Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The United States and Russia would accept the decision of the government of Israel not to relinquish even one grain of land.

Part 7. Lessons to be learned from Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel.

The same is true regarding pressure exerted by the USA and Russia. These countries are not excited that portions of Eretz Israel be relinquished, whether to Syria, Jordan or Lebanon because they they will not benefit, but to the contrary; should these countries be strengthened they will be less concerned in what the USA or Russia have to say.

Pressure coming from the USA and Russia to relinquish territories is no more than lip-service to those countries and more their demands on behalf of the Palestinians. Both the USA and Russia have no obligation towards them. When they [the USA or Russia] exert pressure [on Eretz Israel] on behalf of the Palestinians, this is no more than to offset the Arab nations [who make demands on behalf of the Palestinians] who they themselves are pressured and thrown off balance by the Palestinians.

Should Israel’s representatives stand firm and declare that they cannot relinquish any land of Judea and the Shomron because thereby they will be endangering Jewish lives in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Hadera, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Kfar Chabad and throughout Eretz Israel, the USA and Russia would be convinced by this argument; they have no interest in Israel relinquishing Land.  

More: the Israeli government should take positive action and settle Jewish people throughout all territories of Eretz Israel, and declare - this is a fait complete. Then the USA will be appeased and would tell the Arab States to stop their tempest because the issue is no longer in their hands - the operation has already been done.

Pool of Siloam (Hebrew: בריכת השילוח‎‎, Breichat Hashiloach), a rock-cut pool on southern slope of the City of David, original site of Jerusalem, outside walls
of the Old City to the southeast, fed by waters of the Gihon Spring.

This is the only way to prevent danger and to ensure lives in Eretz Israel: ‘state with emphasis that Land cannot be relinquished’ and together with this, ‘settle Jewish people throughout Judea and the Shomron in the space of just a few hours and moments, but in no less than one single day!’

With such a policy the government will not be clashing whatsoever with the world community, because they themselves do not want that Israel repeat their previous mistakes - by relinquishing to the Arabs tracts of land which they [nations] never believed they would surrender. To the contrary they would be overjoyed, able now to say it is a fait complete.

And more: there is no fear that by stating the truth that this will cause harm from Washington onto the Jewish people living in the USA, because, as we have seen that when [the government of Israel] stated clear and powerful words, pressure diminished; to the contrary - Israel received additional assurances beyond those previously given!