Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The awesome victory of the Six-Day War

The Bible [Kings 1: 20.32] recounts the Seven-Day War which took place in the time of Ahab, King of Israel. 

Hadad, King of Aram went out to war against Israel and was so soundly defeated that he thought he would never recover. In spite of this, Ahab ran after him begging him to sign a peace treaty. The King of Aram who hated Ahab with a deadly passion, thought that Ahab hated him to the same degree, could not understand why Ahab wanted to strike a peace treaty with him. His advisers explained to him that the Jewish People are a merciful and compassionate nation. So if they are requesting peace, they will agree to such a treaty. Indeed, after considerable persuasion Hadad agreed and sent emissaries to Ahab, and the peace treaty was signed. From this agreement immeasurable pain was suffered by the Jewish Nation, as recounted there at length.

A similar incident took place two years ago at the time of the Six-Day War. The Israel Defense Force smote the Arab forces a resoundingly, and the Arabs fled out of great fear. Yet, Israel ran after the Arabs, begging them: ‘please, come and sit with us around the table. Come; let’s make peace!’ 

It is already two years they are running after the Arabs begging them to sit together and sign a peace treaty in return for which Israel offers all the territory they want. Yet, the Arabs show reluctance to meet with the Jews, arguing “we have enough trouble of our own, we are not interested in your benevolence”. “We wish for neither your honey nor your sting”. 

The Arabs are prepared to forgo half the country that Israel wants to give them on a silver platter, so long as they do not sit together with a Jew. This strange situation has only one explanation: What is taking place here is that ‘G-d hardened the heart of Pharaoh’. The Arabs have no reason not to sit with the Jews, and have nothing to lose. G-d is hardening their hearts.  

The pursuit of the Israeli government of the Arab nations after the awesome victory of the Six-Day War does not end there. Rulers of Israel want to cut up Jerusalem, the Holy City into three pieces. For the Muslims, the Christians and ‘also’ to the Jews. And that is not all: they encourage the Arabs to live in Jerusalem. This in spite of the fact that Jerusalem, from time immemorial has belonged exclusively to the Jewish People, since the time of Shem the son of Noach, Abraham the Patriarch, and the conquest of Jerusalem by King David. 

Furthermore there is an explicit legal ruling, that in addition to it bringing him harm, a gentile is forbidden to live in Jerusalem. However, this law is only in force when the hand of Israel is strong in the Land; but this does not mean that gentiles be encouraged to live there, certainly not to run after him begging him to stay.

Until now the Arabs were fearful of Israel, however, the groveling after the Arabs is the direct cause that now they raise their head against Israel and increase their terror attacks.

                                                                                 Public talk Parshas Mattos-Maseh, 1967

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