Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Government itself created it's own ‘Demographic Problem’!

The Government of Israel has created with its very own hands the demographic problem by not expelling the Arabs who were at war with us through the Six-Day War, and by leaving the Arabs in their locations. 

So let the government not come now and wave (what in truth is their own failure) a demographic problem to explain away why they say we need to withdraw from the territories and not annex them to the State of Israel. 

Indeed, I do admit that their (the large Arab population) dwelling in the State can create a great problem, but what is the better alternative? Is it better that that this area be an independent Palestinian State or a Jordanian State in which there are one and a half million Arabs within firing distance and creating war against every Jewish town and village in the Land? Is it not preferable that those very same millions of Arabs be subject to controlled supervision of the State of Israel within her borders, even with all the problems to which this gives rise? 

It is shameful that Israel’s representatives in their political dealings are totally afraid to mention that our right to the Land comes from G-d’s Promise! We see young Arab are not ashamed of their ‘faith’. When they demand what they consider to be their rights to the Land, they bring religious reasoning, declaring that they will not compromise ‘the holy lands’. Only in our circles are there those who are ashamed. You have tried already all formula (expressions for Israel’s rights to the Land) and have seen the (tragic) results. And nevertheless you are afraid to try the most effective way of persuasion.  

                                                                     From an interview with Mr. Shmuel Katz, 1978

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