Thursday, 7 September 2017

Stand Strong with our rights over the entire Land!

 Halachic law states that ‘there can be no claim of overcharge on a land sale since even a small land-­plot can be of great value. The same ruling stands true regarding an estate in the land of Israel.  

Ancient Jewish Hebron
The Torah recounts that when Jacob our Patriarch lay down [the vision of the Ladder] on the ground of Israel, G-­d gathered together the entire Land beneath him [Rashi] telling him “the land upon which you are lying I will bequeath to you and to your children”. Therefore, does the land of Israel belong to each and every Jew.  

The message we have from the portion of the Torah we read this week is as follows: It is not sufficient to come out with grandiose proclamations. Rather the Jewish people need take down to earth action to inhabit the Land! It is not sufficient to view and move around in the Land of Israel; rather should he need to lie down to sleep, to relax and rest, he should be able to do so anywhere in the Land of Israel. He needs to know that he does not fulfil his obligation by being able to move around and dwell only on an area where there are no contestants; rather, when a Jew wishes to rest he needs to know that he can do so [as G­-d told our Patriarch Yaakov “lie down upon it”] anywhere he so wishes in the land since G-­d “folded the entire land under him [Yaakov]”.  

The Midrash enumerates three locations [which were purchased] against which nations cannot make any claim against the Jewish People by saying these came in your hands by means of theft: The Cave of Machpelah [Hebron], the Temple Mount, and Shechem, the burial place of Joseph. Now it is specifically at these three locations that vicious Jews stubbornly refuse to allow a Jewish presence, and should a Jew dare to enter these places they are forcefully evicted!  

The message for our times is as follows: Jewish People must stand with absolute fortitude over their rights to dwell throughout the Land of Israel. We must dwell here fearlessly so that G-­d will grant His blessing “And I will give peace in the Land”.  

At this time there are Jews who pursue gentiles begging them to make peace. The time will yet come [Isaiah 49.23] when “Kings will serve you as your craftsmen, and their princesses will be your child-minders”. Those very same gentiles who humiliated and subjugated the Jewish people, they will yet beg us ‘sign, let there be peace already, the quicker the better!’  

To see the fulfillment of this prophecy it is imperative that we conduct ourselves as descendants of our Patriarch Yaakov ­ “inhabit the Land”. There is no-­one to pursue or to whom we be subjugated; there is nothing to fear.  Rather, there is the assurance by G-­d regarding the entire Land “it will be easy for his children to conquer”.  

Only by inhabiting the [entire] Land will it be ‘easily conquered by his children’, and thereby will there be peace. On this basis how does it make sense the argument that by surrendering land will we ensure peace for our children and grand­-children; how, by surrendering land G­-d forbid, can this be the path whereby we achieve the fulfillment of the verse ‘the land will be easily conquerable by his children’??  

We have already seen the outcome of previous surrenders and concessions [of the Sinai desert, Gush Katif and more] and the wars which followed when G­-d gifted territories of Israel to the Jewish People. Yet regardless there come along primitive Jews who unjustifiably immediately began begging and running after the Arabs to take back the territories! This brought upon Israel mounting and increasing pressure to relinquish more and more land! In reality however, G-­d performed a miracle: the Arabs refused the offer! In addition, ‘a Divine spirit befell the Jews’ to refuse further give-­aways, but with the proviso that, what has been agreed they will not retract upon. 

The truth needs to be heard: whatever was agreed [even by a show of hands] is null and void! In the first instance, never did they have any legal right of surrender, since the land of Israel is not their personal property! The Land of Israel belongs to every single Jew each of whom hold legal ownership over the Land. It is sufficient for just one single Jew to state his objection to put a stop to giving away the Land! Only then will there descend and be revealed the eternal Word of G-­d ‘that the Land will be easily conquerable by his descendants’.  

This legal tenet stands true also in international law: should just one inheritor object to the handling by others of his inheritance, all agreements reached by others become retroactively voided and all agreements must be re-­examined afresh.  

