israeli forces moved forward into the rest of the Judea and Samaria unopposed. Israel’s retaliation against Syria came June 5th. The air strike in the evening destroyed two-thirds of the Syrian air force, giving Israel air superiority over Syria. 

On June 9th General Moshe Dayan ordered the ground invasion of the Golan Heights. Despite extensive fortifications and heavy fighting, Israel broke through the Syrian first line of defense. By June 10th Israel had taken the Golan Heights and the Syrians retreated eastward.Soldiers after the Six Day War  at the Western Wall On June 11th a ceasefire was signed. Less than a thousand Israelis had been killed compared to over 20,000 Arab forces. Israel’s military success was recognized worldwide as a stunning miracle from G-d Almighty. The area under Israeli control tripled, significantly contributing to the country’s defense. Israeli morale and international prestige was greatly increased by the outcome of the war. Across the Arab world Jewish communities were expelled. 

Just days before the outbreak of the Six Day War the Rebbe spoke at a children’s rally, 18th Iyar 5727, May 28th 1967. 

The Rebbe’s Talk:

All of us have gathered together in honor of the day of Lag B’Omer. Surely you all are aware of the main events of this day, that the disciples of Rabbi Akiva, from Lag B’Omer [33rd day of the counting after Passover] on, conducted themselves as their teacher, Rabbi Akiva taught them “Love your neighbor as yourself”, treat each other with honor. Secondly this is the day when Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai [author of the Zohar], one of the principle pupils of Rabbi Akiva, said that this is his day of rejoicing [and his passing] having reached the pinnacle of his studies and comprehension in Torah which he handed down to his pupils and they to their pupils finally reaching our times until the time when Moshiach will come and lead us all to the Land of Israel, may it be speedily in our time. All of these events that are related to Torah and the Commandments, as the Baal Shem Tov [the founder of the Chassidic movement] said, are not something of the past, an old story which once happened, which we retell from time gone by, but rather to teach, lead and instruct us as to how we must conduct ourselves, to be the fitting children of G-d, as the verse says “You are the children of the Lord your G-d”. Although the Temple of wood and stones for the time being lies in ruins, nevertheless the Holy Temple within the heart of every Jew remains intact. It is the duty of each of us to spread its light and holiness into our own lives and the lives of all those around us. Here is the special mission and directive for the children themselves and their friends, and also to influence their parents. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai accomplished this – that every Jew has the merit to be endowed by G-d with blessings for success in that when a Jew becomes more involved with Torah and Mitzvos he can bring deliverance to all those around him, bringing G-d’s blessings in everything they need.This brings us to a special lesson for today’s situation. 

Your brothers and sisters in the Land of Israel are currently in a situation where G-d is protecting them and sending them His blessings, success, and salvation in an added measure so that they may emerge, and they will emerge from their current situation with success.

You have the special privilege to help them. Every time you study one more verse of Torah and through your performing another Mitzvah without missing any opportunity to do so, and love your friend as yourself, influencing your friends and relatives to use every opportunity to spread Torah and Mitzvos, you are helping them. As Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, this saves every Jew wherever he may be, from the difficulties he is facing, and brings G-d’s salvation and success. 

Then there will be fulfilled that which we read in yesterday’s Torah portion “You will dwell securely in your Land” – Jews in the Land of Israel will dwell there in security; “And I will place peace upon the Land”– G-d will draw down peace upon the Holy Land and “I will be your G-d”– G-d will be our G-d and the G-d of all Jews wherever they may be; “And you will be for me a Nation” – every one of you and all of us together, especially Jews in the Holy Land will be G-d’s People whom He will lead with “His full, open, Holy, wide Hand” out of all difficulties. He will bring them peace and security in everything they need, and very soon there will be fulfilled the verse of last week’s Torah portion “And I will lead you upright” [to your Land]. G-d will lead every Jew and all Jews with an upright posture with heads held high, very soon, in the true, complete and full Redemption through our righteous Moshiach who will come soon and take us, and especially the Jews who are in the Holy Land, out of this exile and He will draw down the Kingdom of Heaven with the true and complete redemption very soon, Amen. May it be G-d’s Will.