Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Lubavitcher Rebbe demands of the Government of Israel: All terrorists must be Removed in One Single Procedure

 I once spoke with a physician of an operational procedure. Our discussion moved on to the situation in Eretz Israel. 

I said to him: “When you operate on a Jew, your intention is to improve his health. Now since an operation is a serious matter costing much health and blood loss, may G-d protect us; being that you are a merciful and intelligent man, perhaps you break up the operation into ten stages.” First operate; only some blood will be lost, wait for this area to heal, operate the second stage, until the tenth, when you finally reach the problem, and then remove the undesirable elements.

The physician replied: “Do not take offense, but you are not qualified in medicine. (To my question “Why?” he replied:”) The purpose of an operation is to remove the ailment. If a small incision is made, and we wait for this to heal, after a week make a second incision, until the tenth, the element remains embedded in the body and much blood is spilled. No benefit will be gained because the source has not been removed. There is no choice but to operate in one single procedure. He will be temporarily weakened and more blood spilled but ultimately less blood lost. The patient will be healed because the ailment has been dealt with.” 

I responded; I am pleased to hear your view. This should be the precise procedure applied to Eretz Israel. 

There are two options: One, to tell the opposing side that we will not relinquish into your hands the Land of Israel. Since he will be offended we will take no action against terrorists. We wait a week or so, perhaps his mood will improve, and then suggest he gives in on something. But we do nothing. Armed terrorists remain in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron, Shechem, Ramallah, and everywhere, may G-d protect us!

Alternatively there is the second option: In one single operation take out all the terrorists and be rid of them!

Not all hundreds of thousands of Arabs there are terrorists; they are relatively few. The rest of the inhabitants are not preoccupied with terror. They just want to live in peace. In Lebanon those that create the turmoil are a small minority who murder tens of thousands, may G-d protect us. The same is true of terrorists in Israel: There are a small number in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron, Shechem, and Lod who create terror.

The government knows who they are and are able to deal with them but are afraid to do so in order not to offend even a small nation – certainly not a major power. They take no action, they forbid Jewish people to live there; even security personnel are not permitted there because of the government’s fear of the gentile. It is now ten years that only one hundred people have been permitted to take residence in the old City of Jerusalem! One hundred people in ten years! In this time the Arabs have multiplied [by natural growth] many times over! 

May it be the Will of G-d that the command be fulfilled “Appoint for yourselves judges and patrol officers” whose decisions will be based on Torah Law, which states– “by compromising with terror the land becomes easily conquerable by them”. Whether in Israel, Boro Park, Kew Gardens, Williamsburg, Crown Heights or Bnei Brak: the law is the same everywhere! This decision must be taken with regard to Ramallah, the Golan Heights, and Hermon. Army Officers (presently serving the Army) have clearly stated: “Retreating from the territories and not taking security action places life threatening danger upon every Jew living in Israel!

”Talks of Motzo’ei Shabbos Re-ei and 1st day of Elul 1978