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Declaration of Rabbis in 770 will annul decision of Nations

Any act by Jewish People performed with Torah and Mitzvos has a ripple effect throughout the world. We find ourselves in a situation in which ‘the nations storm and plot’, but one must not be intimidated. It will come to naught. The prophet Isaiah assures us ‘the plans which they formulate will be annulled; their speeches will not come to fruition, for G-d is with us’. Nothing which G-d created in this world is for naught. Information that comes our way is intended for us that we increase in ‘the voice is the voice of Yaakov’ which will annul ‘the hands are hands of Esau’. 

We are obligated to speak specifically of those matters being spoken at the gatherings of the Nations. When they choose to speak against G-d and His anointed one, we are duty-bound to speak of the Greatness of G-d and His Moshiach. Furthermore, according to the interpretation that ‘anointed’ refers also to [small] cheder children, we are obliged to speak of the value of a Jewish education. 

So too, when nations speak against the Land of Israel and the holy City of Jerusalem we must speak forcefully, with feeling and strength, that the Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel with the Torah of Israel– an eternal inheritance for an eternal Nation!

The Rebbe leading the joy at a Ferbrengen
Now since there are in this house of learning (770) many tens of Jews, ‘the Divine presence rests upon ten Souls of Israel’ (Tractate Sanhedrin 39.1). All of the nations are no more than seventy – therefore seventy Rabbis should rise to their feet (representing all of Israel parallel to all seventy nations), and proclaim a Halachic declaration with regard to the Integrity of the Land, and of the Jewish People [Who is a Jew]. This should be a legal declaration, and it will come to pass! 

As the Talmud states, one who occupies himself with the laws of sacrifices, is regarded as having offered a sacrifice. So too, it is with those who are occupied with the Laws of the integrity of the Land, of Torah and the Nation of Israel. This is why we are discussing the nations’ actions and rhetoric. This could be considered a waste of precious time, and keeping the Jewish People from studying more Torah and performing more mitzvos. However, we are obliged to speak (and thereby overwhelm) specifically those matters being spoken by the Nations.

This legal ruling will affect the Gentiles. The Midrash recounts an amazing story. Haman saw how Mordechai met some children returning from Cheder and asked them: ‘tell me a verse of your learning’. The children responded: ‘Do not fear sudden terror nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes. They will contrive a scheme but it will be foiled; conspire a plot but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us. ‘Till your old age I am with you; to your later years I will sustain you; I have made you and I will carry you. I will bear with you and I will deliver you’. 

This had its effect on Haman. Why was Haman so affected by the Jewish children? However, this is a sign that when the truth is spoken from the Torah of Truth, this will destroy the likes of Haman. Certainly this will affect Jewish People. So too, when you will declare a Halachic injunction to retain the entire Land, this will affect the Nations. This may appear almost childish; nevertheless this is the message we have from this story. Here we have many tens, more than Seventy Rabbis, ‘Who are the powerful Kings? – The Rabbis!’ [Tractate Gittin 62.1]. 

Seventy two Rabbis (two to overwhelm Esau and Ishmael, the two heads of the nations) should declare that the storming of the nations and their plans are Null and Void! The Jewish People have the eternal Covenant of the complete Land of Israel, the complete Torah and complete Nation of Israel. Then all will be nullified. All will see that this was a mirage. 

A Rabbi should stand up and speak of the Land of Israel belonging exclusively to the Jewish People. Thereafter the remaining Seventy one Rabbis should voice their agreement, and all those assembled respond "Amen, Amen!" The point is all of Eretz Israel belongs to every individual Jew and all the Jewish People.  No-one can change this: neither gentile, nor Jew! And so it shall be, ‘The word of our G-d will stand for ever’. May it be the Will of G-d that immediately there will be fulfilled: ‘I believe’, ‘I wait for his [Moshiach"s] coming daily’, the true and complete redemption immediately  - NOW!  

                                                                                                         Spoken Yud Shvat 1976

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