Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Two hand written notes by the Lubavitcher Rebbe given out for publication

Subsequent to the previous talk, two hand written notes were given out by the Rebbe with further explanatory points of the ability and urgency to widely inhabit the territories. The two notes were combined as follows and put out for publication in the newspapers. November 1977

1. The [international] outcry and pressure which took place following the establishment of five townships would never have gained such force had the government established townships along the entire length of the border.

2. Absolute proof is as follows. The building of atomic weapon facilities in the Holy Land was internationally well know (including Washington, Moscow, and the capital cities of Arab nations), and now exist, expanding from time to time over the years. Initially the world community wanted to prevent and put a stop to this by applying pressure on Israel. However when Israel immediately responded with absolute firmness that they will continue all of these activities, the international community’s pressure was reduced to a just an official protest stating that this is unacceptable, and therewith the pressure came to an end.  

Furthermore countries who had previously protested in unison actually contribute towards the building of those power plants in many ways, this continuing now for many of years. 

With regard to building of the territories, the incredulity is, and to my great pain, has to date not been carried forward with the required urgency and greatest of speed. And more, the fact is that this can go ahead absolutely within the legality of law, that, at this time can realistically be achieved in one single day should the decision be made, the order given for immediately implementation, requiring no more that two people - the Prime Minister and the official responsible for country planning!

Should an inquiry become necessary with a meeting of the entire government and various committees of the Knesset the following day, after having been firmly established, the winds of protest will die down, especially when all will see the tremendous enthusiasm of the decisive majority of all the Jewish People both from within the Holy Land and also outside of Israel when informed that the territories have been inhabited.

However, this must be done absolutely without clamor or publicity. 

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