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Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Mr Ariel Sharon.

General Arik Sharon visits the Lubavitcher Rebbe

B”H 18th Menachem Av 1970
Brooklyn NY Mr. Ariel Sharon, 
Peace and Blessing. 

I hereby confirm with thanks receipt of your letter of 16th August. Due to the importance of the matter and its urgency I am hurrying to respond to you, specifically with respect to the end of your letter. 

In accord with our discussions which took place here, it is my opinion that your appropriate position is to remain in the Israel Army; it is there, that with the help of G-d, you have been successful and will continue to be successful. This is in addition to the public benefit for the Jewish People – the Holy Nation, who dwell in Eretz Israel– the Holy Land; G-d has blessed you and made you successful in defending them with your aptitudes, your efforts and your energetic drive, etc. 

Therefore, as I spoke to you when you were here, it is most certainly that it is your duty to continue this service and role of high responsibility. 

It is my strong hope that even if the relationship of someone and yourself requires improvement and rectification for some reason; in the final analysis this itself shows your seriousness, sense of responsibility and devotion to your role to the extent that this is your very life. In accord with what we have said, my opinion is self understood that there is no reason G-d forbid that you should turn to a different post, and absolutely not to the political scene, to neither a ministerial position nor the like. This is not your task. In this field you will not be able to utilize your talent and knowledge, but to the absolute contrary.

With respect to this, I wish that Mr. Ezer Weitzman would also not have left the army, in spite of the fact that according to what I hear he was insulted and promises to him were not kept, etc. etc. There is no reason that because someone wronged him he should take a step causing himself harm. His having left the army has caused harm to himself in addition to the deficiency caused to the army by not being able to utilize his knowledge and talents. These words remain true even if he were to remain in the government, how much more so as the matter has consequently unfolded.

It is not in my interest to interfere into matters of the army and the like. But should a simple soldier, with whom just a few months of military training has been invested, leave the army it would rightly be considered a serious crime. Is it therefore not bizarre that a General, with whom the highest military training, effort and money have been invested etc., is able to leave the army for his own private considerations? 

Is it not strange that that he may leave even when explicitly admitting that his reasons are of a personal nature and thereby causing a loss to the army and the general security situation?

However with regard to you personally, as we have written above, I have absolutely no shadow of doubt that your mission and success is specifically in the army. Especially now, that you are high ranking and essential for the security situation of the entire country. Of what significance is it that this involves some ill feeling or friction etc, bearing in mind the public benefit and protection of the nation.  

All of the above is applicable even in the present situation. However, even though I am not a pessimist whatsoever, one must not hide from the present situation that if, G-d forbid this continues its natural course, the opposing side (Egypt) is strengthening and fortifying itself on the opposite bank of the Suez Canal. Most certainly, regardless of all diplomatic warnings, the enemy is utilizing each day to gain strength, introducing the most effective weaponry, etc. 

There is no doubt that the USA will not be prepared to enter into a war with the USSR over this. To the demand and remonstrance – “how come you have not stood by your assurances?” (No-one ever believed that [Egypt] would not utilize the cease fire [for re-arming]; certainly no member of government neither of Israel nor the USA, nor the USSR etc., as we saw this happen three years ago, fourteen years ago, and on many previous occasions). They will continue to formulate counter arguments as much as possible, and then accept the status-quo as it will stand at the termination of the investigation. Throughout the dealings of conditions of a peace, after the opposing forces have become fortified, Israel will remain disadvantaged, since the security situation will have dramatically deteriorated as of the first day of cease-fire through until the final day of dealing over demands and conditions, etc. I am concerned to state, and perhaps this is not really a matter of concern, but to the contrary – I have a sort of anticipation, that as it was at the outset of the Six Day War– the opposing side will make a senseless move which will force a breakdown to the cease fire. 

Then G-d will once again perform miracles and wonders in the space of a very short time after the breakdown of the cease-fire and (Israel) will renew a policy of acting in defense of herself. The only way to reach this will be to attack. (Israel) must activate all of her powers, NOT in a half-hearted manner as she has done until now, but activate a real defense system. Only then will there be hope of a permanent cease-fire and final peace. Not as in the present situation, as we have spoken above, which is a path leading directly to a renewal of warfare, may G-d protect us, with considerably worse conditions than those at the time of cease-fire.

I have written at length with regard to that which you wrote regarding my words (that Egypt is arming itself on the other side of) the Canal etc – are outdated. I am fearful that within a short space of time that which I did say will once again become the reality. I only wish that I should not be correct in my estimation but (it would prove to be) no more than a fabrication. Nevertheless in my opinion the way the wind of events are naturally unfolding, regardless that this appears not to be so. 

I am pleased to have been informed that Mr. S.M. conveyed the presence of peace within your family and within his family. 

May it be the Will of G-d that finally we be informed of true peace in the Land. Certainly the path to this is not by exhibiting signs of weakness and preparedness to compromise and to offer great concessions as is now quoted and publicized in all the newspapers. But to the absolute contrary. 

As the saying goes, if you really want peace you must show that you are prepared to enter the opposite (war) with all fortitude under conditions favorable to yourselves.

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