Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: My continuing protest at the Government of Israel's policy of attempted surrender by relinquishing of her territories

“One of the questions I am asked is "since I have demanded that this be put right for a considerable time, yet the Israeli Government continues its policy of attempting to surrender of territories, have I been wasting my time as nothing has changed?!" 

To this there are two responses: 

1. Should there be absolutely no protest, the situation would be much worse.

2. The Torah states: “You should continue to reprove your friend” which the Talmud elaborates to mean “even one hundred times”. Commentators explain this to mean quite literally 100 times, that even if one has already fulfilled one’s obligation 99 times, the Torah demands a 100th time with the same forcefulness as the first time, since this 100th time is part of that very same command!

This seems inexplicable; he has already reproved 99 times, what will the 100th time achieve? The response is based on the halachically binding words of Maimonides. If the world would not be in a state of equal balance, then certainly one single act could have no effect to alter the balance. However, since the world is in a state of equal balance, then with one single outcry of protest he is able to alter this state of fine balance for himself and indeed the entire world-scales towards the good and brings himself and the entire world to be saved!

Maimonides: The world is in a state of perfect balance.
May it be Hashem’s Will that they should not pursue their chosen path which until now has brought us to this present harmful situation– far worse than it was a year ago. Then it was much easier and simpler to set up residence throughout the lands of Yehuda and Shomron, Hebron and the Old City of Jerusalem. Today when one wishes to establish even one single home the nations immediately rise in protest: “For ten consecutive years you yourselves did not permit this and now when we are signing for peace you are jumping in to do this?!” 

In any event, may it be the Will of Hashem that going forward all the territories should be immediately inhabited since with every passing day it becomes more difficult. And since ultimately there will be no fleeing from the territories it is better that this be done now!” 

                                                                                        Shabbos Bereishis 1979

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