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Government rulings which clash with Jewish Law

There are those who cover themselves in a cloak making themselves appear to be G-d-fearing,  arguing that since we live in the United States, we are obliged to heed the demands of the country’s ruler and ask him how to conduct ourselves, especially bearing in mind the Torah ruling ‘the law of the land is binding’.

Jewish Law rules that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People with Torah designated borders.

There is a further major ruling inscribed in the laws of Shabbos: even an area of land outside of the borders of Israel as for example land in Sinai; should there arises a threat that ‘should the land of Israel be vulnerable before them [the enemy]’ even if they present no more than minimal danger in preparation only, announcing that their wish to enter is temporary for no more than stubble and straw [animal fodder] and then they will turn back - Jewish law demands we go out armed in desecration of the Sabbath and take a stand with military force.

This Jewish law applies anywhere, even outside of Israel, at all times and in all situations wherever a Jew finds himself. Even one who is already observant he has the merit [must desecrate the Shabbos] to take a powerful military stand for this major principle of Torah and mitzvos - endangered Jewish lives since the issue is of ‘the land lies open - vulnerable -  before them’. Furthermore, it is imperative to stand with all military force to hold control over the Sinai since from there Israel lies open to attack. This certainly stands true should the life threatening danger present itself from within the Land of Israel.

Here arises an apparent contradiction: we are obliged to follow the rule of government - ‘the law of the land is binding’.   

To this there are two responses:

1. This ruling ‘the law of the land is binding’ applies only when the law is not in contradiction with Jewish Law. Should the ruling contradict Jewish Law, it carries no validity.

2. Furthermore, the obligation to ‘observe the rule of government’ does not stem from the power of a government enacted law,  but has its root in Jewish law. Therefore should a government instruction undermine Jewish law - it is null and void.  

For example, when a medical specialist instructs one to violate the Shabbat or Yom Kippur in order to be healed of an illness, Jewish law demands that one  perform those activities. By this performance one is infact enhancing the observance of the Shabbat; this is the law of Shabbat observance. The patient does not perform the activity because of the doctor’s instruction, rather it is Jewish Law which demands that the patient perform the doctor’s instruction.

The same ruling pertains to life-threatening situations.  When one asks the advice of a military expert and he gives his reply [regardless of his personal religiosity] - since we apply to him the ruling that an expert will not give instructions contra to his expertise] [the matter will anyways become obvious soon thereafter]; should he state that such activities will lead to ‘the land lying vulnerably open to the enemy’ we are obliged to follow his advice not because he is a general in the army and this expert stated so, but because it is our obligation to listen to his guidance because Jewish law states that one is obliged to follow the advice of a military expert.  

However the Israeli politician who meets with the gentile [US Pres.] is fearful that in the future the gentile will impose pressure and thinks that Israel needs their favors, tell him as follows: stand strong as demanded by Torah! Do not claim our success is the result of ‘our strength and power of our hands’ - rather Israel’s representatives need to state shamelessly [with all respect as Torah commands] that we must act differently to his demands. This alone will lead to the real strength of your country [USA] and the strength of the Land and Nation of Israel.   

Public talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoken 19th Kislev 1980.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Who is able to bring back these Jewish soldiers who were murdered?!

...Why did these [the slaughter of Jews] take place one after the other the first time, the second time, the third time and specifically during these last few weeks and months? These, specifically when they proclaim that they will be giving away the West Bank, giving away Judea, giving away the Shomron! And their justification for this is that in exchange for giving these away we will receive a piece of paper! 

What ‘peace’ was achieved more than was achieved by a similar piece of paper at Camp David? This brought about - heaven forbid - the killings of hundreds of Jewish soldiers - literally killed! And we know the names of those who were killed! They [the government of Israel] give the same lame excuse - it just ‘happened’ [-unconnected to their offer of giving Land away to terrorists]. A terrorist just happened to be passing a certain place, and a Jew had to travel in a certain direction so he hitched a ride in a random car in which the terrorist was sitting so the terrorist killed him! 

Now when this happened the first time it was also inexplicable. Why were these [murders] not taking place prior to Camp David? Because then they trembled in fear from an Israeli soldier! But now the situation has become the exact opposite! 

One walks in Jerusalem, in Hebron, in Shechem or in Tel Aviv and one cannot be certain if an Arab is standing behind him will not [kill him] do to him - G-d forbid - same as he did previously!

