Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Do not tread on your brother’s blood

The Rabbis outside of Israel are doing nothing and raise no voice of protest that territories are being given away. When I ask them “Why?”

The Rebbe
They answer that they cannot do anything without a directive from Eretz Israel! When it is some other negative issue, they do make forceful statements. Yet when the issue is to take positive action, a protest to keep the Land intact [Shleimut Ha-aretz], they respond that they are unable to mix into matters pertaining to the Holy Land because there are many Rabbis in Israel. 

Their argument is incomprehensible: There is a negative command in Torah “Do not tread on the blood of your brother”! Also when your brother is not close by in the house, but in a distant place and in danger, the obligation is upon you to save him! 

They (the Rabbis) hear that the Israel government wishes to return the territories, thus posing a serious threat to life!  They choose to remain silent and do nothing but bury their face in the earth. The repercussions for this are most serious, as recounted in the Talmud [Tractate Shabbos 119.2]. As we have said earlier, such a path was already practiced in Egypt. Regardless of the fact that Moses proclaimed that the Geula has arrived, still Jewish People continued to bring Egyptians into their homes. Similarly now, Moses is saying that behold – Moshiach is coming, and yet, regardless, the Jewish leaders are intimidated and are running after the Nations and bringing in the enemy to be among the Jewish People G-d save us!! May it be the will of G-d that we merit the coming of Moshiach immediately in our time!  

                                                                                      Public talk Shabbos Parshat Bo 1976

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