Monday, 30 November 2015

They want to give away the Old City of Jerusalem

 But after years of entreaties he [President Nasser] began to understand that Israel really does want them to take back the territories.

On the verse ‘And the Children of Israel travelled from the wells of the sons of Yaakov to Moser’, Rashi comments that after the great victory of the Jewish People over the King of Arad, they were beset suddenly with fear of another war, they retreated eight journeys. This is difficult to comprehend. Why were they in shock and why did they flee? They were convinced by their evil inclination – a master craftsman concealing his intent in supposedly G-d-fearing words: ‘Certainly you conquered the King of Arad, but there is reason to fear further warfare. You may well be conquered because ‘you must not rely on miracles’. 

Precisely this was repeated after the Sinai War (1956). Israel, in trepidation of Egypt, they felt that they must submit to Egypt’s demands. Israeli forces retreated, in return for assurances of peace and rights to access freely through the Suez Canal. President Nasser of Egypt violated this promise. (For reasons of peace– Israel offered this retreat; however) Egypt prepared for war! Once again, shortly before the outbreak of the Six Day War, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran preparing their military for war. Many argued Israel should not initiate war but find a peaceful solution. 

The Old City of Jerusalem

With G-d’s mercy, Israel opened the attack disregarding world opinion. The entire world saw the miraculous victory. After the Six Day War the view not to retreat from the territories took precedence. 

Fact: Whenever Israel took the initiative when faced with war, the number of dead was minimal. On the other hand, in Jerusalem where it was decided NOT to attack, the number killed was much greater. 

Yet, regardless of having seen the victory of the Six Day War without fear or subservience to the Arabs, now for three years Israel has been begging the Arabs to take back the conquered territories! President Nasser was convinced that Israel was setting a trap, never believing that Israel would return conquered natural security borders. But after years of entreaties he began to understand that Israel really does want them to take back the territories.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Full Jewish legal entitlement to the Land of Israel and her borders

 There are two ways of negotiating [to determine the borders of the Land of Israel]. The first is to state: I am a Jew. I represent the Jewish People and the Jewish faith. Therefore I ask of you to grant me all that I request. Since we live in exile, G-d desires that we work through natural means by approaching the minister of that country (who is connected to the heavenly ministering angel of that country) and speak to him diplomatically in his language. Yet, together with that, the Jew must speak with clarity and determination, stating his demand. 

This method of negotiating was determined by Abraham our Patriarch who stated: “I am both a non resident and a citizen amongst you”, meaning, if you will concede and grant the Jew what he is owed, I will accept the status of a non-resident in exile, and to pay 400 silver shekels for the merchandise. Even given this diminished status, G-d has commanded Jewish entitlement. [As is known the maxim of the Rebbes of Lubavitch, that only the physical bodies of the Jewish People have been put in exile; not the souls. Therefore a gentile is not empowered to argue that since a Jew is in exile he cannot receive his demand.] 

However, if the gentile is not in agreement, then the Jew will state his demand as an entitlement, a citizen, and take it without offering payment. 

The second form of negotiation with a gentile– in order to determine the borders of Israel– is that the Jew says that our entitlement stems stems from a certain gentile from London [Balfour] who said that the Jewish People need a homeland.

 When the gentile hears this, he comes to the conclusion that this Jew has no basis of entitlement from Jewish sources. That is why he reverts to claiming his rights from a gentile. His response is: True, a gentile did state the need of a Jewish homeland, however now, one hundred and forty gentiles disagree. Who is to say that one solitary gentile [Balfour] holds the determining view? [Actually, this argument of the gentile is correct.]

He is no master to decide that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. Rather, this is the Will of G-d who initially granted this land to them [the Canaanites], and consequently took it from them and granted the land to us].

We are in exile [using natural means – praying for the peace of the city.... because through this we will have peace]. Yet our words must be completely truthful with no hint of falsity [which would be contrary to Torah] because falsity will also lead to results contrary to those we anticipated. 