The same stands true in our situation. A [Jewish] inheritor [of the Land of Israel] is not merely stating his personal objection, rather his right of ownership is empowered by the written Torah, Oral Torah, and Code of Jewish Law.  
                                                     Public talk Motzoi Shabbos Vayetze 1979   

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Three Barbaric individuals came to deny Israel's ownership rights to Eretz Israel

This Shabbos which falls on the Jewish calendar date 25th Sivan when we bless the  month of Tammuz. There is a sefer entitled 'Event of Day" דבר יום ביומו, where there are compiled from Midrash and T'nach all events which took place each day. There it is brought that 25th Sivan [from Midrash 'Megilas Taanis chap.3] that this day was declared a festive day, as follows:

Three barbaric individuals came before Alexander the Macedonian [the Great], with arguments against the Jewish People. The Sages of Israel, after having conferred together, sent a representative G'viha ben P'sisa to respond to their demands. Actually G'viha ben P'sisa had presented himself saying, that since he is an ignoramus [of the high rank of the Midrash - not an ignoramus of today], that should he be successful in repelling their arguments - that would be fine, but should he not be successful, the Sages would respond that he is no more than an ignoramus.

The first to present his argument before Alexander the Macedonian was a descendant of Ishmael, arguing that the Land of Israel belongs also to them: Abraham had  two sons, Isaac and Ishmael they argued, therefore Israel belongs also to them.

G'viha ben P'sisa responded: since all of your claim is Torah based, that Ishmael was the son of Abraham; the same Torah also states that Abraham gave to the sons of the concubines gifts and sent them away to the land of the East. However regarding Isaac it written [Genesis 25.5]: 'He [Abraham] gave all of his possessions to Isaac'. Hearing this, the Ishmaelites had nothing to respond, and took hasty leave.

Next came the Canaanites arguing against the Jewish People: "You are thieves. The land upon which you dwell belongs to the Canaanites - Jews came from other countries and conquered the land".

G'viha ben P'sisa responded: "In the Torah it is recorded [Genesis 9.25] regarding Canaan "He will be a slave belonging to slaves; therefore any possessions you will have will belong to the Jewish People because your status of slavery will remain [even when the Jewish People will themselves enter slavery] - 'slaves belonging even to slaves'. When the Canaanites could find no response to this, they left their tents filled with valuables and took hasty leave.

Thereafter the Egyptians came onto the scene arguing that Torah itself records [Exodus 3.22] that when the Jewish People left Egypt "they borrowed vessels of silver and gold, valuable garments and veritable emptied out Egypt"; therefore now we want the money returned to us.

G'viha ben P'sisa responded: "To the contrary, Egypt enslaved and afflicted the Jewish People for a period of 400 years with no recompense. Come, let us make a calculation and see who is the creditor to whom. Even before completing the calculation of 100 years the Egyptians took to their feet and ran.

The message we have from this historic event is as follows: when telling a gentile that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People, we should not base our claim because Henry Kissinger or Carl Marx said so or that Israel has sufficient military weaponry to respond. A contender will remain unconvinced by these arguments.

Only when the Jewish People state that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People because this is recorded in the Torah - then will the contender be receptive and make his escape.

Actually one could ask: why should a gentile be affected by this argument; he could well respond - that is what is written in your Torah, but not in my scripture!

But since a Jew make his statement with absolute truth - the gentile will accept this as fact; same as took place on 25th of Sivan when G'viha ben P'sisa spoke with all the truth of his heart - that is why the antagonists took their hasty retreat.  
                                                                                   Public talk Parshas Sh'lach 1974  

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ariel Sharon.: His first encounter with Chabad

It was shortly after the Six-Day War in 1967 when a small group of Chabad Chassidim from Yerushalayim set up a t’fillin stand in front of the newly-liberated Kosel. Among the tens of thousands of Jews who would put on t’fillin, many for the first time, was Ariel Sharon.   