Who is able to bring back those tens of soldiers who were murdered?! Who left behind widows, who left behind orphaned children walking around live in the streets and Israel government officials have no shame in being seen by them!

The past is behind us; but the [government] continues walking the same path with the very same political policy pleading that the Arabs agree to sign a piece of paper!! 

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Public talk. 3rd Teves 1986  

Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Iand of Israel must remain intact until the time of the arrival of our righteous Moshiach.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe to Israel Ambassador to Brazil. Mr. David Efrati . 10 Shvat 1992

The Rebbe: “Blessings and success. Great success. May you be the ambassador to publicise everywhere that the Land of Israel is the Holy Land. 

It is understood and obvious that it must remain intact until the time of the arrival of our righteous Moshiach. Thereafter our righteous Moshiach will take upon himself the worry of all of this”.

The Rebbe gave Mr Efrati a dollar to give to charity telling him “be successful in fulfilling your mission”.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Government sent emissaries to the Vatican, to Nasser, to Hussein asking: “What shall we do with Jerusalem?”

 What they did in Hebron they are now preparing to do to Jerusalem. Not just as of now, but already three years ago from when they conquered Jerusalem in the Six Day War (when the government sent emissaries to the US, to the Vatican, to Nasser, to Hussein, with the question: “What should we do with Jerusalem?”) they are preparing to give away Jerusalem. 

Old City of Jerusalem
Their intention is to turn the city into one of triple ownership. And that is not all. In their document of compromise they state that the city of Jerusalem will belong to the Christians, Muslims, and only finally do they add, to the Jews! Were the truth to be stated, even historically speaking, not just from the Jewish Legal perspective [G-d stated so in the Torah], Jerusalem belongs exclusively to the Jewish People who have lived there already one thousand year before the arrival of Christians and Muslims. Now the government of Israel wants the city to belong also to Arabs. But, as they did with Hebron – they cheated and lied to the world by writing that they are bringing Jewish People to live within twenty minutes of the Cave of Machpela; they are doing the same now. 

They are searching for a formula how to mislead everyone. Then they will be able to give away Jerusalem by their own self proclaimed approval. 

The Arabs who lived in Jerusalem would have been happy had they been expelled since they correctly thought that the first and most appropriate thing that would be done would be to exterminate all those connected to terror, and to expel all the remainder. In reality, not only did the government permit the Arabs to remain there, but in addition they gave to them everything they wished for. The government encouraged them to remain by reducing taxes, and giving them business incentives – as long as the Arabs would agree to remain there. The Arabs never anticipated that this is how things would turn out! This is how the state of affairs continued for three years. 

Now, the government wants to hand over Jerusalem to Arab control. One of the problematic outcomes of their permitting the Arabs to remain in Jerusalem is that when they wish to enact a new law, they necessarily have to follow the majority view. In the Old City of Jerusalem there live today 65,000 Arabs and no more than 400 Jews. Even these few entered Jerusalem unofficially. When they will enact a new law, they will necessarily need a majority vote! We are a democratic country, right? Who knows where all this will lead.... 

[Public gathering 2nd day Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan, 1971] 

Monday, 14 March 2016


 There is the clear instruction of Jewish law regarding a situation whereby gentiles besiege a Jewish city. Even should they demand no more than stubble for their animals, even if in truth this all they want; even if they are only in a state of preparedness having not yet advanced,– the Torah commands to take up arms even on the Shabbos and take a firm stand on the borders in order to close off any entry of gentiles into the Land of Israel. This command of the Torah, is not some inexplicable law but one within human reason. 

That the land should not be laid open to them, may G-d protect us, this will save lives! 

Islamic Jihadists in Israel today call for mass murder of Jews
Anyone who wishes to interpret the Jewish law differently is on a collision course with Jewish law, opening up a road of life-threatening danger. Jewish Law makes no distinction of location of such a city or area of land. Should it be in time of exile [such as now], or whether at a time when the Temple stood, whether outside the land of Israel, whether a city mostly inhabited by gentiles or where gentiles are no more than a minority, or in Israel; the ruling is that if we are faced with a situation whereby the land lies open [to the enemy], there is no room for human calculations. Only ‘The word of G-d must stand for eternity’, and ‘They make plots which will be annulled, they construe plans which will have no standing, for G-d is with us’. 

