Tuesday, 1 August 2017

It is Forbidden to Relinquish Any Part of Eretz Israel

It was for the representatives of Israel to present the argument that they are unable to cede the lands of Judea and Samaria (which are of no interest to Egypt). The Torah explicitly forbids any disengagement (‘Do not cede any part of Israel to the Nations’). Primarily the territories of Judea and Samaria are border lands serving to protect Eretz Israel. Had they argued this forcefully, they would certainly have succeeded in their quest. 

The Shomron
Jerusalem stands as a proof. The President of Egypt demanded Jerusalem with the same fortitude with which he demanded other issues. When he was told in no uncertain terms: “NO!”, he fell into agreement. As they stood their ground on Jerusalem they could have stood their ground regarding Samaria. But since they faltered, they were unsuccessful in holding on. This was well known to all those who knew of the diplomatic issues at hand, in addition to the information which filtered through from behind closed doors. After this failure, some consider that since we have signed, it is as if the territories are already given and cannot be retrieved. But note, this is not yet a fact on the ground. Actually the matter has not even begun. Initially they need to discuss the subject in question down to the finest details. At that stage the decision to retract and annul will become the issue. This is not a matter of which we can speak publicly. 

I say with full responsibility: “It is forbidden to relinquish any part of Samaria according to Jewish Law, because this is life threatening!” 

The United States needs to see that they have dealings with men who know how to take a powerful stand; a stand of Jewish Law, a Torah stand– the Torah of Truth. The Torah of Life states that since this is life-threatening, it is forbidden to open the borders even to the extent of a small finger because this will open up the entire land before them. 

As was seen previously, when they argued forcefully, their demands were accepted. This is the view of all the military. They can once again call a meeting and ask them the situation purely from a military perspective and then come to a conclusion. All the military will state in one unified voice that to cede territories will create a life threatening situation to all of the Jewish inhabitants of the Holy Land, may it never happen. Therefore it is impossible to cede Judea and Samaria. 

This argument will be accepted even now: Egypt is not desperate. The West Bank is irrelevant to her. The United States will not permit the parties to leave Camp David without some sort of signature of a break through to peace between Egypt and Israel. When the USA will see that Israel will relinquish Judea and Samaria they will exert their influence that Israel and Egypt sign some statement of peace to prevent war. (As is known there cannot be war without Egypt being involved). In order for this to take place, in the few hours they remain there, they must stand strong and declare clearly the view of the military. They need not say this is written in the Code of Jewish Law, but rather state that this is the unified voice of the military. 

                                                                                      Public talk Moitzo’ei Shabbos 1979

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