Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How are we to safeguard the Land of Israel? Former MK Rehavam Ze'evi (רחבעם זאבי הי"ד‎) with the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Rebbe: I have read a lot about you in the newspapers over the course of many years.

Rehavam Zeevi: I have visited your honor several times. If your honor will agree to guide me, what are we to do to safeguard the Land of Israel, perhaps by something we have not done until now.

Former MK Rehavam Zeevi Hy"d
The Rebbe: To spread Judaism; something which has not been done until now in the Land of Israel; in spite of the wonder that they have not been active transforming ‘inhabitants’ of Eretz Israel to be ‘the sons’ of Eretz Israel, not just a physical habitation, but also a spiritual habitation, to the point whereby all who see the inhabitants will recognize that they were born and educated in the Land whose name is the ‘Land of Israel’, an Eternal Inheritance for an Eternal Nation, seen as such every single day. 

This need not be difficult to achieve because one does not have to create something new but only to reveal that which pre-exists within every Jewish man and woman of Israel, even within children; on the contrary, within children this is in an even purer form without any political opposition or side issues.

Rehavam Zeevi: What is there for me to do in the Knesset that I have not yet done? 

The Rebbe: To announce at every opportune moment that the meaning of ‘Eretz Israel’ is not just an area of land called ‘Eretz Israel’, but rather, all those who reside upon this Land be filled with Jewishness, [which G-d] placed within every Jew - to be recognized upon all those that reside there, whether in a city or upon the Land, that Judaism is the natural way of living, as is the natural air of this Land.  

Rehavam Zeevi: Thank you.

The Rebbe: Blessing and success.