Torah demands: Go out to war!
And so it will be, that the Jewish Nation lives and will continue so, both in body and soul with their Torah, as is the Will of G-d, and will study the Torah as is G-d’s Desire, and those studying will grasp the correct law as Torah lays down [without taking note of this one or that one’s advice, as it is well known who is his advisor and his personal interests in offering such advice]. As we have stated, all bad situations will become null and void retroactively, because G-d is with us. As the verse continues, ‘until old age I [G-d] will hold you’; that all negative situations G-d Himself will shoulder. The verse in Isaiah ‘Those who trust inG-d, will have renewed strength; one who trusts in G-d and performs His Will, G-d will exchange his previous weakness for His Powers. An exchange, a gain, as Torah prescribes. 

When Israel took the initiative - Total Israel Victory. Six Day War

Thursday, 10 March 2016

“Samaria holds the blessing and balance for the entire Land of Israel”

 In the Talmudic tractate Sotah, the Mishna [Chapter 7. Mishna 5] states: 'When the Jewish People crossed the Jordan River and arrived at Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal in the Shomron [Samaria], etc'. 

(The Mishna continues to describe the epic event whereby six of the legions of Israel ascended Mount Gerizim and the other six legions ascended Mount Ebal. The Priests and Levites together with the Holy Ark remained in the valley between, turned towards Mount Gerizim and pronounced great blessings, to which the entire Jewish People responded Amen, etc). Thereby the Mishna lay down the ruling that both Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal are connected with the Shomron. Now since this a clear Mishnaic decision, we have a principle “one (a judge) who makes a ruling contrary to a Mishna, the ruling is null and void, (and the case must be retried) since on such an explicit law a mistake is unacceptable. 

Mount Grizim and Mount Ebal in the Shomron
On this basis it is clear that there remains no room to dispute the fact that the Shomron is part of the Land of Israel, not to be surrendered – not to Arabs, Americans, nor to any of the seventy nations, since this is within the exclusive ownership of the Jewish People. Moreover: the very blessings of the Land of Israel are dependent upon the mountains of Gerizim and Ebal. 

The fact that G-d gave His Blessings on a mountain was not merely because it was a lofty spot. Rather, it is a matter of absolute certainty that there is an inner connection between G-d’s Blessings to the entire Land emanating specifically from Mount Gerizim. Therefore the Mishna states its ruling: “Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal which are in the Shomron”. From here it is evident that Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal are the source of blessing for the entire Land of Israel. Furthermore: the Mishna states that they are in the Shomron. It is therefore clear that the Shomron holds the balance of the entire Land of Israel. 

Public address Shabbos Re-ei 1977

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: "I must expose the truth: They have decided to give away the Old City of Jerusalem!"

 In order to sweeten the pot they have presented the recommendation to the President of Egypt, that Jerusalem will belong to the Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Even according to those who consider that this is the way to make peace, this textual order is unfathomable: “Christians, Muslims and Jews”. 

Ancient Jewish Jerusalem

Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish People not only from a Halachic perspective. Historic documents prove without contradiction, that King David established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. One thousand years later saw the arrival of Christians and Arabs. 

Why in the text of compromise did they end with the word “Jews”? Where is the limit to the debasement of Jewish pride? This is not all. They want to relinquish Hebron! It is shame and disgrace that in Israel there should be a law to which all government ministers put their signature clearly implying that the Jewish People have no rights to dwell in Hebron or by the Cave of Machpela.  This law was joyfully handed to the city head of Hebron whose family members murdered Jews in Hebron in the riots of 1929. 

Have they [the Arabs] murdered Jews and thereby gained [been given by the government of Israel] the rights to inherit?  

Public Talk Shabbos Parshas Eikev 1970

Sunday, 6 March 2016

A conversation between the Erlau Rebbe zt”l and Arik Sharon

R’ Yisroel Katzover recalls a conversation between the Erlau Rebbe zt”l and Arik Sharon regarding the destruction of the Gush Katif Communities

“When I say that the Erlauer Rebbe loved Eretz Yisroel deeply. I remember something that happened on the Eve of Tisha B’Av [ninth day of the Jewish month of Av, the day of the destruction of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem] the year the decision was made to expel the Jews of Gush Katif from their homes. The streets of Katamon [an area of Jerusalem] were empty. A few minutes after midnight as I was preparing to go to sleep, I suddenly heard a soft knocking on the door. Who could it be at this hour? I wondered. I hurried to unlock the door , and was stunned to discover the Erlau Rebbe standing there with tears in his eyes. He apologized for the late hour and asked if he could come inside”.

