Monday, 31 July 2017

In these last moments of the Exile, they put an Egyptian at the head of the table!

Rashi, [commenting on the portion in Torah dealing with the Exodus of the Jewish People from Egypt], infers from the verse “and there will be no plague among you, - but there will be a plague among the Egyptians". 

An Egyptian in the home of a Jew will not escape [the plagues] – that among you only there will be no plague, but the plague will strike an Egyptian in your home. Furthermore, a Jew in the house of an Egyptian will not be smitten – "there will be no plague among you".  

The fact that Rashi needs to teach us this lesson is evident that at the time of the final plague there were Jews who permitted Egyptians into their homes, and more so, there were Jews who went to visit Egyptians! Jews knew very well that when there arose a new King (who refused to attribute the survival of Egypt to Joseph), that the Egyptians were evil. G-d brought upon them the previous nine plagues, and Moses declares that very soon they will be struck by the tenth final plague - the death of their first-born.

These were the final moments of the Exile, and immediately thereafter G-d will reveal Himself in all His grandeur. Regardless, there were Jews who invited Egyptians into their homes, set them at the head of the table welcoming them saying: “You are our brothers!” They were ashamed of their Judaism, with an inferiority complex, wanting to find favor in the eyes of Egypt, inviting them into their homes! There were Jews who did not want to associate themselves with other Jews, socializing instead with Egyptians in their houses, knowing full well that they were putting themselves into mortal danger at the very moment of destruction. Incredible! Here, in a Jewish home, with blood on the two doorposts and lintel, sits an Egyptian at the head of the table with a Jew who is serving him the Pascal lamb!

Today there are such Jews who have the same inferiority complex – in trepidation before the Nations, making themselves utterly subservient to them giving away secure borders and oil wells! And they call this a religious achievement and an act heralding the beginnings of the redemption! The Jewish People have been in Exile for 1900 years. 

Was all of this long drawn out agony of Exile just so that we achieve this downtrodden state?? Never before have the Jewish People reached such a low, to be so dependent on the nations. Jews have turned themselves into veritable slaves!  

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