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The Order of the Hour: Settle all territories of the Land of Israel!

Talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoken from his room, shortly after suffering a heart attack, Moitzoi Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha, November 1977.

The Order of the Hour: Settle all territories of the Land of Israel!

From the verse in the portion of Lech Lecha spoken by G-d to Abraham: “to your progeny have I given this Land”, we learn that in spite of the fact that there are nations protesting the ownership of certain areas of the Land of Israel by Israel, they go even further in their objection arguing "you are robbers". Regardless, we should take no notice of any of their protestations. And more: these protests are no more than temporary and for a show-effect, because essentially and truthfully they know that the entire Land and her borders belong to the Jewish Nation.

The Order of the Hour: Settle all territories of the Land of Israel!
But in order for the Jewish People to bring this to the surface it is necessary is for us to follow in the footsteps of our Patriarch Abraham as he was instructed: “Arise and traverse the length and breadth of the Land”, that we inhabit all of the territories of the Land of Israel, specifically disputed areas.   

Taking full possession must be exactly as performed by Abraham our Patriarch (“the actions of our fathers set a precedent for their progeny”). When traversing the Land of Israel he built ‘an altar unto G-d’. Similarly we need to build in all of those locations a house of Torah-learning and a Mikva for purification. 

Thereby everyone will openly see the fulfillment of the verse “to your progeny have I given this Land”, and recognized even by nations of the world. Should nations rage and spend their time focusing on Israel for a short while, we need to know the truth - that nations themselves also know the truth, as the verse in Psalms concludes - their protestations are 'empty' - for appearance sake only.  

But in order to expose the truth which the nations known only too well in their hearts of hearts, Jewish people must state with truthful conviction that the entire Land belongs to us.

In order not to cause G-d forbid international pressure it is imperative not conduct ourselves in a strange manner inhabiting no more than some locations because this shows that we our taking into account arguments of those protesters! Furthermore, there is absolutely no sense or logic to make a distinction between settling some locations as opposed to settling the entire border and all of the territories, because the same international fury and preoccupation with Israel would exist either way and to the same degree! 

Should Israel take a truthful stand, difficulties will cease, as G-d states “And I have given (written in the past tense) to you this Land” - it has already been given! The main point is to take appropriate action (not mere talk), by placing facts on the ground and actually inhabiting the Land. 

There is no need for grandiose announcements, and certainly no room for self-pride - ‘that it was our strength and forces which brought us this enrichment’ because, not only is this untrue, but can cause harm. We must proceed as emissaries so greatly empowered by G-d, that there will be no opposition.

Should the government of Israel adopt this policy, not only will nations not protest, (and most certainly be no casualties - no Jew will be killed or even injured G-d forbid, but to the contrary: “All nations will sing unto G-d, all peoples will praise Him because G-d’s overwhelming kindness shields us” (Psalms 117), nations will assist us in all of our need because the Jewish people are still in exile, still prior to the final Redemption.

Not inhabiting the territories runs against normal thinking!              

To our incredulity and great pain, to this very day the territories have not yet been inhabited even though that this policy runs contrary to normal straight thinking, and bringing relentless pressure!

By living in the darkness of mental exile, Israel remains fearful and submissive even to “the rustling of leaves” of a non-Jew; every normal thinking person knows full well that this is no more than “the rustling of leaves”. In reality, exile has power only over the body of a Jew, as is well known: only bodies entered the exile; our souls never did enter into the exile. Yet, there step forward from amidst the Jewish people a small number of individuals  who attempt to drag souls down into the exile that they also be subservient to the gentiles. 

Whatever has taken place till now - one does not cry over the past. But going forward, May it be the Will of G-d that a Spirit from above will envelope even this small group, that not only should they not interfere, but will assist the Jewish nation to settle all of territories of the Land of Israel; not to delay to a later date but carry this forth immediately “in one moment, within the span of one single day” - because this policy will yield success. 

By specifically by taking this path, does G-d state: “and I will give peace upon the Land and you will lie down and none will be afraid”; all blessings enumerated in the Torah (Bechukotai) will culminate in G-d's assurance “and I will lead you upright”. 

May it be the Will of G-d that whilst still in the last days of exile, G-d leads every Jew, both those outside of, and those within the land of Israel, to stand upright and with Jewish pride.  

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