All the tribulations, which we are living through now, are because Jewish people built their case on that declaration written by a gentile in London! Jewish people regard that gentile as the master who is deciding who should receive “the Land ... upon which the eyes of G-d gaze from the beginning of the year to the end of the year”. The matter does not end there. They attempt to find favor in his eyes and subjugate themselves to him, asking another gentile “where are the borders [of Israel]? Where does the Land belonging to Jewish People end? What were the loyalties, both apparent and undisclosed, of the those who signed a piece of paper in London? 

This is precisely what the Talmud states: “Our Torah should not be compared to their irrelevant words”. We have an iron wall, the iron words of Rashi [the Torah commentator, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki] at the very beginning of the Torah, when a child begins to learn Chumash with the commentary of Rashi at the age of five. We tell him immediately: “[The Almighty] told His nation of the strength of His Hand when He gave [the Jewish People] an inheritance of nations.” Rashi does not leave room to teach the child any conjectural interpretations. Rather, he states with clarity, that there is a country which once belonged to seven nations, [not that they conquered it with the might of their own hands, but rather it was given to them by G-d]; subsequently He took it from them and gave it to us”. There is absolutely no need to seek advice, come to any compromises, conspiracies, or deals as to where our borders ought to be and which territories belongs to them [the Arabs]! G-d Himself delineated and set the borders of the Land of Israel! “This is the Land ....her borders” [Numbers 34.2].

To the Promised Land

They [the government of Israel] have tried all formulas both openly and by secret agreements. Yet, this is the only formula they have not yet attempted with which to go public. This is the only wording which gentiles understand since they study the Tenach [Bible] with the very same verses and same interpretations! 

Gentiles already know the interpretation. Moreover, they know that the Jews also know this correct interpretation. Yet, the Jew chooses to cut himself off, to ignore his spiritual wealth and power and true demand. In fact, this is not a demand or request, but a pre-existing natural oneness of the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel, as the Midrash [Tanchuma] explains: When G-d chose the Nation of Israel from amongst the nations, and chose the Land of Israel from amongst all the lands, it is only logical that the Land which the Creator chose should be given to the People whom the Creator chose! 

By the use of this simple logic there fall away all questions of borders [of Israel]. Then, not only does the issue no longer cause panic and fear, but even the gentiles will know that the Jews [by demonstrating their rightful demand] are “the most powerful amongst the nations” [Talmud Beitza], and that the basis upon which they [the Jewish People] take possession [of their rightful lands] is because they [the gentiles] know that “The word of G-d will stand for ever” [Isaiah 40.8].  

One is fully entitled to approach the gentile and say to him in straightforward terms [quoting Ethics of the Fathers 5.10]: ‘Possessions belonging to me are mine; possessions belonging to you, are yours’. You have the entire world; we have a tiny portion of land which cannot accommodate the nations [Talmud Tractate Gittin 57.1]. The Torah commentator Rashi elaborates in his commentary on the Torah portion [B’chukosai 26.32]: ‘That which the verse forewarns ‘The Land of Israel will lie desolate’ [which appears to be a part of the Curses] is actually a blessing. When the Land is made Judenrein, then gentiles also are unable to take possession of that land!’ [Translator’s note: This ancient prediction mentioned in the Torah, has taken place before our very eyes in Gush Katif which remains utterly desolate of Arab inhabitants and production]. They 
are only able to move around there temporarily, but can never reside there permanently. This is the very nature of the earth of the Land of Israel. 

Since all of this [from the Bible] has already been translated into all languages, the nations of the world are well acquainted with this fact. The government of Israel sent an emissary, a Jew, to negotiate with a gentile. What does he do? He begins to research non-Jewish sources; perhaps there he will find proof for Jewish rights to the Land. When he finally meets with the gentile and begins to prove that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish Nation because Balfour said so, it’s pitiful because the gentile realizes that this is not a legitimate claim. 

The claim must have strong legal justification [recognized also by the gentiles] that the Land of Israel and her borders belong to the Jewish Nation [aside from the greater borders predicted in the Torah portion [Re-ei 12.20], ‘When G-d will broaden your borders’ after the arrival of our righteous Moshiach]. Even if there is need to pay 400 silver shekels, still, the lands are Jewish. The gentile will recognize the truth of this claim, which was not invented in 1948 [with the establishment of the State], but going far back in time to the Revelation at Mount Sinai, and even before that, to the Covenant with Abraham. Only then will the gentile not be suspicious that if he will grant the Jewish nation one portion, they will not further their demand for another portion, because the Jewish Nation are only asking for that which is rightfully theirs!  

