Saturday, 24 October 2015

On Waging war against G-d!

We have actually seen, wherever the path of falsehood was taken, contrary to the path of the true Torah which has taught us: that something given by Hashem, especially miraculously, given it to us in our generation with open miracles, there is no doubt whatsoever that we are forbidden to touch it, and no one has the right to touch it, because it belongs as an everlasting inheritance!

The Land of Israel belongs to every single Jew throughout the world, to every Jew of all previous generations, as well as to our children and grandchildren, given by G-d into Jewish hands. Now if we want that they have peace, one must know, that they are the owners of these lands which they - Heaven forbid, want to give away parts of the Land of Israel, which in a miraculous way is in the Jewish hands. That which [still today] belongs to Avraham, Yitzchok and the twelve tribes, to the seventy souls which went down into the Egyptian exile, to the 600,000 Jewish people, to the generation which entered the land conquered by Yehoshua bin Nun.

Not one single person is the owner to give away even one small piece of land, even half a piece, even one iota, because it is not his to give away! This a war against the G-d of the world, the G-d of hosts. Relinquishing the “Land to which the Eyes of G-d gaze” and they want to give it away to a gentile - heaven forbid!

He is waging war not only with G-d’s Torah; he is waging war against the true owner of the Land of Israel, against G-d Himself, the G-d of [His army] Hosts!!

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