Sunday, 25 December 2016

Who is a Jew?

“The reason why I am speaking of this now is because it is possible that this will have its impact. The proof being, that when I stormed with the issue of Mihu Yehudi (Israeli Government’s illegitimate strategy of registering non-Jews as Jews– editor’s note); as a result they closed several “factories” (government initiated centers with so called “rabbis” who distributed false quickie worthless conversion documents in Russia to countless thousands of non-Jews making them eligible for monetary rights as a new immigrant and who now live in Israel) for mass-producing proselytes not in accord with Jewish Law. This even had the effect, that many of these people who underwent further steps to become genuinely Jewish. Now they realize that there is nothing to be proud of (their fraudulent process of conversion exposed by the Rebbe), so now they attempt to continue their conversions under cover. 

For reference we have the well-known analogy, there once dwelt for a considerable time a group of people in a dark underground pit. After some years a man reached them, and when he saw them dwelling in darkness he was amazed. Upon asking them: “Why are you living in darkness?” they answered him– “this is no darkness, this is light!” Having sat in darkness for so long, they actually thought they were living in light!

The same is true in our times. We are living in the greatest darkness of exile. Regardless, there are people who see darkness as light, and who say (that their activities of bringing from Russia their fictitious converts to Israel – ed. note) we are living in the beginning of the Redemption, the Geula! This is a result of them living for so long in the state of darkness of exile that they see this as light.  Just like this very government representative (a religious man who headed the false conversions operation), when he was told to give up his Knesset seat and to go home and learn some Torah and perform some mitzvos, he replied that this is undemocratic. Since he has occupied his Knesset seat for so long, he must keep his seat!

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