Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Busy with clause 242 – not with danger to life!

 There is a situation in the Holy Land which makes no sense. It is public knowledge that returning the West Bank is life threatening. One does not need a great expert to say this. When one looks at these territories, at their (short) distance from the sea, those (the enemy) who are positioned on the East Bank (Gaza) who man war-ships, one can see mortal danger, G-d protect us!

Regardless, the government has ceased discussing the threat. They should be speaking of the clear ruling– the obligation to ‘go to war fully armed lest the city be taken captive and the land easily conquered’. 

Instead, they argue about the UN clause 242, preoccupied with its interpretation (the decision of the UN which calls for Israel to withdraw from the territories liberated in the Six-Day War). Does this mean ‘territories’, or ‘the territories?  Is the withdrawal before or after negotiations?’)

The document’s meaning is irrelevant! The issue at hand is life-threatening danger, to save many times 600,000 Jewish lives! He (the Israel Prime Minister) had no right to sign it. He did so because he is a man of a fearful and weak heart. His very nature is to fear even sound of ‘a leaf blowing in the wind’. He thinks that since he is the Prime Minister, everyone is obliged to follow his orders, so he continues to do all he can ‘to melt the hearts of his brothers as his own’.

All know that Sadat (P.M. of Egypt) himself states that he is not master over those who dwell on the East Bank (Gaza). He only hopes that if he were to retain his position, the PLO will agree to talk peace. Only then will it be possible to discuss peace terms. Peace does not depend on him! Yet, the Israel government avoids mention of these vital conditions. They simply continue to argue among themselves if it is worthwhile to take certain steps for the sake of peace. They say that peace depends on parties who are at war with each other, but they are all in agreement that their enemy is the Jewish People everywhere, especially those in the Holy Land. The situation has reached such a low that for the sake of such ‘peace’ they are prepared to fall, bow down, and submit themselves to find favor in his (Sadat) eyes to influence him to take over everything they will give him– Sinai, Yehuda, the Shomron, thereby threatening the lives of millions of Jews!

The saying goes ‘A wise man’s question is half the answer’. One may ask: how is this half the answer? Because it depends on how the question is phrased (to evaluate if the one asking has any wisdom whatsoever!). Were they to state the reality – relinquishing territories is life threatening, then there would be no more discussion. Instead they question clause 242 and bring this to the vote in the Knesset. Among the voters are Christians and Muslims who are actively working to recognize the PLO, and it is they who have the power to vote on how Israel conducts herself! There was a time when vital issues were considered.

Last summer representatives of Israel visited the USA and placed the map on the table of the President in Washington showing him the distance between the territories and the sea, how easy it is for the Arabs to cut across the land G-d forbid, and he was in agreement. This was publicized in all the newspapers.

Even a simple man understands that when his wife and children are at risk, he puts aside all issues and turns his attention to the vital issue at hand – the security of his household!  

                                                                                   Talk Moitzo’ei Shabbos Sh’mini 1978

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