The government makes no effort to release itself from slavery to the international community.They know that their slavery will only end when Jews return to their faith. Then ‘immediately will they be released from their exile’ [see Maimonides]. At this time we are still in a state of Exile, not as is the view of those who are mistaken and mislead others [that 1948 was the time when the exile came to an end, and now we have entered the beginning of the Redemption]. Maimonides states clearly that the exile will be prolonged up until the moment when ‘there will arise a King from the Royal House of King David who will bring all Israel to walk in the footsteps of the Torah, and its breaches will be repaired. Thereafter Moshiach will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious, [all of this he will achieve whilst the Jewish People are still in exile]’.

 Only thereafter will he build the [third] Temple in its rightful place and ‘he will bring about the ingathering of the dispersed ones of Israel.’ This is the great test for us to overcome in our times. 

Public address 11 Nissan 1976

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I have demanded that this be put right for a long time yet the Israeli Government continues its policy of surrender

 “One of the questions I am asked, since I have demanded that this be put right for a long time yet the Israeli Government continues its policy of surrender which means giving away territories, have I been wasting my time as nothing has changed?! To this there are two responses: 

1. Should there be absolutely no protest then the situation would be much worse. 

2. The Torah states: “You should continue to reprove your friend” which the Talmud elaborates to mean “even one hundred times”. Commentators explain this to mean quite literally 100 times, that even if one has already fulfilled one’s obligation 99 times, the Torah demands a 100th time with the same forcefulness as the first time, since this 100th time is part of that very same command!

This seems inexplicable; he has already reproved 99 times, what will the 100th time achieve? The response is based on the halachically binding words of Maimonides. If the world would not be in a state of equal balance, then certainly one single act could have no effect to alter the balance. However, since the world is in a state of equal balance, then with one single outcry of protest he is able to alter this state of fine balance for himself and indeed the entire world-scales towards the good and brings himself and the entire world to be saved!

May it be Hashem’s Will that they should not pursue their chosen path which until now has brought us to this present harmful situation– far worse than it was a year ago. Then it was much easier and simpler to set up residence throughout the lands of Yehuda and Shomron, Hebron and the Old City of Jerusalem. Today when one wishes to establish even one single home the nations immediately rise in protest: “For ten consecutive years you yourselves did not permit this and now when we are signing for peace you are jumping in to do this?!” 

In any event, may it be the Will of Hashem that going forward all the territories should be immediately inhabited since with every passing day it becomes more difficult. And since ultimately there will be no fleeing from the territories it is better that this be done now!” 

Shabbos Bereishis 1979

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hebron: You murdered them and thereby inherit them?! Is this called a status quo?!”

 I [the Lubavitcher Rebbe] sent a representative to the Government of Israel to ask them:

“How is it possible that you are actually giving Hebron to the Arabs?”

Ancient Jewish Hebron

They replied to me: that “This is not the case, that there are 240 families that were permitted to live there”. 

I asked again: “But even to these 240 families were given a permit only to live outside of the borders of Hebron not in Hebron”. They answered me: “What do you mean? The location they were permitted to settle is only 10 minutes from the Cave of Machpela.”

I asked them: “What do you mean only 10 minutes? A distance of just one minute can be across of the borders of Eretz Israel! Even such a short journey is outside of Hebron!” I do not know how they can enact a law that forbids Jewish People from living in Hebron. How can a Jewish government ratify giving Hebron to the Arabs?! 

Moreover: The Mayor of Hebron (Sheikh Jabari) is an Arab who took part in the pogrom in 1929 against the Jews. We know clearly that either he or his brother or father took part in the pogrom against the Jewish People! There are photographs from that period which prove that he, the Mayor of Hebron was involved with the murders. And the Mayor, not only does he not hide this fact but even prides himself that it was he who evicted the Jews from Hebron. These very same Arabs! Not Arabs from Egypt, but these very Arabs who murdered Jews in 1929 – they are giving Hebron to them!? 

