Saturday, 26 December 2015

General Ariel Sharon – Interview with the Rebbe

 The Lubavitcher Rebbe showed extraordinary knowledge regarding military matters ongoing in Israel, in areas of security, politics and those pertaining to international affairs, particularly those connected to instructions emanating from Washington. Moreover, the Rebbe showed knowledge down to the minutest details of the military confrontations that took place during the Six Day War.

 The Rebbe said to General Sharon: “It will be our greatest insanity if we were to retreat from the new borders. It will expose the lack of trust in the government of Israel; lack of faith in our own strength and will only invite external pressure upon us. It is imperative to stop trying to find favor in the eyes of the gentile nations. This has never helped in the past, nor will it help in the future. The indecisiveness of Israel must stop. It is obligatory to uproot the mentality of exile [slavery to the gentile nations] from the Land of Israel. The government of Israel needs to decide to inhabit the liberated territories and come out with a call to world Jewry to come and settle these lands, I am certain that half a million young Jewish People would respond to this challenge”.

 With regard to the various solutions which have been forwarded, which call for a full or partial retreat by Israel, the Rebbe said: “These plans will bring about a sharpening of tension in the future.  

These are solutions which run contrary to the natural path”. In the view of the Rebbe, Israel today lies within its natural borders. With pain did the Rebbe continue: “Every matter which is decided by the government of Israel is known immediately by the Gentiles.

The Rebbe turned to General Sharon with the question: “Why does the military not present its view more forcefully regarding the [security of the present] borders?”

Sharon replied: “This is a political decision”.

 The Rebbe interrupted him with a dismissive wave of his hand: “This is not a matter of politics, this is one of security. I believe with perfect faith that we are able, and we must inhabit these territories”.

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