Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Temple Mount and Cave of the Patriarchs are registered in name of Gentiles!

We find ourselves now at the end of the Exile. We hear the footsteps of Moshiach. From time to time we are remind of this. These events are not accidental; but are by Divine Providence, to awaken Jewish People to be purer, better, and not G-d forbid, to the contrary. Very recently, several such events took place which all of us can contemplate and find from which to learn. I will consider two points which are relevant both general and specific. The teaching of the Baal Shem Tov is well known: 'Whatever a Jew sees or hears has within it a message for his service to his Creator.' This is certainly true when he sees an event of a more general nature, not just relevant to himself or a small number of Jewish people, but to a great number. This certainly has a great message. Not always does one disclose all happenings lest they cause pain to the Jewish people. 

We see a matter of shocking proportions that has turned sour. The situation remains status quo even though there are those in the government who know what is going on, but make as if they know nothing. Until this very day it remains registered in official documents that the legal owner of the Temple Mount is a gentile. 

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount
These locations remain sacred. We have a ruling, that holiness maintains its position never to become nullified, as Maimonides writes “the Divine Presence cannot become nullified”. This is the Halachic ruling. They know this and offer tacit agreement until this very day. No-one wishes to get involved, rather, they are silent about the entire matter. 

The same is true of the Cave of Machpela and the surrounding area. Official documents record these as belonging to a gentile! This runs contrary to [not just to love of Israel but] to the love of justice and honesty! Simply said, just as the government took over many locations for security reasons paying for them in a manner of pleasantness and peace, similarly they could have done this regarding the place of our Temple and the Cave of Machpela. Yet, this status quo remains until this very day. The agents to whom we spoke who are responsible make out as if they know nothing, despite of the fact that this is public knowledge. 

Elijah the Prophet called out at Mount Carmel to the Jews who served idols: “How long will you continue to waver between two opinions?” Choose a specific path – make the choice! “If the Master is G-d – go after Him”! Do not waver between two views. 

In one respect this is much worse than idol worship. In this instance they are not even wavering between two views. Immediately after the military powers of Israel conquered Jerusalem and Hebron, they already knew that there is an official paper from the time of the Turkish occupation in which documents unjustifiably and incorrectly state that the Temple Mount and Cave of Machpela belong to a gentile. This Arab did not make any such purchase (as did Abraham our Patriarch for 400 silver shekels)! Regardless, they left the documents of ownership as it was. 

                                                                                           Public address 13th Tishrei 1977

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