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The Temple Mount must be in Jewish hands notwithstanding it is forbidden to enter the Temple area.

Part 8. Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel. Security message for the Government
As we have spoken many times, the time of the beginning of the Redemption will only be with the coming of Moshiach. At this time we find ourselves in the re-doubled darkness of the Exile.

The situation is as it is because [the government of Israel] is fearful even of the rustling of a leaf [in their fear of the enemy] to the point where there are those who have already agreed secretly in their heart, and given indication, that they are prepared to relinquish part - even the entire Old City of Jerusalem together with the Temple Mount and the area of the Temple to the Arabs.

Moshiach will soon rule over Eretz Israel
This must remain within our ownership despite the fact that entry onto the Temple area is without any doubt whatsoever absolutely forbidden [see Maimonides Laws of the Temple 7.16].  This is the place of our Temple from which “never did the Shechina [Divine Presence] remove itself".

As long as Hashem decided that these were in the hands of the Arabs, we were bound to conduct ourselves ‘not to ascend with strength to conquer’.

However, immediately Hashem gave all of Jerusalem into the hands of the Jewish People - it is certain that it is forbidden to relinquish this according to the Command of Torah. Specifically, should a portion of the Old City of Jerusalem be given away G-d Forbid, they would be endangering the lives not only of the Jewish people living there, but also those living in the New City of Jerusalem!

More, this being the main point: should they relinquish to the opposing forces anything which [according to Torah] is forbidden, then, not only is this not the path to prevent war, but to the contrary, as we saw in the three previous wars, by capitulating this will increase their demands for much more in preparation for further conquests.

More: all calculations of capitulation whereby they think they will achieve peace - are uncertain at the most. On the other hand, relinquishing areas of Judea and the Shomron puts into mortal danger all of the Jewish people throughout the Land of Israel! This is of absolute certainty. This, according to the Law of Torah, politicians are obliged to request the view of the military.

We have a ruling: ‘a matter of uncertainty cannot outweigh - over-rule - that which is a matter of certainty’. It is clear: It is forbidden to hand over any parts of the Land of Israel.

The Rebbe. Spoken from his room. Parshas Vayetze, 9 Kislev,  1977.

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