Thursday, 30 March 2017

So Jacob had a dream! Does this mean that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People?

Someone once came here for a visit and asked me, how do I substantiate my words to the point that they are spoken in the UN, that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people? G-d said to our Patriarch Yaakov ‘And you should spread forth to the west, and to the east, to the north and to the south’, and ‘To you will I give her [Israel] and to your children’, spoken on his way to Haran, when he was tired and exhausted from the journey. As usual, when one sleeps, one dreams! 

Therefore, he asked me: ‘Just because Yaakov had a dream, does this mean that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews?’ 

The Lubavitcher Rebbe 1954
I answered him: It is well known, that the power of prophecy is attained specifically during sleep. Maimonides explains [Laws of the fundamentals of Torah Chap.7.2] that all prophets spoke prophetic words either at night whilst sleeping, or by day in a state of loss of consciousness. Only in such a condition were they able to receive prophecy. In order for the spirit of prophecy to rest on a prophet, he had to be in a state whereby his material shell was put away to sleep. So it was with Yaakov. All of the patriarchs were a vehicle – their conscious awareness immersed in extra-universal energy which flows into and moves the cosmos [not subjected to the concealment imposed by the curtain of earth’s matter]. His life was a continuum of wakefulness to the flow of G-d’s life force. Therefore, also during times of sleep when dreams occur, he was mindful of this spiritual vitality. 

Gentiles already understand that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Now, all that remains is to convince Jews of this. 

Gentiles know that the connection which Arabs have to Israel began only when they came to Israel, just a few hundred years ago, no more. Additionally, even the Arabs who live around Israel, as for example, Egypt, are not the Egyptians of time gone by. These are a different nation from a different root, with no connection to the ancient Egyptians. Different however is the bond of the Jewish people with the Land of Israel beginning with the Revelation at Sinai, and before, when G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, gave the land to the Jewish People. Even gentiles know this, and that the dream which Jacob had was the factual truth, and that the entire world is a subsidiary to make this dream a reality! But it is the Jew who argues that he does not believe this! 

So, one is bound to exclaim: ‘What are you doing in the Land of Israel? From your viewpoint how is the Holy Land of Israel of greater value than outside of Israel? Indeed, there are so many Israelis who have left Israel, most of whom did not have this faith in the Land. 

                                                                            Public discourse Parshat Tzav 1976 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: My continuing protest at the Government of Israel's policy of attempted surrender by relinquishing of her territories

“One of the questions I am asked is "since I have demanded that this be put right for a considerable time, yet the Israeli Government continues its policy of attempting to surrender of territories, have I been wasting my time as nothing has changed?!" 

To this there are two responses: 

1. Should there be absolutely no protest, the situation would be much worse.

2. The Torah states: “You should continue to reprove your friend” which the Talmud elaborates to mean “even one hundred times”. Commentators explain this to mean quite literally 100 times, that even if one has already fulfilled one’s obligation 99 times, the Torah demands a 100th time with the same forcefulness as the first time, since this 100th time is part of that very same command!

This seems inexplicable; he has already reproved 99 times, what will the 100th time achieve? The response is based on the halachically binding words of Maimonides. If the world would not be in a state of equal balance, then certainly one single act could have no effect to alter the balance. However, since the world is in a state of equal balance, then with one single outcry of protest he is able to alter this state of fine balance for himself and indeed the entire world-scales towards the good and brings himself and the entire world to be saved!

Maimonides: The world is in a state of perfect balance.
May it be Hashem’s Will that they should not pursue their chosen path which until now has brought us to this present harmful situation– far worse than it was a year ago. Then it was much easier and simpler to set up residence throughout the lands of Yehuda and Shomron, Hebron and the Old City of Jerusalem. Today when one wishes to establish even one single home the nations immediately rise in protest: “For ten consecutive years you yourselves did not permit this and now when we are signing for peace you are jumping in to do this?!” 

In any event, may it be the Will of Hashem that going forward all the territories should be immediately inhabited since with every passing day it becomes more difficult. And since ultimately there will be no fleeing from the territories it is better that this be done now!” 

                                                                                        Shabbos Bereishis 1979

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Annex the Territories to the State of Israel!

The whole package of problems with which we are struggling are all bound together in one source: concern of (what) the nations (will say). The problems of Jewish spiritual leadership; also of the Orthodox; both in the Golah and in Eretz Israel; the burning problems of American Jewry with new events unraveling; the problems of the territories in Eretz Israel – all of these flow from a lack of a clear and fortified Jewish independent stand vis a vis the Gentile.  

