Monday, 31 July 2017

Nations that Besiege a City – go out Armed for Battle

There is clear legal ruling, when a border city (whether in Israel or abroad – if inhabited by Jewish people – is considered a border city) receives intelligence information that a nation is preparing to approach, even if it their stated intention is merely their need for cattle fodder– the ruling is to go out to war– armed and even to desecrate the Shabbos! 

Shulchan Aruch - Code of Jewish Law
When this becomes the accepted policy “fear and trepidation will fall upon them” and war will not be necessary. And if G-d forbid, this does lead to war, we will be victorious, since they are marching with the power of G-d. As we actually saw in the war which has just taken place in the north, they were successful since they conducted themselves as is expected in a life threatening situation. 

There is no choice in the matter since “This Torah is beyond change”. Decisions must be made according to this ruling regardless whether or not their conscience tells them so. 

We are speaking of one who, in his private affairs conducts himself religiously, and when he was asked, how is this possible that you act in this way, when we have the ruling of halacha to the contrary?! He answers: “since I was voted in, I act according to my conscience”. When further asked, “but you are a Torah observant Jew, how do you follow your conscience which is contrary to Torah"? The question went unanswered! ‘Until today he continues to conduct himself in a way that “weakens the heart of his brother as his heart is weak” and certifies that he will not do what is necessary in order to save lives! 

This is the extent of the deep darkness which envelops the Holy land. In spite of the fact that I have spoken many times of this halachic ruling recorded in chapter 329 of the laws of Shabbos, there are those that have an interest in misinterpreting what I said, therefore I find it necessary to repeat myself. As we have stated many times, since the darkness of Exile is so intense, we are shown from above how vital the matter is. We actual saw when they stood with all their power and took swift action, this lead to success and prevented war. Had there been no publicity, the action would have been even more successful. Had there been no protracted consideration, there would have been no loss of life whatsoever.  But now is not the time to speak of matters of negativity, only to take the message for the future. 

                                                                                                     Public address Purim 1978

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