Monday, 21 March 2016

Who is able to bring back these Jewish soldiers who were murdered?!

...Why did these [the slaughter of Jews] take place one after the other the first time, the second time, the third time and specifically during these last few weeks and months? These, specifically when they proclaim that they will be giving away the West Bank, giving away Judea, giving away the Shomron! And their justification for this is that in exchange for giving these away we will receive a piece of paper! 

What ‘peace’ was achieved more than was achieved by a similar piece of paper at Camp David? This brought about - heaven forbid - the killings of hundreds of Jewish soldiers - literally killed! And we know the names of those who were killed! They [the government of Israel] give the same lame excuse - it just ‘happened’ [-unconnected to their offer of giving Land away to terrorists]. A terrorist just happened to be passing a certain place, and a Jew had to travel in a certain direction so he hitched a ride in a random car in which the terrorist was sitting so the terrorist killed him! 

Now when this happened the first time it was also inexplicable. Why were these [murders] not taking place prior to Camp David? Because then they trembled in fear from an Israeli soldier! But now the situation has become the exact opposite! 

One walks in Jerusalem, in Hebron, in Shechem or in Tel Aviv and one cannot be certain if an Arab is standing behind him will not [kill him] do to him - G-d forbid - same as he did previously!

Who is able to bring back those tens of soldiers who were murdered?! Who left behind widows, who left behind orphaned children walking around live in the streets and Israel government officials have no shame in being seen by them!

The past is behind us; but the [government] continues walking the same path with the very same political policy pleading that the Arabs agree to sign a piece of paper!! 

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Public talk. 3rd Teves 1986