Millions of endangered Jewish lives:
90% of territories returned
                                                                                                                                    Regarding the problems of the territories, the view of the Rebbe is clear. We must strengthen the territories and annex them to the State of Israel regardless of all of the problems which such an annexation will bring with it.However, the reasoning of the Rebbe regarding such a stand, is far different from the reasoning of the people who belong to ‘the movement for the Greater Land of Israel’.  As far as the Rebbe is concerned, their motives are neither mystical nor visionary, but quite straightforward: his is the way of the world; the conqueror conquers and takes control and is not concerned with what others say. (The Rebbe’s view is as follows) No one would have considered the return of the territories had Israeli statesmen not spoken of it first. True, one and a half million Arabs within the boundaries of the state are likely to be a problem.  However the Rebbe asks: ‘What would be ‘the best alternative’ to holding on to the territories? An Arab or Jordanian State, independent or federal, in which there would be one and a half million harmful Arabs?  Would it be better to have one and a half million Arabs in their own country a firing shot away from the cities and villages of the Jewish State, rather than to have one million Arabs subject to the scrutiny of the State within her borders, with all the problems which this would create?

According to the view of the Rebbe, we have here (in our retreat and assistance in establishing a Palestinian state,) a severe threat to Jewish lives. The Halachic ruling (that to do so, is absolutely forbidden) is clear. Had the State of Israel made this (the annexation) a fact on the ground both in Jerusalem and the territories immediately after the conquest, no one would have protested.  Now that we have shown our weakness the Arabs and our enemies raise their voice of protest over every stone that is moved in Jerusalem.  All of this has befallen us because we want to find favor in the eyes of others.  

                                                                    Interview of Mr. Pinchas Peli with the Rebbe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The kindness of Nations is from the Hands of G-d.

When giving charity to the Land of Israel, in addition to the value of charity in its own right, there is an additional quality in that one is fortifying the inhabitants of Eretz Israel. This matter is especially relevant at this time. 

We are living through a time of two fold darkness of the exile. To the naked eye it appears that we are reliant on the ‘kindness of the nations’. We need to realize that the kindness of the nations contains within it an element of sin, in that all nations act with self interest [Zohar]. When the Jewish People are recipient of such benefits, one has to realize the truth: that they have received this assistance [ultimately not from the world community] but from G-d, ‘The Guardian of Israel, Who neither slumbers nor sleeps’. 

The nations are as an axe in the hands of the wood chopper, have in reality no choice, but are vehicles through which G-d acts – an axe in the hands of G-d.

From this it is clear that it would be highly inappropriate for a Jew to bow and pay homage to an axe, and to turn it into a form of idol worship. This is true even if together with bowing before the axe [the gentile] the Jew were to offer his prayers to G-d, and certainly not to turn the axe into the main focus of homage, rather than turning to the one who holds the axe [G-d]. Bowing before the axe and at the same time praying to G-d is a form of idol worship forbidden to the Jewish people. [In ancient times this took the form of faith in G-d together with the mistaken belief that the stars and constellations were consciously active in emanating energy to the world.] Even should such a service be performed inadvertently, it is considered idol worship.

Therefore, it is a matter of absolute certainty that one must not be intimidated or feel dependent on nations who do not have freedom of choice even though benefits do come through them. To the contrary: the Jewish nation must stand strong in matters of self survival, and have a firm bond with G-d. ‘The hearts of kings are in the Hands of G-d’ [Proverbs], because the souls of the Kings see clearly that their source is from G-d; only then will the Jewish people receive from them all of their needs. These nations do indeed offer financial assistance, but one must realize that everything ultimately comes from G-d. It is because we are in a time of dark exile that it is through the nations that these benefits are channeled. They are no more than agents of G-d.  Now since we are receiving from G-d, He will give ‘from His full, open, Holy, and broad Hand’ generously [also via agents] as our Sages say, ‘One who gives, gives with a good generous eye’. Talmud Bava Basra 53.1.  
                                                                                                  Public talk 19 Kislev, 1988.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to General Arik Sharon, November 11, 1973

By the Grace of G-d
16 Cheshvan, 5734 [November 11, 1973]
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Greeting and blessing:

...Here I wish to refer to one point in your latest letter, where you wrote about the difference between the Six Day War and the so-called Yom Kippur War, in that 
G-d’s miracles were more obvious in the Six Day War, etc.

As a matter of fact, there were ample miracles, and quite obvious ones, in the last war. The overall miracle, which has now been revealed although not overly publicized, is the survival after the first few days of the war, when even Washington was seriously concerned whether the Israeli army could halt the tremendous onslaught of the first attack. Slowly details are now being revealed also in the Israeli press as to how serious was the danger in those early days of the war.

