Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Government of Israel can learn from cheder-children how not to run after the gentiles!

 It’s happened before: a similar narrative is brought in Tanach that G-d caused the kingdom of Aram to suffer a huge defeat in the hands of King Ahab of Israel. Regardless, Ahab runs after him saying: “Listen! Don’t be afraid of me!” From this there were terrible repercussions for the Jewish People. After we already know of this event, why do we need to fall into this pitfall a second time?

Chassidishe cheder kinderlech
There was once a child who learned in cheder. In his first year he studied the story of the sale of Joseph, how his brothers tricked him, threw him into a pit, and sold him to Egypt. He went into a state of shock. The following year, the teacher once again studied with the class the same portion. After the child studied the section, he did not go into shock as in the first year. When those around him were surprised at this, he explained: His brothers already sold him last year! So this year he should have known what was in store for him! He was taken in by their plots a second time round? Such a person is unworthy of pity! 

The story of Ahab in all its details has already happened! The King of Aram gathered around him a huge armed force sure of triumph. He had even planned the division of the land after his victory. But a miracle beyond the bounds of nature took place and they were utterly defeated. They fled leaving behind them all their belongings! Regardless Ahab ran after them explaining that he is persuing “peace” and won’t cause him any harm! Torah narratives are not just stories; they stand as halachic directives with real tangible guidance! Two years ago this exact story took place! 

Israel won an awesome victory (the Six-Day War). Regardless, Israel runs after the Arabs asking that they take everything back and are unwilling to learn from that which befell Ahab. They thereby permit those very same shocking results to be repeated! 
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