Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Jew who speaks the truth will influence a Gentile

  It is known that the natural soul of a Jew is as a gentile residing within him. Here one could ask: to the gentile within - to his own body and natural soul - one can explain the loft Chassidic insight of the verse in Psalms 'the word of G-d stands continuously within the Heavens" [Psalms 119] - that there is a continuous flow of G-dly energy entering the universe from beyond bringing it into 
existence [answering the scientific question being asked of late - why in fact does the universe exist?].  The consequence of this is that there cannot be anything in the world so empowered as to interfere with a Jew's observance of Torah and the performance of Mitzvos. However, regarding gentiles, how can one explain to him the lofty spiritual concepts of the work "The Gateway of Unity and Faith" authored by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe?

A continuous flow of G-dly energy entering the universe brings it into existence
To this there are two responses:

1)  According to the situation of late, gentiles are ready to listen to the words of a Jew, words of truth, as took place this last Rosh HaShana [Jewish High Holiday] when a Jew asked a gentile a random question, the gentile responded: "first I wish remind you, that for you, today is Rosh HaShana. 

A gentile is eager to hear truth when spoken; should a Jew explain 'the word of G-d stands continuously within the heavens', it is G-d that fills the universe with His energy flow, and that there is no-one besides of Him. When the gentile see the sincerity of a Jew who is a believer, he will certainly listen to him and request further explanations.

2)  Even if a Jew is unconvinced of his ability to explain existence as 'there is no-one besides Him'; regardless, if he is filled with this knowledge, his mode of speech will be entirely different, one of strength and conviction. 

For one who knows that 'there is no-one besides of Him', there is nothing to be afraid of the 70 wolves [encircling the Jewish Nation intent on harming them]. He is certain that regardless of the nations approaching 'with chariots, others with horses', 'we come armed with the Name of our G-d and will be victorious since Salvation is with G-d'.  

When a gentile sees the true fortitude of a Jew [not the strength of self-pride but one based on true trust in G-d], then he will melt away making no attempt to wage battle against the Jewish People; rather, 'trepidation of the Jews will befall them' [Esther 8.17].

However, in order for the trepidation of the Jewish People to befall the nations of the world, Jews need to be real Jews - to deny all forms of idol-worship and give thanks to G-d.  
                                                                                                 Pershas Bereishis 1969

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