The greatest miracle was that the Egyptians stopped their invasion for no good reason only a few miles east of the Canal. The obvious military strategy would have been to leave a few fortified positions in the rear, and with the huge army of 100,000 men armed to the teeth, to march forward into Sinai, where at that point in time there was no organized defense of any military consequence. This is something that cannot be explained in the natural order of things, except as it is written, “The dread of the Jews fell upon them,” in the face of their intelligence reports about the complete unpreparedness of the Jews in Eretz Yisrael at that time.

There are also scores of reported miracles in various sectors of both fronts. The essential point of this whole tragic war is that it could have been prevented and, as in the case of medicine, prevention is more desirable than cure.

With blessing,

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe: The Israeli Government is arming her enemy!!

’It is unheard of anywhere to give weapons to those before whom you are afraid and are shaking with fear, begging them to make peace and at the same time giving them weapons!

In the past they were warned: “Don’t do it!”
You are giving your weapons to the one who says every day: “If you continue to give us weapons - we will remain silent;  and should you not giving weapons - we will consider what to do!

                                                                               From a public talk September 10, 1980

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: “The surest path to success is to be on the ‘offensive’ not only on the ‘defensive’. Don't wait for the other side to strike first”.

The Rebbe: Much success in your very important position for all those living in the Holy Land. Good tidings.  
The Rebbe
Mr. Savir: I request your blessing for our work to bring Jews to Israel and to support us and that they support our peace effort. I hope the Prime Minister will succeed and there will be ‘peace upon Israel’.  
The Rebbe: We need not only ‘peace upon Israel,’ but the appropriate strength to protect everything, not only ‘defense’ which is obvious, but the surest path to success is to be on the ‘offensive’ - not to wait for the other side to strike first.  
Mr. Savir: We need peace, we need security and we need Jews to support us.
The Rebbe: Remind Prime Minister Shamir from time-to-time that he was the only one who opposed the Camp David Accords.
Mr. Savir: Yes.
The Rebbe: They chose to connect this shameful accord with the name of King David…
Mr. Savir: Now the government has a new plan, to make elections for the Arabs in the territories. And with much patience and perseverance we shall succeed.
The Rebbe: This issue is so steeped in controversy that I don’t believe the government has already reached a decision what Israel’s final position on this should be.
Mr. Savir: Yes, there is disagreement, and conflict weakens but it is possible to succeed step- by-step...We have agreed to the United States’ proposal. Now we are waiting for the Arab response.
The Rebbe: In that case there will be success, because the Arabs will not agree, and that will nullify any Israeli plans to make concessions.
Mr. Savir: We want to live in peace and safety; we need only to convince the Americans that this is so.
The Rebbe: The Americans ultimately have no freedom of choice, because they are dependent on G-d’s choice. On the other hand regarding the conduct of Israel, G-d places the freedom of choice in the hands of the Jewish People, including making a choice which is against the Divine Will. He believes strongly in the Jewish People that ultimately they will choose in the path which is 100% in accordance with our Holy Torah. Then the Torah, the People and the Land will all be complete.  

           Interview with Mr. Uri Savir Israeli Ambassador to the United States Nov.26, 1989

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How are we to safeguard the Land of Israel? Former MK Rehavam Ze'evi (רחבעם זאבי הי"ד‎) with the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Rebbe: I have read a lot about you in the newspapers over the course of many years.

Rehavam Zeevi: I have visited your honor several times. If your honor will agree to guide me, what are we to do to safeguard the Land of Israel, perhaps by something we have not done until now.

Former MK Rehavam Zeevi Hy"d
The Rebbe: To spread Judaism; something which has not been done until now in the Land of Israel; in spite of the wonder that they have not been active transforming ‘inhabitants’ of Eretz Israel to be ‘the sons’ of Eretz Israel, not just a physical habitation, but also a spiritual habitation, to the point whereby all who see the inhabitants will recognize that they were born and educated in the Land whose name is the ‘Land of Israel’, an Eternal Inheritance for an Eternal Nation, seen as such every single day. 

This need not be difficult to achieve because one does not have to create something new but only to reveal that which pre-exists within every Jewish man and woman of Israel, even within children; on the contrary, within children this is in an even purer form without any political opposition or side issues.

Rehavam Zeevi: What is there for me to do in the Knesset that I have not yet done? 

The Rebbe: To announce at every opportune moment that the meaning of ‘Eretz Israel’ is not just an area of land called ‘Eretz Israel’, but rather, all those who reside upon this Land be filled with Jewishness, [which G-d] placed within every Jew - to be recognized upon all those that reside there, whether in a city or upon the Land, that Judaism is the natural way of living, as is the natural air of this Land.  

