Sunday, 17 December 2017

Menorah lighting at the Western Wall this evening.


When the Jewish People overwhelmed the Greek secular infiltrators in the Holy Land. Miracles in those days and in our times!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Government of Israel to the Rebbe: Send several hundred families to live in Hebron.

A Story:
Heard three days ago from Rabbi Yehuda Leib Groner, assistant to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Member of Knesset, Uzi Landau: I am coming as emissary of the Prime Minister of Israel, requesting that the Rebbe send several hundred families to live in Hebron.

The Rebbe: I am prepared to do that on one condition: that the Prime Minister promise me that these families will not be evacuated and not be told to go back home. I am not prepared to uproot hundreds of families unless I receive a firm assurance that this will not happen.

MK Landau: I cannot assure that.

The Rebbe: As long as I do not receive this assurance from the prime minister, I cannot request families to move.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Holy city of Jerusalem, is the eternal capital of the Jewish Nation

Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to the organization Bnei Brith.

Since the time of King David, Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Land [of Israel], much before the birth of any single world capital in our times. With the exception of the break of 70 years – the exile of Babylon, our nation had always dwelt in the Land for a period of 1340 years [2488 – 3828 since the time of the Creation].

Also, after G-d sent his People into exile, the current dispersion, there was always,even until this time, the presence of Jewish people living in our Land.

Throughout the time Jewish people lived in the lands of the dispersion, did they yearn and pray [three times a day] for our return to the Land of our birth, and to our eternal inheritance, - with these words – “ May our eyes perceive Your return to Zion in mercy”.

Monday, 4 December 2017

It happened: Israel P.M. Shamir phones the Lubavitcher Rebbe for a blessing to avert a multiple PLO terror attack

On the 28th of Nissan, 5750 (April 23, 1990) the Rebbe was notified that P.L.O. terrorists were threatening to attack various targets throughout the world.

Rabbi Binyomin Klein A”H, secretary of the Rebbe

                                                                   Former Israel P.M. Yitzchk Shamir A”H

Rabbi Binyomin Klein A”H, secretary of the Rebbe, tells the following story.

It was before Mincha prayers at 2 pm, the telephone in the Rebbe’s office rings, I pick up the telephone, Eliakim Rubenshtein is on the line who passed on the phone to Shamir, and says that PM Shamir wishes to speak to me. He tells me that information has filtered through that the PLO intends to carry out targeted terror attacks to multiple locations; not one location when protective action can be taken, but for multiple locations world-wide, so he is requesting a blessing.

I went and knocked on the Rebbe’s door, the Rebbe opened the door for me, I repeated the story, and the Rebbe showed no reaction whatsoever. I had carried out my duty by informing the Rebbe.

Mincha time came. No-body knew of this call, because no-one was in the office at 2 pm. After Mincha the Rebbe turned towards those present and began talking about the issue at hand.

The Rebbe: We received information about one hour before Mincha that the PLO has given out instructions to their cells around the world to attack targets G-d forbid to deadly harm which we will not elaborate. Therefore it is understood that we must increase all matters of holiness – since the power of the Jewish People lies in their words, beginning with increasing Torah study with great diligence; this will uproot all unwished for issues, and to the contrary, we will transform these so that greatly increased light will beam forth from the darkness, as wisdom overcomes folly.

Rabbi Klein continues: Everybody starts looking around, some gaze at me; “is this a private issue which the Rebbe is making public?” That’s what took place.

The Rebbe had spoken.  The plans were foiled.

The New York Times did not connect the foiled outcome with the Rebbe. The story in the NYT was only in the news the following day that there was a bomb threat which somehow can to naught, not mentioning the Rebbe [who had spoken of this publicly already the previous day at the time of the threat and who had given the spiritual preventive guidelines to prevent the attack].

