Monday, 24 July 2017

A lesson today for Israeli negotiators: Sadat would have come to term should Israel refuse to hand over Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians

Part 6. Lessons to be learnt from Sadat's visit to Eretz Israel.

Those who have a viewpoint and a say in the negotiations with Sadat who arrived to Eretz Israel, there is no need to be unbalanced if at the outset of negotiations he comes up with colossal demands; this is the way of negotiations. Initially one demands much more than one truly imagines one will receive in order to be given something.

The Sinai Desert
Actually, more than this: all demands he is making on behalf of other Arab countries (apart from his own) are no more than mere words. His concern is only for his own country. Before his trip he was under pressure not to go, regardless he went, and was therefore obliged to feign that he will make demands on their behalf. In truth, he has no interest whatsoever in those but to the contrary: he absolutely does not want those countries to grow in strength because thereby his own image as a leader will be diminished.

The same is true for his demands on behalf of the Palestinians - any pressure he exerts on their behalf is no more than to excuse himself to those against his visit.

Therefore should [the Israeli government] stand strong and tell him that his demands on behalf of the Palestinians are life-threatening and that it is absolutely impossible to give away even one grain of Judea and the Shomron, he [Sadat] will actually be very appreciative with their response!

The one and only concern he has is with regard to the Sinai Desert. Here the Israeli negotiator needs to put this to the military [which areas are vital for security and which perhaps not]. Areas not harmful to [Israel’s] security could be negotiated.   [Translator’s note: In hindsight now that we see that ISIS has over-run the Sinai, perhaps the reclaiming of the entire Sinai is appropriate.]

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