Rehavam Zeevi: Thank you.

The Rebbe: Blessing and success.

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Rebbe asks Mr. Netanyahu to do all he can to bring Moshiach!

P.M. Netanyahu visits the Rebbe, June 26, 1988

The Rebbe:
Much success. I hav’ent seen you in a long time..Blessing and success, a double portion of blessing.

Mr. Netanyahu: I came to ask for your blessing and help..

The Rebbe: In everything.

Mr. Netanyahu: In all areas both personal and political.

The Rebbe: Since we last met many things have progressed. What hasn’t changed however is that Moshiach still hasn’t come; so do something to hasten his coming.

Mr. Netanyahu: We’re doing we’re doing…..

The Rebbe: Apparently it’s not enough, since many hours have already passed today and he’s still not here ….But there are still a few hours left in the day, so try still for today.

Mr. Netanyahu: Yes.

The Rebbe: Good tidings - with joy and happiness. You know that Chassidim are careful to do everything with joy.

Mr. Netanyahu: Yes.

The Rebbe: Good tidings, much success.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A message from the Story of Purim: A Jew aspiring to a high station should not forgo his own Jewish lifestyle or values!

  There are those who imagine that in order to receive honors from gentile nations one must live their lifestyles and ape their mode of dress; for should he not do so, he will be scoffed at, and not be accepted in their social circles, unable to achieve the goals he needs from them.  For this we have guidance from Mordechai the Tzaddik as we read in the Book of Esther. 

Tomb of Mordechai and Esther today in Shushan, Iran
How did Mordechai reach his high station ultimately to achieve the role of second in command to the King of Persia? By his conduct of not lowering himself or bowing down. Even before telling us of his humble station that he sat by the gateway of the king, the book of Esther first describes Mordechai as a Jew - one who denies the idol worship [of the times] and seen as such by all with whom he came into contact. 

More: what brought about his meteoric rise from the gates of the king to occupy the most powerful position in the kingdom second only to King Achasverosh?  By his conduct which ran diametrically contrary to the custom of the country.  At a time when all ministers bowed down to Haman [as commanded by the king himself], Mordechai refuses to do so! 

Thereafter there came about the most amazing results; not only did his refusal to bow down not reduce his stature in the eyes of Achashverosh, but to the contrary. Initially the intense hatred for the Jewish people by Achashverosh was equal to that of Haman. Yet, immediately when Queen Esther informed the King that it was Mordechai who stood at the head of the Jewish Nation, King Achashverosh saw Mordechai as a man who could be trusted, in whose hands he could place the affairs of the Kingdom, a man of truth standing by his values regardless of adverse circumstance, fearful of no one. 

When however a gentile perceives that a Jew is running after him, the gentile loses all value and respect for him saying: “since this Jew has cheated on his own personal Jewishness, he will also cheat on me…..”.   
                                                                                                Public talk, Purim 1969

Friday, 10 March 2017

A Purim Story. Moses of our Times

As in the times of Mordechai, the leader of the generation in Persia who prevented the annihilation of the Jewish people, so to in our times we have a towering Jewish leader, that by adhering to his guidance will we be able prevent the evil intent to destroy the People and Land of Israel.

A Mitzva Tank on Fifth Avenue

It once happened that a group of Chabad-Lubavitch yeshiva boys drove out on a mitzva tank [a converted truck] driving around New York city campaigning to meet up with Jewish people as yet unafiliated with Jewish observance to encourage them to become more involved. This took place on Purim.

Later, when they returned they wrote in a report of their activities to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, that they had met up with a group of Jewish children and told them of the activities of Mordechai the Jew - the great Jewish leader of those times as recorded in the book of Esther [read in the synagogue every Purim], how Mordechai had saved the lives of the entire Jewish population of Babylon at that time from the decree of annihilation enacted by Haman, by studying Torah specifically with huge gathering of thousands of Jewish children. 

One of the children whom these yeshiva boys encountered asked if today also there is such a great leader in our generation who parallels Mordechai of those days. The yeshiva boys answered that indeed today also there is the great Jewish leader of our generation, who resides in Brooklyn, at 770 Eastern Parkway, from where he is actively concerned for all people of our generation.

After a few days the Rabbinical assistant to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Dovid Raskin, called the boys in and told them that indeed, the Rebbe had read through their report which they had given in and had asked: “Is there no photograph of this leader in their Mitzva tank to show the child who had posed the question, who this actually is?