Monday, 24 July 2017

Rabbis unwilling to rely on the information I have in hand should immediately make their own inquiries because this is life threatening!

Part 5. Sadat's visit to Israel

Whatever we have spoken of previously does not represent any lack of respect for Rabbis as they are ordained Rabbis, certainly conduct themselves according to the Code of Jewish Law, and most certainly are aware of the law pertaining to life threatening situations for Jewish people in Eretz Israel which certainly touches each of them to the very core of their soul. Therefore there is no need for me to encourage or awaken them in this regard.

However, for the Rabbis to publish a Halachic declaration, they need to all the factual information pertaining to this. To save the Rabbis the long drawn out toil to make their inquiries, we are offering them

(a) all necessary intelligence information already gathered after all inquiries from experts in the military stating unequivocally that should even one iota of the West Bank [Samaria] be relinquished this would present life threatening danger for great numbers of Jewish people,  

(b) asking them to consider the [horrific] results which have taken place when the view of the military was ignored.

Rabbis unwilling to rely on my intelligence information should go make their own inquiries. However, given that this will take considerable time and lives are at stake, certainly they will do so at the earliest opportunity.

The choices are one or other of the following:

[1] Should [the government of Israel] buckle under to pressures from the gentiles of foreign countries and to Jewish people who are expert in political maneuverings with ‘fearful and weak hearts’;

[2] Or, because of the threat to life, should they follow the view of military experts who state that relinquishing one iota of Judea and Samaria (or any any portion of the Land of Israel and her borders), this endangers the lives - May G-d protect us - of great numbers of Jewish people.

In addition to the Covenant struck by G-d with our Patriarch Abraham whereby the Land of Israel was promised to the Jewish Nation; there is the existential danger stated by the military, there is the classic ruling ‘one does not rely on miracles’.

Such investigations by the Rabbis cannot be delayed and only thereafter come to a halachic declaration of law; rather a clear declaration of halachic law must be publicized immediately one way or the other as per the two alternatives enumerated above.

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