Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Terrifying Destruction of Jewish Communities

 We have all witnessed and seen the terrifying destruction of the Jewish Communities of Gush Katif and Amona by the Jewish hands of the Government of Israel. Rabbi Y. Y. Schneersohn the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, foresaw in his crystal clear vision that this would take place at the end of days [the exile]. He spoke actual words of prophecy. Here we present his words spoken sixty one years ago, 26th day of the Jewish month of Adar, 1945, on the occasion of the fifty year celebration since the establishment of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim.
Neve Dekalim Synagogue destroyed

Men and Women, see, and listen! 

In the Land of Israel there is taking place the slow annihilation of Jewish children. Many anti-religious people amongst the group of leaders whose responsibility is to help the orphans, children of survivors of the holocaust, in the Land of Israel, have put together a corner of destruction for those children who were put into their hands. 

In the territories conquered by the Germans, Hitler set up destruction camps to harm and burn the bodies of Jewish people; in [the land of] Israel a certain group have set up houses of destruction to harm and to burn Jewish Souls.

‘The corner of destruction’ is busy with the destruction of children, orphans of the remnant of the Jewish people, educating the children by Hamans bent on the same path and education of the men of the Yevseksia [Jewish communists], sons of the G-d-less.

These Hamans are teaching the children to desecrate the Sabbath, to eat non-kosher food, to eat on Yom Kippur, to eat leaven bread on Passover, and do not even permit the children to recite the kaddish prayer to recall their parents who were murdered sanctifying G-d’s Name. They teach the children to scoff at G-d and Judaism.

These orphans who are receiving their education from the Hamans of whom we have spoken, will yet tear apart Torah scrolls, burn down Jewish synagogues, tear up Jewish cemeteries, organise pogroms, stab, burn, and shoot at Jewish bodies, violate and plunder the property of others.

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