The Rebbe continued: Since it is not the appropriate way in Chabad to call for fasting even when halachically one could suggest fasting, rather to increase in Tzedaka which will break the decree, and we have the rule ‘think positive and there will be a positive outcome’, but not to reduce the amount or quality of Tzedaka; rather one should give the value of three meals and to recite three additional chapters of Psalms, adding the last chapter which ends with the words ‘Every Soul should praise G-d, together that each of such should assess what one can contribute spiritually, in this direction and spirit, this, by men women and children, certainly not to cause fear to those around one, but to increase in both Torah and Mitzvos, amidst comfort and true trust in G-d. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Crusader Nations of today who once again wish to destroy us, but this time under the mantle of "making peace".

One hundred and forty representatives of the nations [the UN] “gather and speak futility” arguing that they cannot tolerate the injustice. Just like those who marched in the Crusades, today these are their descendants following in their footsteps, not only in thought and speech, but also by their actions, as we saw in the past few weeks and in the attack, that took place last year and two years ago and they are doing the same now: “I sinned and I will continue to sin!”   
Crusaders Then

Words of Prophecy for our times by Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki [acronym - Rashi, 1040 -1105] 

Rashi begins his commentary, on the very first verse of the Torah, and this is the very beginning of all [our discipline and culture]. Quoting the Midrash that the day will yet come when “nations of the world will claim that the Land of Israel belongs to them”. They begin gradually, first claiming their right to one piece of land, then claiming that another piece of land belongs to them. Rashi therefore starts his entire commentary, “In the beginning”, that we should know a halachic legal decision of Torah, that the time will yet come when they will not openly claim that they intend to steal the Land, that they intend to harm the Jewish People, but to the contrary, they argue “We are an upright people! We are righteous people, we are in pursuit of peace. All we want is peace, but peace can only be built on justice: “you Jews are thieves, you stole the Land!!!” This we see before our very eyes. 
Today's Crusaders

Therefore, this is the very first thing which is told to a five-year-old Jewish child, and the Torah of Truth gives him the rightful response: “This is not an issue of theft, nothing was stolen from anybody”. To the contrary, if nations wish to spare themselves from an existential threat to their countries, one should guide them to stop their talk running contrary to the Will of the Creator, because it was by His Divine Will that He gave the Land originally to them [the Canaanite nations], and it was by His Divine Will that he took the Land from them, and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel His Sacred Nation as an eternal inheritance”.  

When is it that the Jewish response ineffective, when this response is not given. They [the government of Israel] begins to invent their own answers, knowing full well that what they are saying in not being accepted because their responses are not truthful; the truth would be accepted by people. “The Land of Israel sprouts truth”, and before truth everyone becomes submissive!  

We have seen something wondrous: all the [fake] responses [which the Israel government] have given, yet, this is the sole response which until this time they are ashamed to give! This is the extent of the darkness of Exile! Then come along those very same confused people and claim that they are walking along the path of justice and truth which will lead to peace; G-d says that by offering those responses you are turning a gentile into a thief, Heaven For-fend. These Jews are so personally insecure that they cannot bring themselves once and for all to publicize to all 140 gentile representatives and tell them: “We are telling you with absolute clarity the truth, which has been printed and published centuries ago, in one country, then in a second country, ongoing, and upon this truth we have been educated over the centuries that “In the beginning G-d created the world” - this has been first premise of our education given even to our children. 

Rashi wrote his commentary on the Torah even for a child of five years old to understand, for a child who then lived in the times of the Crusades, the terrifying slaughters which took place then as did in our times in Germany. The Crusades took place in Germany, in France and more. Comes along Rashi to tell a child “you intermingle with gentiles, that, should a gentile remonstrate to you, “You stole the Land”, Rashi points out - do not invent your own answers, but tell him as is written in Torah - “G-d, Who recorded His mighty works in the book of Genesis, bequeathed the Land [of Israel] to the Jewish People. 

Now, since the Torah states that this is the response you should give, there is no shadow of doubt that this response will be successful and will be accepted.