Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The PM must deliver the land of Israel strong and total to Moshiach, without any cutting up of it

 Mrs. Mattus: We have an appointment to see [PM] Shamir today. We feel the same way he feels...do you have a message we can tell him?

The Rebbe: That he must be stronger than he was until now.

Mrs Mattus: He must be stronger and Israel must be stronger....The Rebbe: He was strong until now but that is not enough.

Mrs. Mattus: He has to keep getting stronger....

The Rebbe: Stronger, because the opposition is not resting, they are adding to the opposition to do something that is against the life-interest of the Jewish people everywhere, not only in Israel but also in the United States.

Mrs. Mattus: But the Jewish People don’t agree, that’s the trouble....

The Rebbe: That’s as I said before, that trouble started 3000 years ago. We survived all these things and we’ll survive it now also!

Mrs Mattus: We’ll survive again.

The Rebbe: Not only survive, but become stronger.

Mrs Mattus: From your mouth [as they say] to G-d’s ears.

The Rebbe: But the Jews must cooperate also, and if you see him, he has all my blessings. The only thing that I may add is that it is not enough. He is satisfied by his strength, his strong position until now.

Mrs. Mattus: So I have to give him your blessings and tell him...

The Rebbe: ...to add to his strength and not be afraid that someone will be uncomfortable about it, because he has no choice, as it will be that way always. “If you have two Jews you have three opinions”. That is also a Jewish character. Nevertheless, as I said before all of us have survived all these things, and we’ll survive it now also. And to be prepared to receive our righteous Moshiach.

Mrs. Mattus: G-d Bless you.

The Rebbe: He (Mr. Shamir) must deliver the land of Israel strong and total, without any cutting up of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Mattus with the Rebbe March 21st 1988