Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Stop Pressure from the United States

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe:

When the government of Israel is afraid to do what really needs to be done, not only are they not looked upon favorably by the nations, to the contrary: this invites even more pressure and demands for further concessions.
The White House

Tyre (in Lebanon) is a prime example. The army has always clearly stated that the city of Tyre must be conquered. Regardless, the politicians– afraid of what the gentiles say – never agreed. Because of this failure there is presently terrible distress from this city and its surrounding area (Southern Lebanon), to the extent that there was no other choice in the last few days but to eliminate terrorists. By not taking Tyre, not only this did not help the situation, but to the contrary: the effect was to bring even more pressure. Had the government followed the view of the army, it would have saved all the problems in that region. Israel could be active there without any danger whatsoever.

Not only are they are fearful of carrying through their responsibilities forcefully, they send representatives stating that they will continue in this fashion! The results are open for all to see: there is no quiet but it caused the incident that took place in Jerusalem. The bombing attack on the number 12 bus in Jerusalem [2.6.1978] in which six Jewish people were killed– one day before the Rebbe gave this talk– was a direct consequence of their fear of not touching the city of Tyre where the terrorists are located.

Instead, they hung their hopes on a gentile that perhaps he is one of the righteous gentiles of the world.  This is actual life threatening danger to the Jewish People. 

It is imperative to act in accordance with the view of the army to conquer Tyre and the surrounding area where the headquarters of the terrorists is located. The politicians do not permit this. They think that by telling the terrorists we won’t attack, they in turn will cease their attacks. In reality, the results of such a policy were exactly the opposite!All of this is relevant to the occupation of the borders. My intent is not to build cities on the borders, but to station security personnel at these locations, especially on the eastern border of Israel. Every moment’s delay imposes life threatening danger to innumerable Jewish lives!

We see every day the great need to do this, nevertheless those who have the power to take these steps, are afraid of a leaf blowing in the wind and do not lift a finger to occupy the borders. This neglect [of not inhabiting the borders] is the cause for the USA promising arms to the countries who are the main backers of terrorism. When the USA sees that their pressure works, that indeed Israel has stopped the inhabiting the borderlands, they exert even more pressure, to the point where they arrived at the decision that Jews were responsible for what took place in Lebanon.

The only way going forward to prevent world pressure and to ensure security, is to inhabit the territories. After the facts are on the ground have been inhabited, pressure will be of no avail. If in the wake of pressure Israel does not take these steps, the danger will only grow. Had they settled all the borders, specifically the eastern front, the terror attack in Jerusalem would never have taken place. The terrorists would never have been able to penetrate Israel.

Public talk Moitzo’ei Shabbos B’chukosai 1978