“I knew from the early years that the eve of Tisa B’Av and the following day were the hardest days for the Rebbe. He fasted, he did not speak to anyone and mourned for the destruction of the Temple deeply. But that year the Rebbe had deviated from his custom and had come to talk to me.”

“The Rebbe began to speak. “I came because I cannot go to sleep when 10,000 Jews are about to be expelled from their homes. They are crying and I am crying with them. We have to do something. I am asking you to connect me right now with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; I am sure you have his direct number. He knew how to come to me when he needed me, and now he should speak to me when I need him. Since I can remember I do not speak on Tisha B’Av. Today, in the situation that so many Jewish people are in, all that has broken down.”

“I didn’t know what to do. It was after midnight, not a normal hour to call a prime minister. But when the Erlau Rebbe broke his silence for this cause, I had to make every effort. I dialed Sharon’s number; after a few rings, the PM picked up and thundered: “Who is this at this hour?” 

“The Erlau Rebbe, your friend and acquaintance is crying and wishes to speak to you”. 

Sharon: “So late? Is it urgent? Out of respect for the Rebbe whom I admire as one of the great lovers of Israel, I will speak to him”.

The Rebbe took the phone and burst into heart rending sobs. He cried and cried, and Sharon remained silent as if shell shocked. This continued for a few minutes until the Rebbe said: “I haven’t called to talk to you about the destruction of the first Temple [in Jerusalem] of early times; I have come to talk to you about today’s destruction, about the expulsion of 10,000 Jewish people and the abandonment of part of the Land of Israel. 

This will never be forgotten. Even now, at this last minute, stop the process! Nothing good will come out of it for you or for the Nation of Israel. The situation of the State of Israel will only deteriorate. Masses of Jews will lose their lives as they know it, and their homes will cry out to the heavens. It is not worth it, nor worthy of you to do this.” Again the Rebbe burst into tears. 

A child of eviction from Gush Katif
Sharon: “Honored Rav, I agreed to hear you out because we are friends and respect each other for many years. We have assessed the issue from many angles, and in my opinion and that of the security establishment, this is the process that we have no choice but to carry out in order to help the Jewish Nation. With that, after the Rebbe’s call, I will think about it again.  Good night dear friend”. 

“It is not clear if Sharon intended to reconsider, but his advisors said that in the subsequent days and throughout the process of the disengagement only one conversation tore at his heart: the Tisha B’Av night call from the Rebbe from Jerusalem. but he did nothing to stop the process.  From then on the Erlau Rebbe refused all contact with Sharon. The ties between the two were cut off entirely. But on the day the Erlau Rebbe was told that Sharon had suffered a severe stroke, he asked for his mother’s name. That’s the way the Rebbe was. he loved every Jew, When Sharon’s life was in danger, he wanted to pray for him”.   

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The PM must deliver the land of Israel strong and total to Moshiach, without any cutting up of it

 Mrs. Mattus: We have an appointment to see [PM] Shamir today. We feel the same way he feels...do you have a message we can tell him?

The Rebbe: That he must be stronger than he was until now.

Mrs Mattus: He must be stronger and Israel must be stronger....The Rebbe: He was strong until now but that is not enough.

Mrs. Mattus: He has to keep getting stronger....

The Rebbe: Stronger, because the opposition is not resting, they are adding to the opposition to do something that is against the life-interest of the Jewish people everywhere, not only in Israel but also in the United States.

Mrs. Mattus: But the Jewish People don’t agree, that’s the trouble....

The Rebbe: That’s as I said before, that trouble started 3000 years ago. We survived all these things and we’ll survive it now also!

Mrs Mattus: We’ll survive again.

The Rebbe: Not only survive, but become stronger.

Mrs Mattus: From your mouth [as they say] to G-d’s ears.

The Rebbe: But the Jews must cooperate also, and if you see him, he has all my blessings. The only thing that I may add is that it is not enough. He is satisfied by his strength, his strong position until now.

Mrs. Mattus: So I have to give him your blessings and tell him...

The Rebbe: ...to add to his strength and not be afraid that someone will be uncomfortable about it, because he has no choice, as it will be that way always. “If you have two Jews you have three opinions”. That is also a Jewish character. Nevertheless, as I said before all of us have survived all these things, and we’ll survive it now also. And to be prepared to receive our righteous Moshiach.

Mrs. Mattus: G-d Bless you.

The Rebbe: He (Mr. Shamir) must deliver the land of Israel strong and total, without any cutting up of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Mattus with the Rebbe March 21st 1988