What do the government representatives answer me? “We have here a situation of “status quo”– Hebron has been in the hands of the Arabs already for 30 years.”

What kind of status quo do we have here?! This situation is one of “You murdered them and thereby inherit them?! Is this called a status quo?!” 

Public talk Shabat Parshat Noach, 1971

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Lubavitcher Rebbe demands of the Government of Israel: All terrorists must be Removed in One Single Procedure

 I once spoke with a physician of an operational procedure. Our discussion moved on to the situation in Eretz Israel. 

I said to him: “When you operate on a Jew, your intention is to improve his health. Now since an operation is a serious matter costing much health and blood loss, may G-d protect us; being that you are a merciful and intelligent man, perhaps you break up the operation into ten stages.” First operate; only some blood will be lost, wait for this area to heal, operate the second stage, until the tenth, when you finally reach the problem, and then remove the undesirable elements.

The physician replied: “Do not take offense, but you are not qualified in medicine. (To my question “Why?” he replied:”) The purpose of an operation is to remove the ailment. If a small incision is made, and we wait for this to heal, after a week make a second incision, until the tenth, the element remains embedded in the body and much blood is spilled. No benefit will be gained because the source has not been removed. There is no choice but to operate in one single procedure. He will be temporarily weakened and more blood spilled but ultimately less blood lost. The patient will be healed because the ailment has been dealt with.” 

I responded; I am pleased to hear your view. This should be the precise procedure applied to Eretz Israel. 

There are two options: One, to tell the opposing side that we will not relinquish into your hands the Land of Israel. Since he will be offended we will take no action against terrorists. We wait a week or so, perhaps his mood will improve, and then suggest he gives in on something. But we do nothing. Armed terrorists remain in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron, Shechem, Ramallah, and everywhere, may G-d protect us!

Alternatively there is the second option: In one single operation take out all the terrorists and be rid of them!

Not all hundreds of thousands of Arabs there are terrorists; they are relatively few. The rest of the inhabitants are not preoccupied with terror. They just want to live in peace. In Lebanon those that create the turmoil are a small minority who murder tens of thousands, may G-d protect us. The same is true of terrorists in Israel: There are a small number in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron, Shechem, and Lod who create terror.

The government knows who they are and are able to deal with them but are afraid to do so in order not to offend even a small nation – certainly not a major power. They take no action, they forbid Jewish people to live there; even security personnel are not permitted there because of the government’s fear of the gentile. It is now ten years that only one hundred people have been permitted to take residence in the old City of Jerusalem! One hundred people in ten years! In this time the Arabs have multiplied [by natural growth] many times over! 

May it be the Will of G-d that the command be fulfilled “Appoint for yourselves judges and patrol officers” whose decisions will be based on Torah Law, which states– “by compromising with terror the land becomes easily conquerable by them”. Whether in Israel, Boro Park, Kew Gardens, Williamsburg, Crown Heights or Bnei Brak: the law is the same everywhere! This decision must be taken with regard to Ramallah, the Golan Heights, and Hermon. Army Officers (presently serving the Army) have clearly stated: “Retreating from the territories and not taking security action places life threatening danger upon every Jew living in Israel!

”Talks of Motzo’ei Shabbos Re-ei and 1st day of Elul 1978

Monday, 16 November 2015

The Rebbe speaks of his upbringing

 Once, someone asked me: “How is it that you are not hurt by insults, one who abuses further, and a third outbidding all of those with his verbal abuse?” I replied: “It is my upbringing”. I am not saying that these do not bother me; but these do not affect me to change my ways. When events threaten human lives– it is forbidden to remain silent!”
The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe with his son-in-law the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Painting by Raphiel Nouril

This is a clear legal declaration based on a clear and absolute Talmudic decision [Eruvin 45.1]. G-d helped me (not that this was my personal choice or desire) that I was the firstborn to my father who subsequently became the Chief Rabbi of Yekatrinislav. In those days in Russia it was necessary to arbitrate disputes and send responsa to questions and verbal abuse; replies had to be in the Russian language. 