The Rebbe Saved Ariel Sharon's Life from a terrorist Hijack!

The little-known tale of how the Rebbe prevented Ariel Sharon from boarding an El Al flight hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.

It was on July 23, 1968, a year after Sharon successfully led a powerful division into the Six-Day War as a Major-General in the Israel Defense Forces. 

Before returning to Israel, Sharon came to Lubavitch Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn to meet the Rebbe, with whom he had a unique relationship and countless encounters. 

While speaking with the Rebbe, Sharon periodically checked his watch, as he was scheduled to return to Israel that night, Sara Levy wrote about that fateful meeting. 

The Rebbe suggested that Sharon stay a little longer and take another flight. Sharon complied and they finished their conversation. 

El Al passenger flight 426 
Later that night, El Al passenger flight 426 was hijacked by three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Palestinian terrorist organization founded in 1967. 

Sharon was meant to be on that flight. 

The aircraft, a Boeing 707, was hijacked on the London-Lod leg of the flight and diverted to Dar El Beida (renamed Houari Boumedienne Airport) in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. 

All Jewish passengers were held for 5 weeks before being released unharmed. According to those released, the hijackers seemed to be looking for "someone important," and they were enraged when they realized that he was not aboard. 
It was later revealed that the entire incident was an operation executed to capture Ariel Sharon, known today as the greatest field commander in Israel's history. 

A while later, Rabbi Zev Segal of congregation Young Israel of Newark who served as President of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), decided to corroborate the story with the Rebbe himself. 

The story was so astounding that I decided to confirm it with the Rebbe himself. When I saw him next, I asked him, “Is it true that you stopped Sharon from going on the plane that was hijacked?” 

He said, “Yes.” 

So, of course I had to ask him the next obvious question, “Why didn’t you stop the plane from flying?” 

He answered me, “Do you really think I knew that they would hijack the plane? I didn’t know. But when Sharon came to see me, I had the sense he should not go. So, I told him to stay.”

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Israel is the Front line for World Security

Interview with the Lubavitcher Rebbe:

Ron Nachman, Mayor of Ariel. Oct. 6 1991

Ron: The Rebbe gave us a blessing to grow to 20,000 residents the last time I was here. I am here to show the Rebbe that his blessing has been fulfilled. We are growing to twice the previous size to 20,000 in less than one and a half years since I was here last.

Mayor Ron Nachman showing the Rebbe growth-map of Ariel

The Rebbe:
 Then I bless you to grow to double the current population. You are satisfied  that  the numbers stand at double the previous figures, but I am talking about doubling that number going forward. With joy and gladness. Much success.

Ron: One question I have. I am here in on a visit in the United States now regarding the political situation, to deliver six weeks of lectures to both Jews and non-Jews. What advice could the Rebbe give me regarding guidance. What should I say on the radio, television and the media with regard to the present relationship with the Americans, with loan guarantees? How should we proceed?

The Rebbe: As I have said several times, Israel’s welfare is in the best interest of the United States, because Israel is the front line there against the Arabs, and the Arabs are against the United States; they want the United States to fail, and for Iran and similar nations to succeed. 

But outside issues have come into play, and you must be able to respond to those issues. It is easy to clarify this, by looking at the speeches of the Unites States Presidents, the way they spoke half a year ago, a year ago and more, where they explained publicly to all that it is imperative for the good of the entire world including the United States, that there be a strong Israel in order to inhibit the influence of Syria, Iran, and so forth... for they are against the USA no less than they are against Israel, and perhaps even more so.  Israel. It is so easy to explain, because there is no need to come up with anything new; just find the newspapers from two and three years ago, and you will  find  this  all spelled out already in detail.

Ron: Thank you very much.

The Rebbe: Much success. If you should need to print a further newspaper article on this issue, then this will be my participation in the costs.

[The Rebbe gave dollars to Mr. Nachman.]

Ron: Thank you very much.

The Rebbe: Much success.