Monday, 24 July 2017

The Israel government’s wish not to be seen as the aggressors was the cause of thousands killed in the Yom Kippur War.

Part 3. Sadat's Visit to Israel

Regarding pressure against Israel, we conclude with the events of the Yom Kippur War how surrender to pressure was not beneficial.

Some hours before the outbreak of the war [some say even days], there were clear intelligence warnings that the Arabs were preparing to go to war against the Holy Land and Jewish People living there, from two fronts - both from Egypt and from Syria.   

Those expert in warfare declared with one united voice: should Israel only make a call up for soldiers [even without actually going out to war], and certainly, should Israel open with a preventive war, it is a matter of certainty that not only will the Arab attack not succeed, but they will be defeated.

Yet, despite these warnings there arrived upon the scene politicians with no knowledge of warfare [expert only in political matters] and made the decision to the absolute contrary, even informing Washington that they know full well that the Arabs are preparing to open the attack, nevertheless, not only will they not open a preventive war, but more, Israel will not even make a full call up - all this in order not to be seen as the aggressors.  

[The Rebbe continues at this point to give his assessment of their decision]. There is no validity to their decision not to attack; when an opposing force stands ready to  attack, an attack by the opposing side is not one of aggression, but is a preventive war [‘One who comes to kill you pre-empt to kill him first’ - Talmud Sanhedrin 72.1].  Certainly there is no room to argue the case not to make a call up [to be against a call up so as not to be called the aggressor], because even from their point of view a call up is not an attack.

The outcome of this conduct  was that hundreds of Jewish People - May Hashem avenge their blood - were killed in this war - hundreds of entire worlds, because every Jewish soul is an entire world’ - [Talmud Sanhedrin 84].

Until now I refrained from speaking negatively against Jewish People. However, since all of this has already be documented, I am speaking of this in order that G-d Forbid they should not repeat the same mistake once again.     

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