Monday, 31 July 2017

A brazen Declaration - Hebron belongs to others!

These days something totally shocking is taking place, specifically with Hebron. Unbelievable: a gathering of tens of Jews. With what are they preoccupied; using their intelligence? Standing in judgment over Hebron!  Was Hebron captured, or liberated from a foreign power?!

They have no shame, not for themselves, nor from others. 

Gentiles know what is written in the Bible, “That Hebron, the Cave of Machpela and the surrounding field was bought by Abraham our forefather even before the giving of the Torah, for which he paid 400 silver shekels. They know of the conquest of Joshua and of the Jews who ascended from Babylon. 

Yet regardless, these Jews publicly present themselves at a special sitting as if to display their sharp wisdom of a “wise and understanding nation”, attempting to purify vermin. Their thinking is far below the impurity of vermin. Not only do they attempt to purify the subject, but how does this wise and understanding nation use their intelligence? 

Instead of choosing a policy of protecting Jewish life, the Divine presence is forced to descend [when ten Jews gather together - before whom an angel present would be nullified before such powerful spiritual energy].

Ancient Jewish Hebron

A Jew is entrusted with a mission – a soul descends into a physical body to create a dwelling place for Almighty G-d in this lower realm. 

Rather they utilize their G-d given minds to mislead themselves and those around them by announcing that Hebron belongs to others, making announcements as if Hebron is some sort of conquered territory. 

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