Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: “The surest path to success is to be on the ‘offensive’ not only on the ‘defensive’. Don't wait for the other side to strike first”.

The Rebbe: Much success in your very important position for all those living in the Holy Land. Good tidings.  
The Rebbe
Mr. Savir: I request your blessing for our work to bring Jews to Israel and to support us and that they support our peace effort. I hope the Prime Minister will succeed and there will be ‘peace upon Israel’.  
The Rebbe: We need not only ‘peace upon Israel,’ but the appropriate strength to protect everything, not only ‘defense’ which is obvious, but the surest path to success is to be on the ‘offensive’ - not to wait for the other side to strike first.  
Mr. Savir: We need peace, we need security and we need Jews to support us.
The Rebbe: Remind Prime Minister Shamir from time-to-time that he was the only one who opposed the Camp David Accords.
Mr. Savir: Yes.
The Rebbe: They chose to connect this shameful accord with the name of King David…
Mr. Savir: Now the government has a new plan, to make elections for the Arabs in the territories. And with much patience and perseverance we shall succeed.
The Rebbe: This issue is so steeped in controversy that I don’t believe the government has already reached a decision what Israel’s final position on this should be.
Mr. Savir: Yes, there is disagreement, and conflict weakens but it is possible to succeed step- by-step...We have agreed to the United States’ proposal. Now we are waiting for the Arab response.
The Rebbe: In that case there will be success, because the Arabs will not agree, and that will nullify any Israeli plans to make concessions.
Mr. Savir: We want to live in peace and safety; we need only to convince the Americans that this is so.
The Rebbe: The Americans ultimately have no freedom of choice, because they are dependent on G-d’s choice. On the other hand regarding the conduct of Israel, G-d places the freedom of choice in the hands of the Jewish People, including making a choice which is against the Divine Will. He believes strongly in the Jewish People that ultimately they will choose in the path which is 100% in accordance with our Holy Torah. Then the Torah, the People and the Land will all be complete.  

           Interview with Mr. Uri Savir Israeli Ambassador to the United States Nov.26, 1989

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