 As I was the oldest son of the Chief Rabbi of the city, this responsibility fell upon me. [The fact that I was able speak Russian and was knowledgeable in further secular areas gave fuel to further abuse by those who were takers of bribery who were themselves knowledgeable in these fields but made a secret of this, whereas I did not]. I was trained in those days [some 60– 65 years ago] not to wait for honorable titles, to sit, wait and remain silent. It is forbidden to take such a position. This is not the way I was educated and brought up. My opinion in matters of education is that where lives are under threat it is forbidden to remain silent even if you are sure that immediately [or tomorrow or the day after] so-and-so will bad mouth you. I will not be affected thereby. What is however harmful is that some time later there arrives a Jew who speaks outright lies. 

 The issue is not one of the negative Torah command that it is forbidden to hand over territory to a gentile, but of lives under direct threat! In order that the public should not remain under any illusion, we spoke of this, repeated our words, put it in writing, had the issue put in print, published and requested that all interested parties publicize this: In the code of Jewish Law, section Orach Chayim Laws of Shabbos Ch. 329, the words are clear on the matter. And yet, regardless, it has no effect and bothers him naught. It is meaningless to him, because he has taken monetary bribes! I will not change my actions or forsake the path trodden out for me by my father and my teacher, my father-in-law: “Take no notice of insults, even of a decree by gentiles!

 Some argue: “You are annoying the gentiles!” My father-in-law had the choice not to be involved with the gentiles or with the Yevseksia [Jewish anti-Semites]. He could have sat in peace and study with the members of his household and pupils and all those who wished to study with him. Had he done so, no-one would have harmed him. Certainly he had the opportunity to escape from there as did others [until this very day they remain shamelessly silent knowing full well that they opened the road for others to give up their leadership, abandon their sheep and run for more secure pastures to study Torah in peace!]

My father-in-law did not abandon his flock. He remained up until the moment when he was forced to escape because they [the communists] prevented all possibilities for him to continue his work of spreading Torah and Judaism by arresting anyone who had any contact with him! To the contrary: when he crossed the border, he reconnected with those who remained in Russia.And now we can see the fruits of his endeavors: G-d-fearing Jews, alive, learning Torah and observing Mitzvos, with the self sacrifice to spread Judaism. 

Public Talk 20 Av 1979

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Terrifying Destruction of Jewish Communities

 We have all witnessed and seen the terrifying destruction of the Jewish Communities of Gush Katif and Amona by the Jewish hands of the Government of Israel. Rabbi Y. Y. Schneersohn the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, foresaw in his crystal clear vision that this would take place at the end of days [the exile]. He spoke actual words of prophecy. Here we present his words spoken sixty one years ago, 26th day of the Jewish month of Adar, 1945, on the occasion of the fifty year celebration since the establishment of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim.
Neve Dekalim Synagogue destroyed

Men and Women, see, and listen! 

In the Land of Israel there is taking place the slow annihilation of Jewish children. Many anti-religious people amongst the group of leaders whose responsibility is to help the orphans, children of survivors of the holocaust, in the Land of Israel, have put together a corner of destruction for those children who were put into their hands. 

In the territories conquered by the Germans, Hitler set up destruction camps to harm and burn the bodies of Jewish people; in [the land of] Israel a certain group have set up houses of destruction to harm and to burn Jewish Souls.

‘The corner of destruction’ is busy with the destruction of children, orphans of the remnant of the Jewish people, educating the children by Hamans bent on the same path and education of the men of the Yevseksia [Jewish communists], sons of the G-d-less.

These Hamans are teaching the children to desecrate the Sabbath, to eat non-kosher food, to eat on Yom Kippur, to eat leaven bread on Passover, and do not even permit the children to recite the kaddish prayer to recall their parents who were murdered sanctifying G-d’s Name. They teach the children to scoff at G-d and Judaism.

These orphans who are receiving their education from the Hamans of whom we have spoken, will yet tear apart Torah scrolls, burn down Jewish synagogues, tear up Jewish cemeteries, organise pogroms, stab, burn, and shoot at Jewish bodies, violate and plunder the property of others.